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us Robert Caddy
03/28/2017 08:24pm

Mr. Hodgson,

I just wanted tell you that ever fully explained how I think, how I feel and what this world is about, it has to be the logical song. Every time I listen to it I seem to find a new piece of my life, a new feeling and of course old memories. You have created what could be called the perfect song. No other song creates the emotions, the feelings and the pictures of the mind as the logical song. Thank you so much for the song and the heart felt emotions that you put into it. God bless you always!

Robert Caddy

gb Harriet
03/28/2017 12:04pm

Dear Mr. Hodgson

I am yet to see a show of yours but I've been so captivated by your song writing and wonderful music you wrote during your time with supertramp and now. I'm 17 and doing my music A level this year and I wondered if you could give me any writing tips as we have to compose a piece. Since my father introduced me to your album breakfast in America when I was 12 I haven't been able to stop listening to your tunes. I find song writing nowadays is so shallow in comparison to the songs written by yourself, and i just wanted to know how you do it? By shallow I mean not only lyrics but the whole structure of songs, they just feel as if they have no meaning.
I'll hopefully be seeing you live soon and cannot wait! Thank you for your time reading this :)
Harriet Rees

us Cindy Lee
03/28/2017 01:25am

My Dear Roger,

I have been thinking about you this month. Time got away from me and I missed your birthday but you have been on my mind a lot lately.

These days it feels a lot like we’re out of the eye and back in the storm again. I hope that you were able to celebrate your birthday properly. I hope you are able to celebrate every day properly. We all really need that right now. And always.

Maybe one day I will be able to be there to celebrate with you again. Until then, Happy Belated Birthday! cool

Cindy Lee

ca Scott Travers
03/27/2017 06:58pm

Dear Roger
My wife and I saw you in Moncton New brunswick well over a year ago. I recently discovered your online guest book and am remiss in sending you my thoughts.
I was first introduced to your music in Quebec city in the mid 70's during your crime of the century tour. You gave Chris Deburgh his start by having him as your opening act.
From that point on you have been the staple of my music through my many decades and into my 50's. Your music speaks to all that life gives ...the highs and the lows. Thank you for everything you have given. Your concert in Moncton gave us the Supertramp flavor but you took it over the top with your one on one personality. It was, without a doubt, the best musical experience I have ever known. Keep up the great work and please know you impact many around the world with your talent, especially the best part of the world....the Maritimes of Canada. Please come back...cheers, Scott and Debbie Travers
Hi, Scott, thank you for your message. Great news - Roger is coming back to Moncton on Oct 16. Tickets have been on sale for several weeks. Please see the Tour page here on the site for details.

us Christa Swagger
03/27/2017 03:58pm

I wish you a very happy Birthday! I hope you had a great one. You look great an hope to see you when you come to the USA. Take care an hope to seeYou soon!
Love Chris joyful

br Rod
03/26/2017 03:37pm

Please make a new DVD. In Brazil would be nice, lol. Thanks, went to see u in Floripa March/2017. Awesome.

br Fiorini, Sérgio
03/26/2017 01:13pm

Dear Roger, thank you for the great show last night, in Belo Horizonte - MG - Brasil. We expect you back, as soon as possible. In your shows, we always have a great time, your songs touch us deep inside, and the atmosphere was amazing. These moments will never be forgotten, as your beautiful songs, that will always be part of our minds, and souls.

br Fernanda Salles
03/25/2017 07:16pm

Dear Roger,

Hope it's not too late to say Happy Birthday! May God keep blessing you and your family! You are a special enlightened present God gave us.
You're in my hometown preparing to get on stage. I wish you have a great concert, as you always do!
Lots of love, to you and your team!
joyful joyful

br Nei
03/24/2017 09:51pm

Why not Curitiba in Brazil. no no

it Fabio Cantaro
03/23/2017 02:35pm

ciao roger.
Vogliamo un concerto in Sicilia (italy).
Ti aspettiamo per un "Breakfast in Catania"

uy Alejandro
03/22/2017 09:11pm

Thanks for coming for second time to Uruguay. Hope you will visit us more times! joyful
Peace and Love for you!

ar Daniel
03/21/2017 09:51pm

Feliz Cumpleaños, Roger!!! Argentina es tu casa!! hello

us Linda
03/21/2017 07:53pm

Enjoyed your incredible Tucson concert a while back. Lots of continued success and happy birthday wishes.

us Tim
03/21/2017 07:03pm

Happy Birthday Roger. All the best to you.

br Teresa
03/21/2017 06:28pm

Happy Birthday Roger !!!
I will not be at Chevorlett Hall at this time.
I will never forget 2010 !!!
At the end of the show i was above the clouds.
Thank you for your magic songs that keep listening since i was a teenager.
They translate my soul and make me feel it was writing for me.
yes thanks

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