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Centre in the Square ~ Kitchener, ON, Canada ~ June 23, 2013



Roger Hodgson - Centre in the Square - Kitchener, ON, Canada Roger Hodgson - Centre in the Square - Kitchener, ON, Canada  

Roger Hodgson - Centre in the Square - Kitchener, ON, CanadaMy husband and I just left your kitchener concert and we're thrilled with the performance. I wanted to tell you that as soon as you get to recording The Awakening I will be purchasing it. Thanks for making my anniversary present so special! 5 years married, 14 years as a couple and 30 years as best friends are worthy of the gift of your incredible music.
~Mary-Ellen McAlonen



Roger Hodgson - Centre in the Square - Kitchener, ON, CanadaMy wife and I had the honour of seeing you in Kitchener last night and were awed by you and your talented band. I'm 46 and grew up listening to Supertramp so I was absolutely thrilled at the chance to hear you live now. Thanks for giving that opportunity to those of us living in smaller communities like Kitchener. Thanks also for playing not only the well-known "classics" but also songs that carry so much sentimental meaning for me: Child Of Vision, Lord Is It Mine, Don't Leave Me Now and moving pieces I'm ashamed to have never heard before like Death And A Zoo and The Awakening. In a world where many "artists" have questionable talent and depth of character I feel truly privileged to have seen a true shining star up close and personal in a venue like The Center In The Square. Thank you so much and please return soon! ~ Mike Palmer

Great concert in Kitchener last night. Some fabulous musicians and that unmistakable Roger Hodgson voice. Excellent tambourine playing too! ;) ~ Cam

Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful evening listening to your music at Centre in the square..you are a truly gifted musician and storyteller and genuine as it shows thru in all your music.. I also enjoyed listening to you talk especially about forgiveness, wouldn’t the world be a better place if everyone felt the same way.. thanks again and hope to see you in Kitchener again soon.. stay healthy and safe so you can continue to share your gift with the world.. ~ betty ann and harry spink , Elmira, ontario

Roger Hodgson - Centre in the Square - Kitchener, ON, CanadaI just watched your show in Kitchener and I really wanted to say how much I enjoyed it :) I really do hope that you record your new song The Awakening because I thought it was absolutely beautiful. I would buy that straight away. P.s My favourite album is actually Open The Door and I was surprised when you said it didn't do well! My favourite song on the album is Death And A Zoo and I loved hearing you play it :) Any who! Cheers! Absolutely loved it and I will without a doubt go and see you again when you play around here :) Love. ~Brielle

I saw the show last night in Kitchener and felt compelled to comment. Your impressive vocal range is still out of this world! Equally impressive was how tight your band is--some of your songs are quite complex and understandably difficult to replicate live--kudos to Aaron especially! He was a very busy man last night--and made his young family very proud. All the best on your world tour! btw I saw you in London, Ontario in July 1979. I was about 1/2 km from the stage, but it was still great! ~Martin

Thanks for an incredible concert last night in Kitchener. We were at the back row cheering you on and were standing/dancing the whole time! Glad to see that during "give a little bit" the audience FINALLY stood up and were cheering along with us! Makes a wonderful experience for both the band and audience! Had a great time! ~Lisa

Roger Hodgson - Centre in the Square - Kitchener, ON, CanadaWent to see you at the centre in the square in Kitchener last night. You are on my facebook with Huey Lewis as my favorite singers. After last night I'm thinking of dropping Huey. I can't tell you my much we enjoyed your magnificent show. Not only was the music fantastic, but the heartwarming and sincere relationship with the audience that you create is special. I wish you nothing but the best, good health and much happiness. Thank you so much, ~Larry

Your music continues to grab my attention like no other musician. You are a very skilled musician and a beautiful person. The message remains the same after so many years. It has been grand growing up with you. Your music continues to share insight and hope for those in the world. You are the real deal. We are so fortunate to have shared your brilliance. It is truly inspirational. I sense momentum in your tour. Keep writing. ~Dana

What a great performance and walk down memory lane you gave at the Centre in the Square in Kitchener. Your lyrics and music are so heartfelt and for such amazing talent you seem such a humble and lovely man. I had never before heard "The Zoo or Death". After hearing you tell what it was about, it brought tears to my eyes listening to the emotion in it, and your new "The Awakening" was really good too. All the very best to you ~Linda

Roger Hodgson - Centre in the Square - Kitchener, ON, CanadaI just wanted to send my thanks. My wife Kathy and I just got home from your concert in Kitchener. The tickets were a father's day gift from my boys. It was amazing and truly let me escape for a couple of hours. The sound quality at the Centre in the Square venue was fantastic. We thoroughly enjoyed your personal words and acknowledgements of your band's family in the audience. It was fun to see Prya on stage. Please come back soon. Thank you. ~Jerry Kooiman



My wife and I have gone to hear you several times and met you back stage once. You truly are a genuine man and we enjoy every chance we get to hear you. Last night in Kitchener was amazing. It was the 1st time we have heard you with your band. It was nice to hear you do the songs from your newer CDs that we never heard live. Thanks again for a great evening. See you in November. ~Mark and Kathy

