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br Myriam
06/24/2017 02:26pm

Me gustan tus canciones, son muy lindas, estupendas.
Son llenas de poesia.
Siempre me dan fuerza y alegria, a veces un poco de nostalgia.
Mira como rápido pasa el tiempo.
Espero que volverás pronto a Brasil con tu banda para ofrecernos un concierto 4 estrellas.
Voy a hacer una recopilación de tus mejores canciones.

Gracias por todo.

Myriam Campos, Rio de Janeiro.

gb Frances
06/23/2017 05:56am

Supertramp music and the voice of Roger Hodgson was the backdrop to my teenage years. Every heartbreak was soothed by the music and the lyrics and every good time was celebrated with the songs. Many an evening, weekend or school holiday was spent whiling away the time with friends, listening to the albums and thinking we were grown up! As a result the music, and Roger Hodgson have held a special place in my heart. Now I really have grown up, and when my life went through a tough time and I suffered from depression the music and lyrics from my childhood once again soothed my troubled mind. The lyrics took on a new meaning for me and many times I cried while listening to the albums over and over until I have come through the other side. So Roger, what I wanted to say was don't ever underestimate the power of your talent and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the music...

gb andy street
06/21/2017 02:47pm

I took my wife and daughter with me to your performance at Symphony Hall Birmingham on 18May. I cried for the first half of the show. I never really understood so many of the words in yourcsongs until I heard them that night in context with my life. I amm 55 years old and you made me feel like a teenager again. My son has Aspergers, when you sang "hide in your shell" my heart almost burst. Thank you so much for putting me back in touch with my emotions. You are simply a genius. Much love to you.

pe Rodrigo
06/20/2017 03:35pm

Escucho tus canciones con gusto.
Son muy bonitas, inspiradoras.
Me traen recuerdos, un montón de recuerdos.
La mejor canción de tu repertorio es Lovers in The Wind, segun mi punto de vista.

Rodrigo Fuentes, Lima.

us Gregory Matczak
06/19/2017 08:31pm

I can't wait for your show in Bethlehem, PA. While I love all your songs. I would love to hear Sister Moonshine! Last time I saw you was at Philadelphia back in the late seventies Breakfast in America tour. You mentioned "Scrapple" before play breakfast in America! Awesome looking forward to a great evening!

br clara
06/19/2017 05:08pm

Dear Roger,

I love you !!!

Kisses, saudades ...

ClarAMORoger !!!

smack smack smack

us Steve Meredith
06/19/2017 09:15am

Would love to see you play a much smaller venue such as Key West....once our new Amphitheater opens!!

fr Maëlle Frydman
06/18/2017 04:58pm


Dear Roger,
First I have to apologize, my english is not very good : I’m a french girl and I’m only fifteen.
I don’t know if I’m talking to you or to your team right now. Maybe a special person takes care of your letters and if it’s so, I’m adressing to this person all the same, who I hope, will transmit everything to Roger ;-).
I know that you receive a thousand letter like mine, but never mind, I have to write this letter because it matters to me. I felt in love with your music 1year ago. I’m not a « fan », I just considered myself as a person who is moved by all your tunes. Though I play guitar and also sing, I don’t have your « chance » to express myself and to know how to put the good words on good music. But finally, a man, you, sing the pain, the love, without shame. Just simplicity, like it comes and goes.
At school, they asked us to work on a subject that we could chose. We have to asked a philosophical question with a precise example. I decided to work, with a friend, on creativity and artistic conception. And for this, I would love to discuss with you your sources of inspirations and the context in which you created some songs..
Now, I come to my point. After seeing you at the Grand Rex in May, I come to Istres, the 7 July, for your concert. (My father will be at the concert too). I know that is very complicated and especially because of the security policy which is today very important (for obvious reasons), but it will be wonderful if we could for example, my friend and I, assist to your repetition/balance, to see how your whole world sets up, and if ever by any chance get 5 min of your time for 22 to 3 questions.
If what I ask isn’t possible (I hope strongly it will), can you dedicated to me (Maëlle) your song Lord, is it mine ?
Please give a little bit of your time to us.
With all my love and my respect,
Maëlle Frydman.
PS : I don’t know your correct email adress, so it can be possible that I have send 4 emails to different person. Sorry for the harassment.
Thanks for all.

