Royal Albert Hall Reviews


Hi Roger, Just come back from your stunning and wonderful concert at the Albert Hall (9th October) and just had to send you a massive THANK YOU. A completely brilliant evening - I feel so full of life and excitement after hearing you sing. Your music is wonderful. Many, many thanks, Jon W

Roger, Thank you for magical evening in London! It was truly special and it demonstrated how much your music means to so many of us. I was singing aloud in the car all the way home from the concert :) Thanks again! ~ Charlotte

Dear Roger, What a wonderful experience last night at the RAH; a great sense of shared warmth; for music that has been held for years inside individuals as their own, melded with their personal memories and feelings, that suddenly not only belongs to others gathered around too, but suddenly seems to belong to one man yet even more powerfully and deeply. Of course! It's the performer; the very creator and artist himself; it's HIS music, and he's playing it just a few yards away...Fantastic.Thank you. ~ Chris M

What a terrific show! I have just been telling Ron, I saw Supertramp minus Roger about 10 years ago at the Albert Hall. I have to say, Rogers show was miles better! I don't know how he does it, but you shut your eyes and you think there are about 4 musicians on the stage! Was very impressed with the sax player, I had a couple of friends with me who are over from Vancouver so they were smiling when they found out the sax player was also a Canadian! Thanks very much. Best regards ~ Jon

We went to the show at the Royal Albert Hall and did not realize it was an unplugged show and was concerned we would not enjoy it. How wrong we were what a great show it was great to see a quality performer in the raw. We had a great time and are now trying to get tickets for another show. We were at the last show at the Royal Albert Hall 25 years ago. Roger continues to improve with age. Thank you for a wonderful night. It was well worth the trip even though we did not get home until 0300 in the morning. ~ Roger S

I've been to hundreds of concerts through the last 25 years, and I've seen the most of them, but there IS something special with Roger!? I think partly it's that he's such an "including" artist. When he's on stage, you feel he's talking directly to YOU. And I know that each one in the audience feels it the same way. There is such a sincerity and warmth in Rogers performance. I really think Roger honestly concerns about every person in the audience. That's a very unique quality that not too many artist have, and in Rogers "case" it's in an level I hardly ever have experienced. The only similar experience I can remember is with Bruce Springsteen at his 'Ghost Of Tom Joad' tour. It's not a calculated communication. Roger just says what comes in his mind, at that moment. And you believe him, and he touches people. After he did his fantastic concert in Steinkjer, I have heard of several private "Roger Hodgson-evenings", where friends get together, play the DVD and remembers the concert!

Rogers concerts is such an experience is simply the incredible strong songs he's written! A song is often "exposed" when you take away it's arrangement. Quite a few song needs an arrangement to actually work as songs. Rogers set tells us what a genius songwriter he is, and not only from the Supertramp era. His solo-work is highly underrated, and the solo-songs he performs does not stand back from the Supertramp-songs. A song like "Along Came Mary" from the fantastic "Open The Door"-album is one of the strongest songs he's ever written. Released as a Supertramp-song it would have been a massive hit! Stripped to their solo-setting it shows that quite a few of Rogers songs will stand the test of time, and live on forever. Like a good Beatles, or Bob Dylans song.

I saw people cry, in joy. I saw people sing, shout, dance, clap. So did we! I've been to concerts at Royal Albert Hall before, but never have I experience (in any big arena!) such an "intimate" atmosphere, and never have I ever seen Royal Albert Hall give a 3 song, standing ovation to an artist! That was a moment to remember! And not to forget, when Royal Albert Hall starts whistling the song before Roger even gets to start it! Thanx again for one of the best concert-experiences in my life. We'll remember it forever, and we DO hope to hear more music from Roger in the future. We'll be there!!

Hi Roger. Thank you very much for a great concert at Royal Albert Hall in London 09.10.2007.Your show was brilliant !I am 43 years old, and since my young days, I have been a greet fan of your music. I am looking very much forward to seeing you again in Soenderborg, Denmark, on the 21st of october. Thank you very much. Kind regards and best wishes ~ Henning K

Dear Roger, Just saw you tonight in London and hearing you explain the origins of some of your songs really took me back to my teenage years when I used to listen to Supertramp in my room (on the record player!) and have you and your songs helping me to find my way. Sister Moonshine nearly finished me off as I had forgotten about that one and how it affected me...Don't leave it so long till you come back again. Thanks for your incredible music - it certainly resonated with my spiritual side. ~ Esther

