Dear Roger,


I was at the concert - Arrow Rock Festival on the 30 of june in Holland. I was so glad you were there. I was there with my best friend. When we were young at school, we now are almost 40, we did some gigs.... well we playbacked your music at schoolparty's. At that time we allready now every note, every wistle on the album Live in Paris. As many people will say, that your music is the soundtrack of many lives. And so it's for us.


When we knew that your were comming to Holland..on your own...I had the idea that It can not be a succes. Because without the drums, bass, gitar and sax

it will never sounds like we know it. How can It be?! But I was very wrong!! I think It shows how good these songs are.


So many memories came while you were playing. And It felt so good. We both had to cry. Goosebumbs and tears. No No i't's not a midlife crisis! Your music was allready deep in our hearts. And you reminded us. You did let our hearts glow. And I want to thank you for that. Music from the heart.


Greatings from the heart,


Hi Roger,


With all the heavy power around you, mean faces and lots of agression coming from other bands, it seemed like you were the only one smiling almost the

entire gig. It was great to watch the show for a few songs (before I had to move on to make photos of other bands). Just wanted to say I really enjoyed

the bit I saw!