Thanks to Mick O'Brien for this review

Dear Roger

Having been to many of your excellent concerts down through the years I must without a shadow of a doubt put the Casino Rama Gigs this year down as the best Roger Hodgson shows I've ever been to. They were awesome to say the least. The orchestra and accompanying choir added the magic that that has given me so much enjoyment from listening to your wonderful  music down through the years. I grew up listening to Supertramp  through headphones and each time I would don the headphones some new sound would peek out from behind another on the backing track of the songs played on the LP or CD  .. I heard each and every one of these sounds in Rama last weekend.

Although I have enjoyed immensely your solo gigs and your performances with both Norbert and now Aaron...comparing them to the Rama 2007 gigs is like listening to one half of a telephone conversation because I miss half the magic that are the songs of Roger Hodgson. I cannot wait till you tour again Roger. I look forward to it so much, whether its solo or with accompaniment, I pray you take the bold step and tour with the latter. If I was to use one word to describe casino Rama 2007 it would be.....MagicalSpiritualWonderfulAwesomeMostMemorableMagnificent maybe the new longest word in the English dictionary lol .. Thanks for 2 wonderful nights.