Roger is very popular in the Faroe Islands, so when we heard his plane could not land, we thought "oh no! now we will miss the concert", because no one believed he had the time for waiting, you know, he had concerts around the world to do. But he never gave up, and after the plane had tried to land 6 times, they finally made it. He even sent us a message "hi, this is Roger Hodgson, were doing our best to reach you ect".


I will never forget it. When he entered the stage, he was welcomed by 9000 tired, rainsoaked faroese people, who were singing and waving their arms. "We

made it!" he said with a big smile. "We took the long way home to the Faroe Islands!" "Thank you for staying here!" Yes, that was funny. Everybody is still talking about it: "Roger Hodgson spent 36 hours, to perform in a small village in the middle of nowhere!"


Well, yes, that's a long story. The Islands could be hard to reach when they're covered by fog, I have tried it too, we spent 12 hours, trying to reach the country. Impressing, that Roger was able to perform after such a ride, I would have been dead-tired!


I wish I could go back in time, but since that is not possible, I will go to London next year to see him again.



Dear Roger


Thank you, thank you so much for visiting the Faroe Islands. That concert was magical - your wonderful music, the sunrise, the mountains around us - people are still talking about it up here! I will never forget that moment, you are in our hearts, and we all hope you will come back here some day.


With love from the Faroes,


dear mr hodgson

I was at your consert at the summerfestival in the faroe island. it was a great experience for me. all day we were waiting and hoping that your plane was able to land. we were all thrilled when we heard that you were coming. i must say it was worth waiting for you.

my brother is a very big fan of you hes has got all your records. my son who is 12 years old is also a big fan of you.

i hope to hear you again.

God bless