When my husband and I booked the tickets for your recent show in Athens, there was no doubt in our minds that we would definitely enjoy it. What we didn’t expect was our 9 year old daughter clapping to Breakfast in America and It’s Raining Again as if she had grown up with your music and our 14 year old son who up until now only listened to Rap asking if we had the Logical Song at home so that he could listen to it again. Needless to say some of your songs have now been added to their i-Pods. Thank you for being such a good role model for our children during the show: gently spoken, praising Greece and its People, not feeling ashamed to express your spirituality. You truly deserved the standing ovation you got from the Greek People. ~ Helen Crockett

Dear Mr Hodgson, it was a great show; one of the few concerts my wife and I have enjoyed to the maximum. Thank you for the unforgettable and emotionally shaking experience you gave us with your great performance. It was a pleasure hearing you saying that you still enjoying performing your songs after all these years. Truly, likewise, Mr. Hodgson. ~ Yiannis

thank you,

thank you for making me smile, remember, cry, wonder, think, believe ..... smile again and hope ..…

Thank you, (sat. 11/10 3rd row) ~ Galathea

Hi Roger!

I'm a guest from your yesterday concert in Moscow. We've been together with my wife.

You know, I've seen Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, Slade, Michael Bolton and many other good musicians, but NEVER before I've got tears in my eyes within a concert. Yesterday it happened....Our HUGE respect for your art and sorry that some of your real fans can't come to your Monday concert in Moscow. But I'm sure that you'll remember the atmosphere from your concert in Russia!!! ~ Dmitry

Last night's concert in Athens was really memorable. I was waiting a long time to hear songs like "don't leave me now" live and Roger didn't let me down... His voice is really unique and touching... ~ Kostas

Hello Roger: My wife & I saw your show in Atlantic City on June 7th, 2008. It was the most wonderful sing-along / concert that we've ever attended!!! ~ Ross Macarty

Hi Roger,

I've been to every concert you've done at Casino Rama....loved them all...especially the ones with the Orchestra. Fantastic!! Can't get enough of your music and I am always sorry when the concert ends, even though it's been 2 hours worth. Thank you for that. ~ Holly


Thanks for your show in Brasília, Brasil.

Beyond your inspiring musics, your affection during the show was moving. Many of your songs were part of my generation. Thanks for your work.  Grande Abraço. ~ Sincerely, Faustino.

I want to tell everyone that the concert that Roger did in Rio de Janeiro was magic ! His voice is charming and still warming our hearts! The band was magic too and I hope that you come back soon!!! The lights were perfect , the band, Roger is simply extraordinary!!! ~ Beatriz

Hy Roger! My Girlfriend and I saw you in Concert (Waidhofen/Ybbs, NÖ - AUSTRIA) at Saturday, 30.08.2008. We was fascinated from your music and singing talent in live-performance.... really!!! I can´t believe that "one Man" makes soooo much really good and wonderfull music in the same moment! This Concert was a fabulous moment in our life and we never forget this...!!! Thank You sooo much for this concert! ~ Matthias and Giny

Hello from Rio de Janeiro!

Just wanna say we couldn't be happier that Roger came here again, ten years after his first concert. It's beyond words to describe how thrilled and moved we all here at this incredible performance. A magical musical moment to cherish in memory forever, truly inspirational. Thank you, Roger, for all the beauty that you share. ~ Christiane

The best show I've ever seen in my life. Thanks to bring your lovely songs to Sao Paulo and share them with us. Brazil loves you! ~ Fernando

Dear Roger, your show last night in Sao Paulo brought us some many emotions and moments from the far and recent past that I'm sure that a lot of people, like me, simply went home feeling that you really are part of our lives. I just have one word to express what a I feel: thank you. ~ Ramon

I've just come back from your show and I have to say it was the most touching experience I've had in a long time.

~ Guto

Roger, thank you very much for the wonderful evening in Waidhofen (Austria). It has been a wonderful experiece to feel your love for music combined with so much professional experience as a musician and performer. Love, Stephan

Well, we were back in Crato again and had another unforgettable night. Thanks for your nod and smile, we do appreciate that you are aware of fans who care, and you don't hesitate to show your closeness and your warmth -something that pervades your concerts anyway. Our best wishes for the rest of the tour and hopefully we'll catch up next year. Lots of Love PAX & ALI

I`ve been in Crato, Portugal last friday and just cannot put in words the joy and good vibes you bring around you (the same happened in Coliseu de Lisboa). I think everybody there felt it. For me it's a privillege to know your songs from so long and to finally hear you singing them alive. It's monday and i still feel the energy (my voice is not fully recovered bro) so i just want to thank you and wish that you enjoyed yorself around us. ~ Santos

Thank you for the concert in Bremen. I will never forget this concert any more!! With your music, with your Chrisma and charm you have touched my soul. So much love from Oldenburg ~ Susanne