I have just returned from the concert at the Royal Albert Hall 9th October 2007 and I have to say what a fantastic concert that was. It brought back lots of memories from my teenage years listening to Supertramp in my bedroom. If people are thinking of whether to go to a concert I would urge you to as you won't be disappointed. Please tour again soon in the UK. ~ Gill C

Hi Roger, having been a fan of Supertramp and yourself since the seventies it was fantastic to see you performing live in your one man show tonight at the Royal Albert Hall. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire performance but particularly loved "Dreamer", "Coming Along" "Hide in Your Shell" etc etc and I would just like to say thank you for a wonderful evening. Well done. Best wishes, David Avenell

Just seen Roger (& Aaron) play at the Albert Hall. What a show, truly fab (even when you forgot the words to two songs due to the emotions filling the Albert Hall). Everyone was touched you really seemed to think that we could have forgotten about you (we haven't), and how the demands for an encore from a usually rather staid London audience really seemed to tug your heartstrings. We've missed you, never forgotten you or the music, and loved seeing you play all those songs for us. Come back soon. ~ Iain (& Kate)

I was at the Albert Hall on Oct 9th and it was such a special evening. What a privilege to have you sing so many of your wonderful songs in such an intimate way. I hope you felt the love from your many fans. Two complaints - it wasn't long enough (maybe it couldn't be!) and I would love to hear more songs from your solo albums. I know many people come to hear the old Supertramp favorites, but you have written so many lovely songs since and it would be great to hear them live as dwell. Roll on the new album. And an autobiography?  How about it. Happy to ghost write it if you need a hand! ~ Andrew L

Roger and Aaron, congratulations on another fantastic show last night in London. It goes without saying that you both done justice to the wonderful venue that is The Royal Albert Hall. Highlight for me last night was "School", (Aaron you nailed it dude!) Best wishes for the rest of the tour.(And kind regards to Shakti and Linda for their hard work in helping get you back to these shores)Hope to see you all again soon...(Liverpool perhaps?) Chris.

Roger I love live shows/concerts! yours was totality original! A very tranquil and nostalgic evening .Thanks from Stuart and Helen (we were up with the GODS at the Royal Albert Hall London ENGLAND) ~ Stuart

Hi mate! The morning after the night before (Royal Albert Hall) and I’m still running through the memories! Great night! Glad they got your piano working in the end. I found the whole experience very intimate and personal. I felt real warmth from you and the crowd. School went down well! Keep them coming! ~ Steve S

Roger, had to drop a line after witnessing another brilliant night in London. Steph was gutted she couldn’t make last night after seeing you in Bournemouth but now you have a new 14yr old fan. Craig loved the show. I didn’t think I would witness another show that matched up emotionally to Shepherds Bush 05, but I think I did last night. The Albert Hall was the perfect setting for your brilliant songs. If you play any dates in Europe in 2008, make sure you stop off in the UK for one night at least! Thanks again for a brilliant few nights! ~ Gavin, Steph and Craig!

Hi Roger Like to commend you on a fantastic performance on the 9th oct at Royal Albert Hall. Been a fan of you and Supertramp for many years. It was a most enjoyable and memorable evening, came away from concert rejuvenated. Again i'd like to say you were brilliant and also the young man you have with you playing the sax etc. You have mega musical talent and i look forward too seeing you perform again sometime. Take Care Sally from Buckinghamshire ~ Sally C

Hi Roger, Saw you last night at the Albert Hall - wonderful, thank you. Missed name of your Sax player though? Thanks for a great night out, Philip & Jonathan West

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the concert last night. I wasn't expecting such a fantastically full sound from just two musicians on stage and hadn't realized how much the music would move me. Roger was pitch perfect and the guy playing the sax and other instruments played them all with such soul and precision, it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I look forward to the next time! From a new Roger Hodgson/Supertramp fan :O) ~ Luke T

Roger Many thx for another great concert. Both you and Aaron were on top form - even better than Nov 05 at Shepherd's Bush. The Albert Hall is certainly a good venue for you - when's the next date? Please come back soon. Long time fan ~ Michele I

Roger, thanks so much for the fantastic set you gave us last night at the RAH, even better than Shepherds Bush in 2005!!Been a fan since 'Crime of the Century' in 1973.Can't wait for the next one - don't leave it too long! ~ Trev H

Thanks for giving me the chance to see you after following since Dreamer erupted into my Lower Sixth days. I went to the Uni at Leeds, or the "Smartie Tube" just after you stopped playing smaller gigs in the UK and getting well deserved recognition. Third ever album was Crime and it was played to death - so just could not believe I was there, first time at the RAH, listening to something so familiar and sounding so good after all these years. Thanks TO YOU for a great most memorable night and your excellent assistant. DVD ON ORDER! ~ Peter

Dear Roger, Thank you for the wonderful evening last night at the Royal Albert Hall. I have never enjoyed a concert so much! You are a total inspiration and a fountain of GOOD MUSIC. Thank you. All the Best, David

I think it was awesome. My friend Jennifer who was also in the concert enjoyed it quite much as well. We both jumped and danced during the last bit.

