Saw your concert in montreal in june and i thought you should know you're amazing! Just so you know you've reached out to me.. i'm only 15 and im in love with your music.


Dear Roger,

If I have, once in my life, the chance to send you a message, I won't miss that opportunity!

I just want to thank you for the great show in Montreal on June 6th and for all the melodies you created and that touched my ears, my heart and my soul throughout the years. Thanks to my older brother, I've listened to your music since I was a young boy. And at age 13, he brought me to the Montreal Forum where you were doing the first of three nights there. This was my first rock show and a tremendous experience. As a teenager, me and my friend Christian were of a rare breed, listening to Supertramp and Roger Hodgson instead of Madonna, Metallica or Duran Duran. It even was my trademark as people related last automn our college reunion. And of course, you're music accompanied me for years into adulthood. My 11 years old boy always take the Breakfast in America CD when we go on a trip and we share great father-son moments when he sings The Logical Song in such an aweful way... (with the french accent and all).

Perhaps you sometimes wonder why you're doing all this, this new tour, the travelling, the coming recording (I hope...), far from your family and friends. You see, I have a second son now (who's 2 years old), from a second woman, and that second relationship also failed recently. I think I'm a great dad and it pains me a lot to be separated from my sons. And all this is happening as I have less than one year to complete my Ph.D. thesis (in theology... hmmm, some singer may have opened my mind to spiritual matters at a young age...). So, hey, that's a tough time for me. But when my friend Christian came to pick me up on the night of the show, it was all smiles and laughs. We had a great time at the show and when you sang that my life had to be a catastrophe for me to grow, I knew just how right you were.

I know I can't imagine how hard the life on the road must be, but you are certainly making a lot of people happy with this tour. On June 6th, the theatre was filled with many very happy Montrealers and with at least one guy whose spirit soared to your great music.

Thanks for all Roger, thanks for your great music and inspiring words, it will always be deeply rooted in my heart,



Your show was most definitely the best I have ever been to (not that I have been to many, reason being that I am very selective and poor...)

What an honour for us, Montrealers, to be there and be part of your first SOLO DVD RECORDING!

You still got it!!! And you seem to be a real warm and caring person. GIVE A LITTLE BIT is a perfect song to get people to care and give to help. We need more nice people like you to better our planet.

Wishing you all the best. Keep on rocking!


Vous direz un très grand merci à roger pour cette superbe soirée.j'ai vraiment vecu de grande émotions et des moments n'oublirai jamais cette superbe soirée! je suis impatient que le dvd soit disponible.Merci encore à vous tous. L'ambiance était merveilleuse.Féliciations a toute l'équipe.

Bruno jr Robert

Super !!!

J'ai adorée le show j ai vraiment aimé le spectacle. L'ambiance merveilleuse ....mais ca ...c'est le talent de M.Hodgson qu'y la causé....

Je suis une vraie fan de Roger Hodgson et apres l'avoir vue le suis encore plus. Merci pour le beau show .....une soirée inoubliable sur que je vais acheter le dvd.

quand il va etre en tablette .....

Encore une fois Merci ....



It was a night full of magic. Every song was melodious. Roger had a very good sense of humour and charism. As he said, he enjoyed to play music more than in the past and it is totally true. He seems free to enjoy playing music whatever he likes. Please make sure that he is always welcome to go to Montreal anytime and see his fans who love him. Why does not he want to stay in Montreal (Montreal has european style and full of fans like me who discovered the progressive rock from 70's, a great decade). I am 35, and Breakfast in America was my first record that I bought when I was teenager. At this time, I was worry to not be old enough to attend any concert of Supertramp in 70's.

If I met Roger, I would ask him How is it possible for a modern composer to write songs and music that have a so authentic sound. His new songs are still so rich and melodious even more that his earlier songs. That's why I know, his songs will never die and almost all of his songs became real classics that radio CHOM 97.7 FM play again and again specially on weekends during classic rock festival. I will never get tired of listening to his music with Supertramp or Roger in solo.

I can say that Roger Hodgson is a genious composer, a Mozart in the modern time.

Merci beaucoup pour me donner la chance d'exprimer mes émotions.

Bravo pour Roger et toute son équipe, I hope to see next Roger's concert. Pour Roger, il ne faut pas qu'il lache la patate (_expression du Quebec), bravo, continue, c'est formidable.

Daniel Cloutier

Mr. Hodgson,

The show was just great!! Your «babies» have grown up like a good wine and thank you for presented almost all of your family!! You really seemed happy to give us them, with love, sincerity and humor. Incidentally, your voice is better than ever and listening to you playing 12 strings and piano sounds heaven to my ears. The simplicity of your performance allowed me to appreciate your songs even more. I really enjoyed the complicity of your friend (on wind instruments) too.

