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us Chase
12/20/2017 09:45am

Rodger, your music has added years to my life. Your words/musical compositions feel like home. Thank you for not keeping your thoughts in your head. Cheers my friend

us Steven Taylor
12/19/2017 09:29pm

I'm the guy who stopped you on the plane between Syracuse and Washington DC. I'm from Fresno, and a huge fan. You were very nice and put up with me for the 20 seconds we talked. Fresno is a Supertramp town.
Fresno also has a darn good Philharmonic Orchestra! Maybe you could arrange a concert or 2 with them. Please try! Thanks,
Steve Taylor

us Willian soffner
12/18/2017 04:55pm

Plz come to Orlando florida! I grew up listening to you while on long drives with my parents, really would be great to see you live and a hell of an experience, I'm 25 years old now and we are from Brazil currently living in the USA. :) so many songs I would love to hear live!

it Maria
12/18/2017 02:21pm

Buona sera.
Mi piace la tua musica, trasmette tanti emozioni.
Spero che verrai a Palermo un giorno.

gb Stephen
12/17/2017 12:45pm

Hi Roger
Will you be coming to Manchester and Liverpool next year, it has been a while since you did concerts here.
Stephen. hello

ca Hélène Gingras
12/17/2017 09:14am

I've just booked to see you in concert in Montréal. I am a SUPER fan of you and your music. It will be a memorable concert, I am sure...
Impatient to see you in October !

PS: I tried to join your mailing list, but did not find the way to. I have no Facebook, so...
Hi, Helene, here is the link for our mailing list - http://rogerhodgson.com/classi…

de Roger
12/16/2017 12:46pm

Dear Roger

I feel compelled to write to you since the logical song, because I felt so much like you have when you wrote this song and the many other songs you wrote. I did find the answer to my questionnings at age 18. I am now 60. I am dying to share my experience with you in person. Is there any chance to meet with you during a concert in 2018 ? I am prepared to travel anywhere in Europe just to spend a ew minutes with you. Sincerely, Roger

us sharon
12/15/2017 02:20pm

Can you please please please please please do a show in the Los Angeles area - soon!!!!

12/15/2017 11:54am

Roger - when are you coming back to Glasgow ?
Went to see you in 2011 and 2013 and have been waiting patiently for you to come back. Your concert at the Royal Concert hall was the best thing ever. Please come back SOON.
Hi, be sure to check the Tour page here on the site for all announced shows. We add additional shows as they are confirmed. Cheers -

es Lorenzo
12/15/2017 11:26am

Me agrada tu música, es linda, hermosa.
Cargada de sabor y poesia.
Eres un artista talentoso, asombroso, que se atreve salir de los senderos trillados.
Voy a hacer una recopilación de tus mejores canciones para la familia.

Marbella, España

dk Michael Grønsund
12/15/2017 06:59am

Hello my friend

We can see that you have make a fine gap between the Farao Islands and Germany, plenty of Space to make a concert in "real Denmark" he he.. joyful
Thank you for the music and Merry Christmas
Regards Michael

es Maria Colvin
12/15/2017 04:37am

Hi Roger

Great news you’re touring in 2018 but so disappointed you have only one UK concert scheduled. PLEASE add more shows! Just loved the two performances at the RAH in May, they were brilliant.

Have brought tickets for the 02 in June and I’m really looking forward to seeing you again next year.

Are there any plans to tour Spain? Would also love to see you here in Murcia!

Wishing you, the band, Linda & Shakti a peaceful

Maria x

ca JOhn Carlow
12/13/2017 07:57pm

Hopefully one day Roger sees this..or someone who knows. Back when Crime of the Century toured the road crew would come on stage to sing the final chorus....It was beautiful....classic and pure rock n roll. Where did this start and how did it come about ? Sure Im not the only one who wished they were part of that crew and that magic.....Tramp has been a lasting soundtrack through my life.............Thank you Roger. You'll be remembered eternally.

us Bonnie
12/13/2017 12:37pm

Just saw the movie "Darkest Hour" and had to go home and put on "Fool's Overture". Now I am "binging" on all the albums. Thanks for all your music, so deep in my heart!

us Guest
12/12/2017 11:43am

A 2018 "World Tour" with no U.S. stops? Can't be.

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