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nl Margaret
09/22/2017 08:57am

Dear Rodger,
This summer me and my husband were in Bad Krozingen, Germany, just for one night, passing through to Austria.
It was in July and that night we took a walk in the park of Bad Krozingen.
To our big surprise, there was a concert of you!
But it was raining and we thought it might be cancelled.
In my twenties (I am 55 now) I was a big fan of Supertramp, so I wanted to wait.
We were lucky, because the rain stopped, and there you were!
We were behind the fences, we did not have tickets (sorry for that) and I was sitting on a wet rock. What happened when you started to sing was amazing. You hit me right in the heart!
I still remembered all your songs and could sing the lyrics with you. Only just now I understand the meaning of your lyrics so much better than before. And your voice is still so beautiful! I loved the way you spoke to the audience and I wondered why I ever stopped listening to my Supertramp CD’s. I was very touched by your music that night.
The rest of our holidays I have been listening to your songs and downloaded them on my Spotify account. I found out that you wrote beautiful new songs like ‘Only because of you’ and ‘the more I look’. I love these songs very much and the lyrics are great.
So Roger, I hope you will keep going for a while and if ever you come to the Netherlands again I will definitely buy a ticket!
I wish you all the best and lots of love from a new (old) fan from Holland.

us Pauline Conrad
09/22/2017 04:18am

Hi Roger,
My husband Bob & I met you on April 28,1976 @ the Trento WR Memorial in Trenton NJ. After the concert we had a beer w/you & the band, y'all invited us to join y'all back at your hotel, but Bob had to work. Last year we saw you at the Sands & sang & cheered at all your songs. I even cried like a baby when you sang, Hide In Your Shell, because it summed up how I felt when I was 21.
As soon as I heard you would be playing again on Oct.6th. I stood in line at the Sands & purchased 20 seats on the left of the stage & invited my sister, brother & his wife, my husbands sister, her son & 3 other friends,it was to be a grand night for us all!!
But on Sept. 11th, my husband Bob dropped dead on our kitchen floor & my life w/him of 37 yrs crumbled. 😪💦 He was so looking forward to sharing the night w/all of us & hoping for the possibility to give you the pictures I took of y'all that night & the autographed ticket envelope you signed for us in 1976. My only hope now is to give it to you for him. In honor of him, his seat will be draped w/the T-shirt I purchased for him, which arrived the day after his death. I will be the curly haired blonde woman crying in the front row sitting beside a empty seat. I know Bob will be there in spirit & I have one request, would you dedicate a song to Bob Conrad, it doesn't matter which one, he loved them all!! I know he will be smiling & it'll help all 10 of our hearts to start healing. He was a man of integrity, that believed that your word was all you had & a promise wasn't to be made unless it was to be kept. He laughed louder than anyone in the room & you'd laugh just because he was! He always asked me, hey hon, do you know what's the sweetest sound to my ears? I'd say no what? He'd reply, the sound of you laughing! He always said when he died he wanted his epitaph to read, "He made us laugh!!" That he did, but tonight, we all cry for the loss of a wonderful man that we will forever miss.😪💦 Forgive me for my rambling & Thank you for all the memories of your beautiful voice & songs.
Pauline Conrad

us Max Weber
09/22/2017 04:15am

I would love to see you do shows at the PNC Center in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.

