Las Palmas Reviews


I was never so moved during a concert, but it's not strange since Roger >is an enormous musician. It's a pity today's music is not as good as the music from that era! The show was spectacular!


Simply brilliant, this concert brought to me millions of memories from my early youth. Thanks to my brother for showing me this music.


Fantastic! What a show! It was amazing... I was born in 1976 but I love the music from that era. Current music is not music.


Last night we didn't hear Roger Hodgson. We heard Supertramp! I wonder if Rick Davies was as important as him in the band. Roger did excellently with the help of a very good musician who played clarinet, sax and keyboards. Roger: we, all the people who kissed for the first time while hearing your songs, want to thank you for all these years enjoying your music and your lyrics. Last night, at last, we revealed>those restrained feelings, just like when we were 15 years old.


I was one of the lucky guys who got a ticket for the concert. I didn't sing because I wanted to hear in the best way something I was many years waiting for...


It was just incredible! I saw many people with tears on their eyes, they couldn't hold back their emotions.


They should plan a second concert for all the people who couldn't get a ticket. Next time that a genious of the music like Roger come to Las Palmas, the concert should be played in a bigger venue.


Just amazing. I had never thought that I could see Roger singing so close to me. For me it's been a dream came true. It's incredible he still has that voice, and he doesn't need a band. I missed several songs, but he has so many great ones that it's very difficult to choose which of them must be removed from the set list. The playing of 'Child of vision' and 'Hide in your shell' was tremendous.


Wonderful spectacle placed by this brilliant musician and kind person. I wish in the future they bring to Las Palmas more high quality music like this. Give a little bit of good music!


Splendid, brilliant, smiling, communicative... He is Roger Hodgson. And his mate on stage also was brilliant playing the sax. Both of them showed a very fresh and sane mood and the audience also enjoyed it. I loved the show. Roger, you are bloody marvelous!


I'm fed up with the people who say that Roger's solo career is losing popularity. Do they have heard 'Open the door'? It's a great album. The shows he plays are wonderful and most of the songs from his solo career are amazing.


The concert that Roger Hodgson played last night was like breathing fresh air. His musical talent, his captivating personality and his affection for the people made of this show an unforgettable one. I wish he returns here in his next tour. Thank you, Roger.


I'm just arriving home from Alfredo Kraus auditorium. Words fail me. I try to write something about it but I'm not able to do it. A million of thanks, Roger. It's been a grandiose concert.