Roger's Concert in Tuttlingen - Festival Burgruine Honberg

by Sylvia Novell

It was a very nice concert. The venue was a circus tent up on a hill next to a old castle ruin under trees on a quite cold and windy summer night - very special in a way - people standing, there were no seats, (which I actually prefer, if I can get there early ) and everyone was celebrating Roger & Aaron - sometimes it seemed hard for them to hear themselves. . . . The audience was highly enthusiastic, applauding no end.

A very touching moment was when Roger told the audience he would sing this Song ("Don't leave me now") for his mother that had died only 10 days ago, and for all people that have lost someone in the past. Some people did have tears in their eyes . . .It was so emotional . . .the song, the audience . . .

As always I can't remember the set list, but people just loved it and there was a man behind me saying that he had heard Roger before and he is even better on his own then he was with Supertramp.

There were two men that have never ever seen Roger and they had been fans since they were children and they said it was a very emotional moment for them to be there and actually see Roger live on stage.

For the first time I had a really bad view and was nearly squashed by people trying to get a better view on stage.

It was all worth it and there were three encores again or was it four - I really can't remember. The people wouldn't stop to applaud and call for encores. I started feeling sorry for Roger & Aaron but they seemed to enjoy it, both of them . . . It was a fabulouse concert, just as all the other concertsthat I've seen before. But there's not one concert like the other and the set list is always slightly different. As the man behind me said, "If you haven't seen this, you have missed a piece of music history"!!!

Thanks so much to Linda for her kindness ;))