ca Andrea Driscoll
09/21/2017 02:09pm

Dearest Roger, My name is Andrea Driscoll, I live in Kelowna B.C. and work in complex dementia care. Amongst your vast world wide fans, I am just one small beating heart that grows fonder each time I listen to your music. One day a year I guiltily travel out of town to a concert. This year I chose yours in Vancouver. The other 364 days, I live with and dedicate my life to looking after my parents who are not well. My Mother has required 24 hour care for the past 12 years due to a stroke and it broke my heart when she lost her speech as well. When we go for drives, I put on your CD's and through memorization and repetition, she can sing some of "Give A Little Bit" with me. As for my Father, sadly he has stage 4 cancer. I am sorry for the loss of your sister Caroline to this terrible disease. I am hopeful that no one will ever have to suffer through this if a cure is found. Your music has fed me soul food to get through trying days and to enjoy the happy moments when they arrive. I attended your concert in Kelowna and was gracious to have won tickets. I did not get to meet you but you touched me without even touching me. I have always listened to your music since a teenager and through social media, YouTube, began following your life's journey past and present. You changed my life when, in your one video, you suggested to read "Autobiography of a Yogi". I have a long way to go in my spiritual knowledge and meditation practice, but my heart is on the right path. I now know the brightest sun lies within ourselves. Your heartfelt songs bring me great joy. I love Only Because Of You and Fools Overture. I know you do not have a meet and greet on your October 28th concert at River Rock, but I had a local artist commission a piece of art work that I would love to give to you. I know you are travelling to the USA right after your concert but I would only take up a few minutes of your time, just enough to give you a hug and show my gratitude for all you do to make others happy. I have 3rd row, left center aisle seats and am so excited that I will be that close to you and your phenomenal band. Until then, safe travels and God Bless. Love Andrea

sk maria
09/18/2017 03:46pm

Hi Roger!

Scott expressed it nicely.
Even the strongest of us can sometimes feel lonely. Maybe whole life we encouraging others, but there are days when we ourselves need to hear some encouragement and feel touch of love.
And in your songs there are so many ! ...
Yes, as you says we should be shaken by the events in which we live. There are two types of pain. One is hurting us and the other is changing us. If we do not stay passive, we diminish the first kind of pain, maybe even eliminate it.
So give a little bit of our love to each other!

Let's stay connected...

us Rich Gesek
09/18/2017 03:12am

I've been a fan since the 70's. Finally we are able to see you perform.

Thanks for all the years of great music. Take the long way home is a favorite.

us JW
09/17/2017 07:22pm

Thanks Roger for blessing us with your wonderful music. Always a pleasure to listen to your classic songs.

God speed good sir!

sr Manisha
09/16/2017 02:38pm

Good afternoon.
I love your songs.
They're very nice, full of energy, optimism and sweetness.
They make me happy, they bring such a good feeling.
My favorite song is Lovers in The Wind, I know the lyrics by memory.

Manisha from Suriname,
a small country with a big heart.

us Trisha Brown
09/15/2017 03:10pm

Greetings Roger! My husband is one of the lead singers in a Supertramp tribute band called PseudoTramp based out of Seattle. They are the only Supertramp tribute in the Northwest. We are so excited to come watch you at the Snoqualmie Casino on Sunday, Oct. 29th!

As it happens, PseudoTramp is playing live the night before your show. I would like to invite you to come out and meet the band... maybe even play a song or two? They are playing at Cliffhangers Sports Bar in Lynnwood, WA on Saturday, Oct. 28.

It would be such a great surprise for the boys (I haven't told them I am sending this), and truly an honor.

Thank you for considering... Trisha
Hi, Trisha, thank you for the invitation but we have a show in Vancouver on Oct 28. See you soon!

us Scott
09/15/2017 10:44am

Roger, in recent days, I have been hiding, deep in my shell and crawling into "the bottle". As your music and lyrics strongly suggest, though we've never met, you are a loving and trustworthy friend whose words I can trust, when the demons in my closet tell me there is no one who truly cares. What an illusion that is! Why, when I believe so much in the power of love, do I feel so empty and forsaken? When I listen to "Hide In Your Shell". I both cry and laugh a bit, because you remind me that you and the rest of the core of humanity's beating heart are my family. I have merely gotten "lost in the market" and need to cry out and someone who cares will take my hand, leading my heart away from this crowd of harried and hurried strangers. I remember that I can only be that hand for someone else if I stop hiding in my shell and reach out to them. I am coming, again, thanks to you and your powerful messages of love. "Hide…” and "Lord, is it Mine?" have always been powerful reminders that we are all stronger and better TOGETHER, loving and working to understand one another. I suppose I could have just posted the words: "Thank you Roger!", but I wanted you to know why I am grateful, right now, and for my whole life. You have saved me once again.


