Thanks to Grethe from Soenderborg for this review

That Sunday evening, October 21st, I saw something incredible. After a wonderful concert with Roger Hodgson, everyone was leaving the concert hall at Alsion, Soenderborg with wide smiles on their faces. Everyone went home

laughing, singing and smiling happily. Of course, the mood after a good concert is always good, but like this? No, I have never seen that before! Not like this.

That was just to start with the end, and with that said - now let's go to the beginning! Alsion is a brand new place, not even officially opened when Roger was here - as he said at the end of the concert "then what are we doing here??", and someone next to me yelled "we have just opened it!!" And it was true. From the moment he went on stage, everyone was enjoying every single moment of the concert. I wish that Danes weren't so laid-back as they are - it's hard to get Danes up of the chairs, but no doubt about that everyone enjoyed it.

Not only is Roger, and his friend Aaron MacDonald, blessed musicians - I heard the best band ever there, the problem is - there were only two on stage! But he also has a good sense of humour when telling us about his life and his career, and how he found and "kidnapped" Aaron MacDonald. And at the end of the concert, after 1st encore they went back on stage.. on scooters! You know, the ones children play around with, and as he said "now you can see what we have been doing all day!", and of course... they were going to play "School". Yes, we had lot's of fun that night, and Roger seemed to enjoy himself pretty much - and Aaron? He spoke some words in Danish - and Aaron, if you read this: your Danish pronunciation is excellent!

One thing amazed me, and it was the distance some people had travelled to be there - in the intermission, I met people from Sweden, Bornholm, Germany, Faroe Islands, Norway, and of course from every corner of Denmark (as you

understand, I love meeting new people) - but it proved to me how loved and popular Roger is around Europe.

And talking about trips and journeys, the concert itself was a journey. From "Take the Long Way Home" to "School" and finally "Give a Little Bit" Roger took us on a journey from our stressed lifes around countries as mentioned, into... our selves and our hearts. That's why people were so happy when they went home. They felt like I did - that a two hours concert with Roger Hodgson is like being hugged for two hours  - it fills your heart with so much love, that you can't do anything but smile. Maybe that's why people are ready to travel that far - "to get a feeling". And that night, it was

Soenderborg's turn to be blessed with one of Roger's amazing shows.

Thank you, Roger! Thanks for good music, thanks for being such an inspiration, and thanks for coming to Denmark - please visit our small country again sometime! You are in our hearts.

God bless

Grethe from Soenderborg