Fantastic concert on the 9th october! Don't take the long way home b4 performing in UK again. ~ Richard Y

Roger it was good to see you and Aaron in such great form at the RAH last night, the slight change of set from the shepherd bush gig was good. I took my son josh and he was spell bound by your voice and musicianship, please come back soon and do some more gigs because my younger son Todd has started listening to your music as well. Regards Paul C

Roger, Thank you for all your amazing inspiration that you have given me all these years. If you only knew how many paintings of mine that were painted with your music in the background you would probably want a royalty check. You are Mozart to me. Live long, ~ Morgan W

Was at Royal Albert Hall on 9th October. Fantastic performance. Just wondered why you there were no songs from the first Supertramp album, which I think is a classic. ~ Danny M

Hi Just got back to Devon after last nights gig at RAH. What can I say - you were brilliant! I loved the Shepherds Bush gig two years ago but this took me back to the first time i saw you 30 years ago. When are you coming back again? Even in the quietest moment was magic Love Cathy B

Roger Most of the songs you performed at the Royal Albert Hall last night brought back a lot of good memories for me whilst travelling through Europe working for a major Formula One team. The other 2 were new to me and I thought they were fantastic too. Good luck with the rest of your tour and life. ~ Mike H

My sister wrote to me... Although I'm very tired today I'm still on a high from last night. It was a delight and a privilege to see a genius at work - I'm in total awe of Roger Hodgson's talent. The presentation was so simple and yet had greater impact for me than other more elaborate concerts I have seen. Thank you so much for what was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. I will always remember my evening with you and Roger...Obviously my sister enjoyed the show as much as I did. Even better than Shepherds Bush 2 years ago. Brilliant!! ~ Dave

Last night Paul, Guy, Cesar and I went to see Roger Hodgson (formerly of Supertramp) at the Royal Albert Hall. It was a right old flashback to my youth with such anthemic hits as Take the Long Way Home, Give a Little Bit (twice), The Logical Song, Even in the Quietest Moments, Breakfast in America, If Everyone Was Listening, Dreamer, It's Raining Again and many others. We were also 'treated' to some of his solo work ; Lovers in the Wind, Along Came Mary, Love is a Thousand Times and Oh Brother.

Playing more or less solo Hodgson rightly earns the title of a one man orchestra. With either guitar, electric or traditional piano he created an impressive wall of sound. Standout songs for me were both from the Crime of the Century album; Hide in Your Shell and the sublime School. Fab night out.

Hi Roger, Was lucky enough to be at the Royal Albert Hall for an last night. Thank you for a brilliant and memorable night. and congratulations also to Aaron. I have been a fan since 1975 and find your music an inspiration. My favorite moment was 'Lord Is It Mine'. So many of your songs are easy to relate to. It was a memorable night and I hope you will not leave it too long to come back again. ~ Paul C

Hi Roger, I came over from the Netherlands yesterday to see your performance in the RAH, together with my wife, my oldest brother and his wife and my youngest brother. We visited many of your concerts in the past years but this one was very special as we could feel tension and emotions more then ever. We are fans since the seventies after the release of Crime of the century. Your music is since then part of our life and it always will be. Your songs are beautiful and sensitive. Thanks for the wonderful evening. Special compliments for the saxplayer. He was excellent! ~ Bert C

Roger and crew What a fantastic night at the RAH . My Dad came along with me this time and said it was an incredible show. You needn't have worried, the crowd where with you all the way. Nice to hear "Puppet Dance" for the first time. Aaron was also brilliant. Good luck with your last next show in Birmingham and try and come back next year. Big thank you to you for signing the Bournemouth set list for me and also thanks to Shakti who was so approachable and took the time to talk to fans including me and my Dad. ~ Chris & Robin

What a superb evening last night at the RAH... you have the purest voice and those Supertramp songs really brought back memories - 'soundtrack of my life' is about right! I saw you and the band 25 years ago at Earl's Court ... who needs a band when you've got the amazing talents of your sax player! The show was intimate, informal and fun. Thank you so much Roger. ~ Dave W

Thanx again for a fantastic experience at The Royal Albert Hall. We're actually still living in a "Hodgson bobble" : ) ~ Svein B