People in the Canary Islands have been waiting ages for Roger !:) I traveled  in a ship from Las Palmas to Tenerife to see Rogerīs show !!! The concert was an outstanding show and display of musicianship, creativity and excellent songwriting .Roger is a true musician that can move an audience with a guitar, keyboards and his voice. The outstanding sax player played keyboards, make harmonies and was having the same fun that the audience !!

Musically Roger structured the songs so well that they flow like classical pieces with a very deep sense of music form, musical tension, instrumentation and a deep poetic and artistic sense . This poetic sense in Roger always move the audience and reach them in an emotional level.

The best of it all is that the solo material is as good as Supertramp material, you hear the same artist in all the music. Open the door, love is a thousand times , dreamer, etc. one excellent song after another. The material was from the Supertramp era, Open the door, Eye of the storm,etc. Roger even offered us with a new song , a wonderful ballad.

The audience was spontaneous , they stand up several times in sign of admiration and respect,they sing eos to Roger like he was a footbal player after a goal and they even broke the "protocol " and go in front of the scenary .

Of course we all had the time of our lives. If it depended on us, you will never go Roger !!!! We will make you honoray citizen !!!

Roger , come backkkkkk !!!