Thanks to Christine Pinter for this review:

My review from a wonderful evening with Roger Hodgson in concert - Austria, Waidhofen, August 30, 2008


Saturday, August 30, 2008 - Local time 4 pm ... Christian (my husband), Max (our son) and me were driving along the Austrian (West) Highway straight to Waidhofen/Ybbs, Lower Austria, to see Roger Hodgson in concert that evening. We were excited about seeing Roger live - well, I already had the pleasure to join one of his incredible concerts this year - Munich in May - and it was absolutely fantastic - so I knew that I was going to spend another awesome evening ... Christian and Max saw the DVD 'Live in Montreal' many times so they also got some experience about a Roger-live-feeling ...


The weather was fantastic .. sunny, comfortable temperatures - perfect! We arrived at Waidhofen at about 5.30 pm and luckily got a parking lot just next to the venue! We got out of the car and suddenly I noticed some familiar sounds from keyboard and saxophone ... oh, could it be possible ???


We took a few steps directly towards the stage which was arranged at a rather 'intimate' place in the centre of the city .. there weren't many people there yet - so enough 'space' for us to just walk along ... and then we really couldn't believe our eyes - yeah, Roger and Aaron were actually doing the soundcheck!!! What an amazing surprise ... just standing next to the stage, watching Roger and Aaron 'finalizing' their instruments - awesome!


Then I recognized Linda Tyler at the venue and she walked past us, so I took the opportunity to say hello and introduced myself - we already communicated per e-mail, because I asked for a short meeting with Roger and she wrote it might be possible in Waidhofen ... so I was double-excited that day!!

Linda greeted us so friendly and heartily and she told us they had just arrived in Austria a few hours before and they all had not slept the last night because the previous show was in Crato/Portugal on August 29 and the journey to Austria had been a long one ... poor Roger (and all the others!) - he must have been so tired!


A few minutes later - after enjoying the soundcheck from different perspectives - we noticed that Roger and Aaron finished their checking and we decided to walk along the venue a bit, because it seemed that both Roger and Aaron had already gone to the hotel to take their well-deserved rest.


But just then Linda started to beckon us over and my first thought was she wanted to let us know where we could get backstage-passes from. How stupid I have been ... too confused to catch on that she actually wanted to lead us to someone very special! Thank you so much, Linda!!!


... and the next moment we met Roger!!! Oh, I never thought it could happen and therefore I was really nervous and almost unable to speak somehow intelligent, only dumb smiling ... but Roger was so amazing and saved the situation with starting an absolutely enjoyable conversation, also joking with Max and somehow I found my balance again to enjoy that great moment I didn't even dare to expect :)) I'm deeply grateful for I have had the chance of meeting an artist who's never getting tired of giving so much for his audience and fans!!

We also met Aaron and I have to say that he's really a very nice, friendly and funny guy!


Some time later - the venue got more and more crowded with people full of expectations and at about 9 pm Roger started the concert, everyone cheered for him and we three were so lucky to enjoy it from the first row!

Roger was amazing as always - he talked to the crowd in his very special way, played one perfect and fantastic song after another - brilliantly accompanied by Aaron ! The playlist:


Take the long way home ... I love this song .. really a perfect beginning


Give a little bit ... now, at the latest, everyone's faces lighted up !


Lovers in the wind ... Roger and his piano .. so adorable!!


Hide in your shell .. nothing more to say than - awesome.. one of my very    favourite ones!


Easy does it ... yes, he did it easy ... people started whistling from the first note


Sister Moonshine .... won't you send me a little sun - this song always sends so much happiness and joy!


Rosie had everything planned ... Indelibly ingenious!


Breakfast in America ... 'It's always too short' Roger said at the end and continued with one more 'Padadadow ... ' - LOL


Along came Mary ... and went straight to my heart - as always ...


Logical Song ... timeless, brilliant, simply wonderful - thanks also to you, wizard of the saxophone :)


The more I look ... the more I see - oh yes, what a clear answer to so many questions


Child of Vision ... Aaron's eyes lighted up while taking seat at the piano - I deeply understand that!


Lord is it mine ... captivating, deeply moving


The awakening ... what a wonderful song about forgiving yourself


Don't leave me now ... sent me shivers from head to toes - I dare to say: This is my absolute no. 1 !


Dreamer ... oh yes Roger - I'm nothing but a dreamer .. and always will be


It's raining again ... no, no, no, please don't tell us it's actually your last song :(((




School ... you're coming along - thank you for coming back !!!


Give a little bit ... and EVERYBODY's singing (and dancing) along ... took a look around the crowd - wow, so many happy and smiling faces - Roger, you always make it happen - those little wonders for everyone who's lucky to join your incredible concerts!


What an awesome, enchanting evening ... indelibly 'rogerized' we started our way back home ... grateful, content ... simply 'over the moon'!!!




I also want to thank all those wonderful people working with and for Roger, his management and all the creators of fansites and forums and everyone else promoting and informing about Roger!!!


Christine Pinter