ca Curt Skene
06/18/2017 01:34pm

Roger, As promised I got my ROGER HODGSON autograph tattoo on my right shoulder. Can't wait to show you. I may have a second Roger tattoo by then.

Will you be coming to Ottawa or Kingston this year? I only ask because you offer a Meet and Greet in those two locations and not at Casino Rama.

Look forward to seeing you again, and
I sooo enjoyed meeting you last year.

- curt

br Rosemary Hoff
06/16/2017 09:49am

Dear Roger,
Now I come back to listen your songs by making a great playlist. Amazing once again "Babaji" and its history, such as "Hide in your shell"...Your songs seems a mantra. When you'll come back in Brazil? RSRSRS grin
Thanks and regards,
Rose (Porto Alegre)

ec Sonia
06/15/2017 11:30am

Buenas tardes.
Me gustan tus canciones, son muy hermosas, llenas de dulzura. Conozco de memoria la letra de Take The Long Way Home. Yo toco el piano desde que tengo 11 años, ahora empiezo a tocar la trompeta. Me impresiona la cantidad de temas que has producido, sea con Supertramp o después en tu carrera solo. Espero que sigas trabajando y cosechando nuevos éxitos.

Sonia Marenco, Ecuador.

fr Écorner Marie José
06/14/2017 02:15pm

De tout mon cœur, Roger, je vous remercie pour le merveilleux cadeau d'anniversaire que vous m'avez offert lors du festival "Caribana" en Suisse. C'est pour moi beaucoup plus beau et important. Que d'écouter la chanson que je souhaitais entendre. Se moment restera, à tout jamais au chaud dans mon cœur. Que Dieu vous protège, et que les anges vous gardes hello

br Nick Turner
06/11/2017 03:51pm

Ignore my last message!

Oops! I forgot to do a proper search! You WERE here in March and I missed you! Sorry!!

I hope to see you next time!

br Nick Turner
06/11/2017 03:45pm

Hello Roger!

2017 World Tour? I don't think so - how about Latin America, more specifically Brazil, and even more specifically Sao Paulo. We would love to see you! There are many fans here!

Abraços, Nick

cz Mila
06/11/2017 01:10pm

HI, Roger,

I'd like to thank you for everything I have received during these seven shows of this year, I was so lucky to attend to.

Also, I was lucky to discover new nice places and culture and, especially, to see again our dear friends and those from abroad, although it is always a moment of great sadness to say them Goodbye at the end, never knowing if we will meet each other following year, again. And, sometimes, there are friends which I might will see again at "Home", only.
When we have our professional or personal obligations, it is impossible to attend to more concerts. We apreciate all the more so every show we are lucky to attend to them, also a little less tired than previous years. However, our heart is at every concert.

Back to Paris, I am living again, with emotion, all those incredible moments, this connection beyond the lyrics of a music, watching (living) the magic flow in my soul and heart. I'm So grateful, Roger. And happy because I have received (we have received) so much that my heart overflows and I hope to be able to give as much as I had received.

You know, Roger, I have a wonderful teacher, he (as well as my parents) wants me to be happy. Well I understood the lessons, I understand quickly, even if I still need some of them, not being able to manage to it always. Nevertheless what I know for sure, I was really HAPPY 61 days of my life.

Take care of your healt and have some rest, please, Roger and team, we are only pilgrims on this earth. However "the footprints" that some leave on this earth are very important. You show the Way and we need you!

With love and blessings

Thankful Mila hello

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