Thanks to Nicolas Ritter at for this review:

“When I arrived at the hotel (the one Roger was staying) many fans were waiting. They had won a challenge on (the French website of Roger’s fans) and they were to meet Roger after the show.


Everyone was very excited.


I gave them the “rendezvous” point after the show.


Great show in a castle.

Roger and Aaron arrived at 9.30 pm, and they started with “Take the long way home”; then Roger welcomed the audience in French and continued with “Give a little bit”. The atmosphere was getting warmer and warmer! Roger played “Lovers in the wind”, “Hide in your shell” and people started whistling even before he started “Easy does it”.

After “Sister Moonshine”, we had the pleasure to sing on “Rosie had everything planned”; then the hit “The logical song”. After Aaron said “good evening” in French, they played “Along came Mary” (fantastic version), “Breakfast in America”, “The more I look” (from the “open the door” album).

Then was on of the highlight moment of the night: Roger said: “we’re going to do something special tonight; there’s a gentleman outhere called Nicolas Ritter (that’s me!), who has a website. He asked the people what song they’d like to hear. So I was sent a list of songs and I’m going to try this one…..” Moment of Gooseflesh! Roger started “Know who you are”. That was fantastic and what an honour he made me.

The concert continued with “Child of vision” (fantastic Aaron on the piano; he has improved himself a lot, playing many instruments, and backing vocals), “Only because of you”, “Lord is it mine”. Then Roger played my personal request: ęThe awakening” (I love this song and its words; it’s so important to learn to forgive).

”Don't leave me now”, “Dreamer” (with fantastic bass from the keyboard; Roger told me he added them 2 days before) and “It's raining again”; on those two songs everyone was standing and clapping!

Roger and Aaron came back for the first encore with “School”, “Two of us” and finally “Give a little bit”.

1 hour and 55 minutes of happiness!!!

After the show Linda welcomed the fans backstage and they met Roger. You should have seen their eyes! I was so happy to have organized this meeting, people were so happy.

We stayed nearly an hour with Roger, than everybody left, their heart full of great moments.

What a night!!!

Thank you Roger.”


Nicolas Ritter