In summary, I rediscovered an improved version of Roger Hodgson and his songs... in better of course for both of them!! I appreciated this show enough to remember it for the rest of my life.

Thank you Mr. Hodgson, hoping see you again in Montréal...

Sylvain Dickey

Thanks for a very magical night. A troubadour-poet has given us a night to remember. This was the best show I have seen in years. Roger Hodgson has shown us again is talent, respect and devotion to his art. I hope he comes back soon.

Serge L.

We spent quite a night my lover and I on June 6th at Place des Arts. He (his name is Roger too) has been a Supertramp fan since their debut. He saw them in Montreal two nights in a row at the old Jarry stadium in the late seventies. Their was no way we could have missed Mr Hudgson’s solo concert. It brought us back more than two decades ago with so many beautiful memories and such great music. The sound and the emotion were the same.

Mr Hodgson is a great man. We love his simplicity, his way of connecting with the audience. His music is brilliant and intellectually profound. This concert was pure magic! Thank you Sir for sharing with us your incredible talent, your sense of humour and your love of music. We certainly hope we will get to see you again in Montreal soon. The waiting was too long!!!


Roger Legault and Anne-Marie Bally

I would like to say that the Roger Hodgson concert was everything I had expected it to be and more! I will never forget that night! I am 19 years old and that was the first concert I had ever been to... simply because I had never had the money, and so i wanted to make any concert I go to worth while, and it definetely was. The atmosphere of the entire audience and show was simply euphoric and I had an amazing time! Thanks to Roger and everyone who helped put on this mind-blowing show that will always be in my heart.


I'm 18 years old, and being a lover of classic tunes like Supertramp's, I was absolutely blown away by the concert. It was amazing and a night that I will think of dearly for the rest of my life.

Thank you!


Hello Mr. Hodgson, I just wanted to thank you for a great evening of classic music. I was hooked on your voice from the first time I played my first album "Breakfast in Amarica". You're in great form, I hope we don't have to wait too long before seeing back in Montreal.


My wife and I would like to thank Mr. Hodgson for the marvelous evening, without a doubt, unforgettable. It was the best show we’ve ever seen. The room was delirious with joy. His voice brought us back to our teen years and reminded us of some great memories. We are proud to have participated in his DVD which we’re sure will be a huge success. We’re anxiously awaiting it.

Georges Pertot

We were only 14 and 16 when we heard Supertramp for the first time. We were really impressed with the quality of the sound and the ambiance of the room, but mostly with the vocal and instrumental virtuosity of Roger Hodgson. Thanks for this trip down memory lane.

Sylvie & Alain

Wow, superb show. I felt like I was in my living room with a musician friend. Excellent relationship with the public. Intimate setting. Can’t say more. Thanks for this great evening.

Stephan Reault

Dear Roger (and team, of course),

I had the chance to see your concert con June 6th, and it really was a dream come true. I was around eight years old when I fell in love with your music, and I never stopped listening to Supertramp (and some of your solo work available in Canada) since then. Now if I told you I am only 15 years old, would you believe it? If I told you my girlfriend (who saw the concert with me) was jealous because I couldn't stop talking about you for about two weeks? Yes, all of this is true.

But the point of a review being to review the show and not the author's life...

Marvelous. I couldn't take my eyes off you (even if the spotlights aimed directly to our section), and even now, some tears manage to fall when I hear Give a little bit, because of the memory they remind me... You were wonderful!

And when you're up on the stage, it's so unbelievable, unforgettable, how they adore you...

With all my love, and hoping you will come back soon in Montréal,


hi,my name is yves perreault and i saw the show at place des arts at montreal. wow !! it s the great plesure to see you on stage and you cam be sure , i want this dvd!!!i saw all your show from 1977 at montreal and eacth time is super.



Thankyou for signing my cd's from the concert in London Ontario. Peter Brennon is a friend of mine as I used to work with orchestra london

It was a fantastic performance, my wife and I enjoyed it very much.

I hope to see more recordings from you in the future.

Best regards

Gerry Smith

Hi Roger,

I just can't stop thinking of the concert at Place-des-Arts, Montreal.I can't wait for the DVD to come out,it was an amazing performance.Your voice moves my heart in so many ways,it's like i'm constantly in love...Your music makes me happy when i'm down and your new song is wonderfull.I thank god there is someone like you on this earth that makes magic through your songs.Thank you for being you,thank you for making me so happy.Hope to see you soon in Montreal again and hopefully my dream will come true and i'll meet you some day.

Take care of yourself,we need you around for a long time..

Your fan forever,


The concert was absolutely amazing. Roger is an outstanding performing artist. I was brought back to the first concert I attending as a young teenager at Jarry Park ...... hearing that familiar voice and familiar lyrics was rejuvenating. Roger's solo and new material is fantastic . Finding out at the open of the concert that Montreal was paid the honour of having the DVD shot here is very special to me as a fan and to many I am sure.

