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Bluesfest ~ Byron Bay, Australia ~ March 31, 2013


Bluesfest 2013 - Byron Bay, Australia Bluesfest 2013 - Byron Bay, Australia

Bluesfest 2013 - Byron Bay, AustraliaTHANK YOU so much for an amazing show last night at Byron Blues fest. You where the best band yet. ~Karl

Bluesfest on the gold coast in Australia was amazing. While it was pouring rain, more than 10,000 rabid fans packed in like sardines to see their hero. Roger did not disappoint. Roger continues in Sydney this week. Great, great show!  ~ Peter Rimel


Bluesfest 2013 - Byron Bay, AustraliaWow, wow, wow. I just returned from Bluesfest after seeing your show which was the highlight of not only Bluesfest, but my whole concert-going life. From the opening chord of 'Take the Long Way Home' you brought tears to my eyes. They flooded again with 'Fool's Overture' and 'Give a little bit'. Playing 'Lady' was a wonderful bonus, I've always loved that song. And I really appreciated you performing 'Death and a Zoo' - special. Roger, your music transcends time. Your ethereal voice, magical musicianship, and meaningful lyrics touches my soul. You are blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful musicians who understand brilliantly your music. I might add that my favourite lyrics of yours is in 'Hide in your Shell' which speaks of a perennial philosophy which I get. Thank you again for an experience that will always be with me. Your smile on stage says it all. ~Clem

Rodgahh! We saw you at Bluesfest- what an amazing show! It was definitely one of the highlights of the four days we were at the festival. "Breakfast In America" was a good one. Hope to see you back in Australia soon (and preferably Melbourne!). Love your work. Cheers! ~Emily and Julia.

Bluesfest 2013 - Byron Bay, AustraliaYour performance at the Byron Bay Bluesfest was one of the most memorable and best performances that I have ever seen. Thank you for giving me (and the thousands of others present) memories of a live performance of wonderful and beautiful music that will last a lifetime. I wish you joy and happiness for the future. ~Michelle Roser

My husband & I recently saw you & your amazing band at Bluesfest. I was so touched, your music resonated with my soul. So many memories of past times ignited, leaving me in tears at the finish.... Your music has enhanced my life throughout the good the bad & the challenging times! Hope to see you perform again in London. Thank you & god bless
~ Mandy Malcolm

Bluesfest 2013 - Byron Bay, AustraliaI would just like to take this opportunity to thank you so so much for the wonderful show that you and your band played at the Byron Bay Bluesfest. I have been a fan of your music for as long as I can remember - my mom used to play Supertramp tapes all the time - the sound of my childhood! Seeing and hearing you play was a dream come true, something I never thought I would ever be able to see. Thank you so much! Please come back to Australia again! Warmest wishes to you! Love from a dedicated, non baby-boomer fan-girl, ~Adalia

Loved the Bluesfest show, thank-you to Roger and the band for an unforgettable evening.
~ Simon Winfield

Seeing Roger at Bluesfest was one of the best experiences of my life  ~ Zak Whymark

Roger my comments on Facebook were not dissimilar. Yours was a joyous and spiritual performance that I felt privileged to be a part of standing in the audience. I am back in Sydney tomorrow and hoping I can see you again this week at the State Theatre...   ~ Sharon Luxford

We were there at Bluesfest, and it was one of the best shows I've ever seen, thank you  ~ Nigel Bourn

How exciting to witness the spark in the eyes of Roger's Australian fans. The music tells a story of all our lives. I will have to put the Bluesfest on my schedule for 2014!   ~ Terry Jackson

Great show. Thank you!!! ~ Sharon Luxford

Bluesfest 2013 - Byron Bay, AustraliaYour kind smile and fabulous music was a highlight of Bluesfest for me! Thank you for coming to
Byron!!!  ~ Lara Dolling

Your show on Sunday was just amazing. I was honestly a little teary by the end. Even better was that my children are still talking about it, as we have played your music for them since they were babies and they were so thrilled at the experience.   ~ Cara Starr


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