Many thanks for your nice concert in Theux this saturday 9/9. I was very impressed by the quality of the game and the voice.

Obviously Supertramp was nothing but you!

A great great evening and I'm not the only one to say it (by far).

Jean-Marc Charette

Dear Roger,

Last Saturday (September 9th, 2006) I attended your concert at Theux (Belgium). It was one of the best concerts I have ever experienced in my 36-year-old existence on this planet. With your music, you brought back of lot of beautiful memories!

I have the following question for you: who was that amazing Canadian musician who accompanied you on stage ? His touches of clarinet, saxophone,... made your excellent performance even richer.

Thank you for your reaction.

Yours sincerely,

Geert Van Cauwenberge


You gave a little more than a fantastic musical show yesterday. You gave a little bit of your love to the people assembled in this small village to celebrate your music.

Chloé, my twelve year old daughter, will never forget the smile that you sent while she was sitting on my shoulders during that last "give a little bit".

Jean Marc

Thank you!

I want to thank you, Roger for your concert last night at Theux in Belgium. You remind me a lot of things of my past. I feel so emotions in my body last earing you. Now I'm 43 years old and I realize somes others things than before ( when I was a scholl boy).

Thanks a lot for all the things you gave to me.


P.S. Please come back next year in our country and have a good time for your holiday in Belgium.

I would like to thank Roger for the wonderful concert in Theux.

This is one of the best concert I have attended ever. Such a quality of music being just accompanied by a saxophonist is simply breath taking. From the first song till the last, I have been litteraly transported. What a musician and singer !

Moreover, Roger displayed such a kindness and humility, it is unbelievable. The Supertramp hits that he sang were pulling me 25 years back, when I was a student at the university and was listening to "Even in the quietest moments" when I was feeling down. These days, in my mid 40's, I am feeling down again but yesterday, I forgot all these mid-life crisis problems and came out of the concert calm and serene.

I can guess what Roger felt like when he had to chose between the fame of leading Supertramp and his family. The smile on his happy face last night convinced me that he made the right choice. I am only hoping one thing, which is to have the opportunity to see him in concert again.


Salut Roger,

Je voudrais te remercier pour la soiree magique que nous avons passee grace a ton super concert a theux, et merci pour ta gentilesse lorsque vers 2h du matin tu m'as encore permis de prendre une photo avec toi et de me signer l'autographe que je revais tellement d'avoir.

Merci et reste comme tu es. Bye and thanks for this great moment.


Hello !

I would like to tell you it was so nice so see Roger live on stage in Belgium. I went to see Supertramp for the first time in Liège at the Emulation back on the 28th February 1975 and then another time in 1976 or 1977.

I'm still holding the 1975 concert ticket and the autographs of the band on the Crime Of The Century sticker!

Best wishes,


Very nice and amazing performance. My dad brought me there to show me another side of Music.... I've been amazed. I would have loved to ask you few words on writing an Album, but found no occasions. Dad and I are hoping you'll remind our small Country, blocked between France, Germany and Holland...making it so Intersting.

But as always, Belgians are the best and probably the warmest of your public !...

All the best and hoping to see you soon again !

Pierre and his Dad

A great concert !

Thank you for your superb music and your humility. You are welcome in Belgium !