The music along with the light show was spectacular, even tho at times, especially during "Lord is it mine" my eyes were closed and I became overwhelmed with tears due to circumstances in my life. I dedicate this particular song to a 38 year old friend of mine, Roberto Martins, battling his life to ALS. My only wish was that he would have been well enough to sit amongs us on Tuesday night, it would have made him so happy as he is quite a fan of Roger Hodgson.

Two thumbs up from me!!!!

Gina Di Salvio

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed Roger's show. I cannot wait to buy the DVD.

Crime of the Century was a watershed event in 1974. I was 13 and the entire summer this album marked a turning point in the music my generation listened to and how we perceived music. Please pass on to Roger a comment I made to many in my 20's when asked, if there was just 1 album I could take with me in moving permanently to a desert island or any place there was no return from, which album would it answer...Crime of the Century by Supertramp with the piercing, provocative and haunting voice of Roger Hodgson.

One earmark of a watershed album is the ability to listen to it repeatedly without losing any of the sensory experience. Crime is 1 of the few albums that accomplishes this. In my opinion the only other artists/albums that approach my deep affinity for Crime of the Century are: Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon and Genesis, Wind and Wuthering.

The Place Des Arts event demonstrated to me beyond a doubt that a true musician can fill the stage without elaborate band backup. Roger and his companion on the sax were able to fill the hall with rich sound beyond their complement. What a truly unique experience it was to watch 2 men captivate an entire audience. Montreal was one of the first cities to recognize Supertramp and Roger for their brilliance. By the audience reaction on Tuesday night, we can all see why Montreal holds a special place for Roger and vice versa. The crowd was ecstatic. They were electric. I have been attending events for decades and I can say without a shadow of a doubt, I have never seen an audience so excited and euphoric.

My thanks again to Roger and his entire entourage for putting together an exceptional show which I will remember always and have a chance to share with my kids once the DVD is released.


This had to have been one of the best concerts I have been to in a long time.

When my 14 year old son, Alex, first heard on CHOM that Roger Hodgson was coming to Montreal his first reaction was 'we gotta get tickets!' We did and it was a night we will all remember. Alex's first concert was RUSH and since then he's been to 5 other concerts and for him Rush and Roger Hodgson were the 2 best concerts he's been to (even beat out the Rolling Stones!!!)

If Mr.Hodgson is ever back in Montreal we will definitely be first in line.

tks again for the memories!

Susan Matthews

Je suis fan de Supertramp depuis ma tendre enfance. Je trouve que le groupe à perdu sa magie lors du départ de Roger. Roger est incontestablement l’âme de Supertramp. J’ai même eu la chance de suivre les spectacles de Supertamp suite au départ de Roger et aussi les spectacles de Roger en solo et je vous assure que Roger a tellement de charisme que j’ai été à tous coups plus envoûté par lui seul sur une scène que tous les autres membres réunis pour jouer les morceaux. C’est à la fois stupéfiant et incroyable qu’une personne puisse dégager autant de chaleur humaine. Bref, j’ai tout simplement adoré ma soirée. Le plus beau cadeau que l’on pouvait me faire c’est bien un DVD d’un spectacle auquel j’ai assisté. Encore plus quand il s’agit de Roger Hodgson!!

Mes plus sincères salutations à Roger.

Qu’il revienne nous voir très bientôt!!

Merci encore!

Jerry Vietz

Great concert and thanks for the follow up. It brought me back to the 70’s shows at jarry park.


I really enjoyed the show! I am glad to hear that the DVD will be available in August. I am looking forward to get it. My two children (14 and 18) also enjoyed the show. I am lucky to be able to share Roger's music with them.

Many thanks to Roger. Merci beaucoup beaucoup!

Best regards,

Luc Desgagnés

I went to see the concert with 7 people and everyone loved it including myself. The concert was great and Roger Hodgson was as personable as usual and one of my all time favorite performers. His voice is exceptional and crisp even after all these years. The first time I saw Supertramp was in 1977 at Jarry Park in MTL and I have never missed a show in MTL, including the one at the Spectrum about 3 or 4 years ago and I must admit that that show was one of my favorite shows that Roger has ever performed. I look forward to the DVD and will definitely purchase it. I also look forward to the next concert in MTL or anywhere in Quebec.


All I have to say is WOW!!!!!! It was truly a magical that I will remember for a very very long time. I am looking forward to the DVD release.



I would just like to say that we thoroughly loved this concert. We recently attended another solo concert at the Place des Arts, which we also greatly enjoyed. This particular performer put on a grandiose show, whereas we found the evening with Roger Hodgson to be quite the opposite; entertaining in a very intimate atmosphere. His direct rapport with the audience and the fact that he was alone save for Aaron was spectacular. Roger still has the most unmistakable voice, and seeing him again brings back very fond memories of Jarry Park and the '80's. Sometimes I wish I had never grown up; as I have continued to listen to the music of Supertramp over the years.

