Copenhagen, Denmark ~ March 19, 2011 ~ Review by Morten Andersen 

Roger Hodgson visited Copenhagen the 19 of March. It was a great show, but let me start somewhere else.
More than 30 years ago I was introduced to Supertramp. It was in my early teenage years. And of course I thought the music was great. But to me it was just music like music from other great bands, like Pink Floyd, Queen, Chicago, Toto and David Bowie.
I didn’t think that album was a need to have, when Roger Hodgson released In The Eye Of The Storm in 1984. But I knew he was the voice of Supertramp, and the album sounded just like Supertramp to me. So the album went in to my collection of music. I must admit, I didn’t have the album in the house for a long time before I knew, the music was very special. It made me go back and listen even more to Supertramps music. And at that time I realized when Roger Hodgson is involved; it’s so much more than just music.
Years went by – and suddenly Roger Hodgson should play in  Denmark . It is three years ago, and my wife and I was at the concert. It was amazing. At first I thought the concert was a play back. No one could play like this live. But it wasn’t.
When my wife saw Roger should play a concert in  Copenhagen , she very quickly bought tickets for us. We hadn’t forgot our first concert and hoped to get the same experience once again. She bought the tickets four months prior to the concert. Wait, wait and wait. But we were excited and we looked forward to the concert.
Meanwhile I saw a competition on Facebook. Set a list for  Rogers concert and win access to a soundcheck. I participated. And I won! Me – I’m the one who never wins any thing. I went all the way to the skies and back. The only thing: It was for a concert in  Germany . A couple of emails later, the prize were changed to the concert in  Copenhagen.
Time went by – slowly. But then it was the day. We arrived by the concert hall at 4.30 PM, as told. First we talked to the man who got the concert to Denmark.  Amazing!  A while before 5 PM a Danish guy showed up.  He gave us "access all area" cards.  Was my eyes big or what!  He told us he would show us to the soundcheck, and he said he would pick us up after the concert so we could meet Roger.  
I did really have a problem believing it. Meet Roger!!! How great is that?!
We went down to the soundcheck. For almost an hour and a half we saw Roger checking sound, assembling a new keyboard and play a little – and try to figure out the manual for the new keyboard. Maybe it sounds crazy, but it was amazing to see a man, a musical genius in my opinion and a world wide superstar, do so much by him self. Hard to believe he is just a human like us. In my wife's opinion he is an angel. (Don’t tell her – I think she is right). 
After the soundcheck: Dinner. And then the show.
I do not think I need to write about the show. You all will know, it was a great great show, with moments saved in my heart. As by the first concert I went to with Roger, I still think, the man can write the words and the music, but he is also a great performer. Plays and sings like it was only for me. You all properly know what I’m talking about.
Then the big moment arrived. It was time to meet Roger. The guy who got us into the soundcheck showed up and escorted us to a hall, where we had to wait. There were a few other people who also should visit Roger. We all could feel, something very special was near by.
After a short waiting we got in to a little room. I don’t remember much about the room. The only thing who filed my memory was the fact that Roger stood there in front of me. I knew there wouldn’t be time to fix all problems in the world. So I told Roger a little of my life with his and Supertramps music. It was truly a big experience to meet the man, who is gifted with talents so special.
And now a couple of days later, I think, what happened? Why was the meeting with Roger so special? Why can’t anybody understand, I meet a very very special man? But asking that, I’m sure most of the readers of this will know, how I’m feeling and what the answer is.
Finally: Thanks to all who was involved in getting us to the soundcheck, concert and meeting with Roger.