I was there! What a truely amazing experience. I have been re-living Roger's concert for the last month and can't wait until I can join him again. The fullness of the sound and the perfection of his compositions is unmatched. Good luck with the rest of the tour and please record more of your fabulous songs for us.

Love to you,



I would just like to say that my girlfriend Shelley and I were amazed by your performance. we are both long time fans of supertramp and I have listened to eye of the storm on casette till the tape wore out !


Thank you so much - the venue was awesome and your performance was spectacular!


We sure hope you will be passing our way again real soon! 


Last night's show in Niagara Falls was fantastic, both your performance and the crowd.  Supertramp was a big part of my life growing up and I got to re-live some of those musical memories last night. I hope you pass through this way again soon.


Wishing you all the best!!


What a show!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was at the first date of your 2007 world tour at the fallsview casino. It was incredible. you're like a fine wine, getting better with age. Thanks for coming back to Canada!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope to see you again.


Thanks for the enjoyable show last night at the falls.  This was my husbands first concert since having heart trouble and an ICD implanted four years ago.

I've tried to get him to some different musical events around but he wasn't quite ready. Thanks to a friend who gave us the tickets for Fri. show he felt the strength and really looked forward to your show. We saw you with Supertramp in the 70's in Buffalo and we lived in the Vancouver area and were fortunate to see you all there in'83.


Thanks for great music and memorable evening. Your music is beautiful. Your buddy on stage - Aaron? was quite enjoyable.

Absolutely a great time, I think this has given my husband the strength to get out more and enjoy.


You rock man!!


from two longtime fans 

Susan and Leo


P.s. we met up with some friends who also went with their 20 yr. old daughter and cousin of the same age. It's good to see your music carrying on to the next generation, our kids grew up with a lot of classic rock and enjoy your music also.


Just got home from your show. I am in love all over again. What a great show. If I could I would be there Saturday as well. I turn 50 this year and tonight confirmed that I was born at just the right time. Love it love it love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! good Luck on your tour have fun.


Yours Truly 


What a great show here in Niagara Falls, Ontario, thank you Roger! It was such a pleasure to sit, clap along and listen to a great writer/musician perform in an intimate 1,500 seat theatre. Like Roger said "do you feel like you're in my living room?". The memories of our youth are quickly rekindled and you are instantly taken back to a time when the music mattered most. What a terrific show Roger, it was our pleasure to have you "almost" in our living room! Come back soon!


Dave - Niagara Falls, Canada

I just wanted to say thanks again for a great show at the Fallsview Casino.  You sent goose bumps up and down my spine listening to your music.  I feel sorry for the people that didn't get tickets for the show.  Your voice hasn't changed since I saw you at Kleinhans in Buffalo in 1974.  Looking forward to the next time.



The concert tonight was the best I have ever seen- really! Roger has such a dynamic personality- he is truly one rare performer who loves his audience and his audience TRULY loves and adores him.  The songs in his repertoire

were amazing.  It is hard to imagine that he wrote and composed all of them-- I am in such awe.  Those songs are such a part of my life, as they are, I'm sure of most everyone who was there tonight, as well. He is absolutely incredible.  Oh, I am going on the website now to order the DVD.