Thank you Roger for a most memorable, enjoyable show.

Always a fan,

Carol Conte

How did we like the show??? Well, let me see, wonderful..exciting..beyond expectations..satisfying...emotional, and so very much more. My wife and I are huge Hodgson fans, he is a true musical master. He is a not simply a great song writer, an astounding pianist, an awesome guitarist, he is a humble man that emits his love for music with every smile. The show was more than we had hoped and all that we knew he could make it.


Phil & Holly Bissonnette

P.S. The Sax player...the young Mr.McDonald...a real treat.

What a wonderful night. That brought me through memory lane and back. I saw the famous last word concert in 1983 and i bought the poster with the tight rope walker that i had laminated. I would have loved for Roger to sign this poster...but being 4 feet by 3 it would have been a little complicated (laugh).

I can't wait for the DVD to come out. I am going to purchase it and watch it over and over again.

Thanks again Roger for a wonderful evening :o)


This has to be one of the best and "magical" nights I've ever experienced for a concert. I've seen a ton of them in my 48 years, but this was more because of my 16 year old son. Since the first time I introduced him to Roger Hodgson & Supertramp he plays their cd's religiously! To watch his face, as Roger preformed his songs, flaw-less I might say, was priceless! The night brought me back to the first time I saw Supertramp in Montreal back a ways, I might say, at the University De Montreal. The taste of deja-vu was never finer! I wish I was close enough to shake his hand and thank him for the timeless pieces of music he's given me and thus inherited today by my son to pass on, hopefully to his son or daughter. Thank you.

Rick Antoniewicz

My daughter and I really appreciated the show. It’s marvelous that my 10 year old daughter danses to the music that I grew up with.

Thanks to Roger and to the organizers of this show for allowing us to live such great moments.

Michel Duval

Dear Roger,

My name is Alexander and i'm now 34 years old. i think been listenig to Supertramp all my life! Even my mother made me listen to you when i was in her belly!!!!

i was there at Parc Jarry a couple of years ago when you guys came.......i think i was 4 years old or so!!!!

Let me tell you that when i listen to your music, it reaches me so much it's incredible. Like i said before, i've been listening to Supertramp all my life and you can be assured that i'm gonna die listening to you.

i cannot explain it but for me, to see your show was one of the best moment in my life. i could'nt beleive that your wher actually in front of me! I even had a dream that night that we where talking like 2 buddy's on the phone about your show! that was funny!

i dont know why but your music is a part of me and will remain that way for always. the music, the lyrics, everything you created is so magical. If i can, you can be sure that i will be there for all your next shows in Quebec.

Roger, i just want to finish my message by telling you that you are a great artist/musician (maybe the greatest for me) and i will share all your great work with my 4 childrens so they can enjoy your melodies like i do.

by the way, your new song is wonderfull. please record it!

Have a great world tour my friend and hope to see you soon.



Thank you Roger, for a wonderful evening at Place des Arts on June 6th. It was truly a memorable show. I felt the same emotions at your show as I did when I followed Supertramp. I really hope to see and hear you again.

A thousand times....thank you !

Daniel Di Nardo

I had the pleasure of attending your concert this evening in Montreal. The last time that I heard your voice live was in 1978, at Jarry Park. Unfortunately, back then, I couldn't afford the tickets ( I was only 17 ) so I sat outside, on the grass and listened and tried to picture how it must have looked from the inside. Tonight, however, I saw and heard everything, and your music still moves me, the lyrics are pure poetry. I love to watch your hands when you play the piano, and the guitar. You make it seem so easy. It makes me want to learn to play.

I want to thank you for all the years of pleasure that your music has provided me, after tonight I know that there is more to come.


Hi Roger,

THANK YOU for such a wonderful concert last night. It was an amazing experience, as always. I took my eldest (now young adult) daughter, who I used to rock to sleep listening to Supertramp. She LOVED the show too. Thank you also for performing my all-time favorite Give A Little Bit, twice.

I can't wait for the DVD to come out. Hope you'll be back again soon.

Love and Light,Lesley


I just want to thank Roger for the absolute divine evening he shared with us yesterday in Montreal at the Place des Arts.

I saw him a few years ago with Ringo Starr (also in Montreal) and I thought then that I was given a very rare privilege when he sang Give a Little Bit, Logical Song and The Long Way Home.

I never thought I would see him performing on stage like yesterday. For me it was a dream come true. Now I can't wait to watch the DVD that will be released from this unforgettable evening.

Thank you, Roger! Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!

Eric Provencher