Thank you, Scott for sharing your heart and vulnerability. Your message touched me and resonated - probably along with many others who read it. No one is without challenges in their life and in these accelerated times everything is intensifying - to the benefit of our soul’s growth and evolution. You say 'I can only be that hand for someone else if I stop hiding in my shell and reach out to them’. What I have found is it is actually in reaching out to others that we stop focusing so much on ourselves and thus our inner turmoil starts to become quieter and our compassion for others - and thus ourselves grows deeper. Yes we are all one and I feel the times we are in are what we have collectively chosen to shake us up and wake us up to the beauty and necessity of co-operation and compassion and tolerance. Another jewel for life that I was once taught is that radiating love is our best protection. That and practicing Gratitude have been two of the most helpful tools for me in life. It feels like you already know this. All the best to you - may your deep love guide you on your journey. Roger

au Michael
09/14/2017 12:13am

Hi Roger,

I've recently enjoyed watching your live performances on Youtube. Incredible to watch, especially when you perform "Had a Dream". Takes me back to my youth in a heartbeat. I would love to know if you intend to tour Australia in the near future. If so, please do not forget the smaller capital cities as I'm sure there's a decent fan base still out there. I'm from Adelaide and I would be ecstatic if you performed here.

Keep up the excellent work. It's truly appreciated

us Eric
09/13/2017 06:50pm

Heard a familiar voice on the radio the other day. I hadn't revisited the Logical Song in a while, and it really brought me back. I was a young lad when it came out, but music has a way of bringing the past to life. It was a nice experience. So much so that I ventured online to see what else was going on. I get so caught up in life these daze, I rarely take a breath. But I did today and the trip down memory lane led me here. Thanks for the boost.

I did a little digging, and I cannot find much mention of your last visit to Texas. Perhaps I missed it, but I did notice that your upcoming US tour is more to the north of the country. Does this mean that later there is a chance you will be headed to the south? Seeing you perform would definitely be a bucket list item for me. I will keep my fingers crossed.

Your friend in Texas,

gb Tony Fittes
09/13/2017 10:59am

Hi Roger.without boring you" Long time fan" just wondered as a childhood friend with Chris Lesley (Fairport) that you would ever consider playing at Cropredy Festival.
Hi, Tony, it is quite possible that we will play at Cropredy someday if the routing works. Cheers -

nz Greg Hamilton
09/13/2017 05:41am

Hi Roger,

I have always enjoyed your music from a very young age growing up and listening in my home town of Paihia in the Bay of Islands.
My very first album was Supertramp and the songs are timeless. I enjoy listening to your music today at the age of 56 as I did back when I was a young 17 year old.

It would be great if you ever decided to come down to New Zealand as you have many fans here.

I now live and work in Auckland where we have a great venue that is surrounded by a nice harbour and great views..
There's only one thing that would make it even better ...if you came down and played a couple of shows here ...

Let me know if you should plan to come down this way as I'm sure you would really enjoy the welcome
Hi, Greg, we did have shows in New Zealand in 2010 and we certainly hope to return!

us Chanti Niven
09/13/2017 01:50am

Hi Roger!

The reason for my message is that my cousin Russel Pope recently passed away and I know he worked with you on Crime of the Century. I wondered if you had even heard of his passing. He was diagnosed with cancer two years ago and didn't tell many people. When he finally told me, he said he didn't want to worry anyone. He fought stoically but when he had a final scan that revealed the cancer had spread he said, "Come in Boat 42" and died a week later. I miss him terribly. He was such a wonderful, gentle person who never said a bad word about anyone.

I became a fan of Supertramp (and especially your songs) when I was a teen sent to a boarding school in South Africa (was born in the UK) and your music helped to soothe much of the teen angst I experienced at that time. I fancied myself as a bit of a songwriter too but that never amounted to anything. I became a storyteller instead and now I speak for a living (ironic since my dad used to pay me to shut up).

Still inspired by you and your music and hope I will one day see you in concert. That would be a dream come true!


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