Roger Hodgson - Centre in the Square - Kitchener, ON, CanadaMy sister (25) and I (27) saw your concert last night at the Centre In The Square in Kitchener. It was our first time seeing you and we had a great time! I was amazed at how your voice sounds just the same as it does on the records. The band was amazing and extremely talented. I loved the way you addressed the audience in between songs with tales of your music and with clever jokes. I don't think any other artist has ever made their audience feel more included in a live performance. I'd never heard Death and a Zoo before but it almost made me cry. As you said people always say "Why didn't you play . . ." and I can't help but say I wish I could have heard Even In The Quietest Moments, but you played an impressive amount of music so I can't be too disappointed. You were right on when you said we could escape all our troubles for a few hours. That's exactly how I feel every time I go to a concert. Thanks for the escape and I hope we get a chance to see you again. ~Jennifer

I want to thank you for your kind words at the concert last night when you introduced Hide in your shell to the audience. You took a truly sad and difficult time in my life and turned it into a positive and meaningful memory that will last forever. I also want to thank Linda for her compassion. You are a very special person. I will always be grateful for your kindness. ~Doug Norman 'cure for pain'

Roger Hodgson - Centre in the Square - Kitchener, ON, CanadaThanks for the wonderful concert last night at the Centre in the Square in Kitchener. Please come back, as you promised, in a year or so. I saw you earlier this year in Windsor, Ontario, where I had the pleasure of meeting with you after the show. The show last night was faultless and thanks for letting us escape the "real world" for a couple of hours. The band that you have is first class. Thanks you for taking the time to let Aaron's daughter share the spotlight - true class! Your interaction with the audience is second to none. Thank you for playing "Lord this is mine". Have been watching you perform for 40 years and you just get better and better. Long may you entertain us. You are a true genius and gentleman. Long live Pompey! ~Dave the Englishman

Your show in Kitchener was as fabulous as every other time I have seen you. Your voice and lyrics move me like no other artist. And your presence on stage is just so genuine and lovely. I already can't wait to see you again. It was the highlight of my life to have met you. Thank you for being so gracious and beautiful. And I must offer, from the bottom of my heart, a thank you to those who made a dream come true for me last night. I will never forget it. Thank you all. ~Carla

Great show last night in Kitchener. If you do come back like you said my wife and I will be there. Great band behind you and sound was perfect, thank you. ~Jeff Snoddon

My husband and I were so fortunate to be sitting in the first row seats 1 & 2 for last nights concert in Kitchener! It was our third concert of yours, one previous Kitchener and Niagara Falls casino. What a fantastic show once again! The band is fantastic; Aaron is sure one fine talent! The best was dancing in front of Aarons sweet daughter on stage for the encore. It was very tempting to not get up on stage and dance!! You are a legend. Thank you for the fabulous entertainment once again. Take Care... until we meet again in Kitchener. YOU PROMISED!! ~Tracey

Thank you such a wonderful show in Kitchener. My daughter Kassandra were there singing as loud as we could during every song. Well, not every song. Didn't know 'The Awakening' obviously, but we would certainly get to know it if you recorded it! PLEASE RECORD IT! That is such a beautiful meaningful, soulful song ! How much richer our lives are because of your songs, and would love to add The Awakening to the repertoire from such a musical genius as you ! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ! With love, ~ Kyle and Kassandra

Thanks for a great show on Sunday. I really liked Death and a Zoo. So impressed by so much talent on so small a stage. I was honoured to be given two tickets by my daughter for my 60th birthday. Come back to Canada any time.. you'll always be welcome. I have to imagine that touring is pretty brutal, so once again thanks for the music. ~Ian Davis

Thanks for a wonderful show and letting us escape the real word for a little while in Kitchener on June 23rd. This was the first time my wife had the true pleasure of seeing you live. You are an amazing musician and the entire band preformed brilliantly. I had never heard the song, Death or the zoo, it was marvelous...thanks again for a wonderful night, we will cherish the memories for a long time. Please come back to southern Ontario in the near future if you can. Thanks again ~Pete

Roger Hodgson - Centre in the Square - Kitchener, ON, CanadaWe were at the show in Kitchener on Sunday. You truly do take people's troubles away for a few hours, as you just get immersed in the show. We are always amazed how you make people feel as if you're just singing for them even though there are thousands of people sharing it with you. Thank you for the birthday wishes to my wife Lesley, she was truly shocked when you had mentioned her name. Once you started playing Lord is it Mine, the emotion of it just got to her, and just topped everything off for her. (Thanks to Linda) We were in the first row directly in front of you, so apologies for the little shriek she let out. Will see you in Rama in November. ~Colin and Lesley

it was such a pleasure to see you performing at the Centre in the Square in Kitchener recently. Actually, my husband had arrange for you to acknowledge me (it was my birthday). Needless to say, I was very surprised and it truly made my evening. I'm very lucky to have such a wonderful person in my life and for him to do this was beyond what I expected. To you and your band, thank you so much for such a wonderful and memorable evening. We had seen your performance at Rama in November of 2012 with orchestra, and being a classical musician (clarinet), it was such a treat to listen to this wonderful music. I truly hope I will have the opportunity to meet you one day in person and personally thank you and the band. I do realize you have many many requests and I certainly understand that time is very precious to you as well. Maybe some day. ~Lesley Gold

Thank you very much for the most enjoyable concert in Kitchener, Ontario Canada. Enjoyed every minute of it as it brought back many memories of how this music got me through some very tough times. Would love to see this Roger and his band again. Well done! ~Lois Fisher

loved the concert in Kitchener, your sincerity shines thru in your music .. stay healthy and safe so you can keep doing this for years to come and please come back to Kitchener . ~ Betty Ann Spink

Had a great time in Kitchener tonight. ~ Bill Freeth

Awesome show last night in Kitchener. Went with my 11 year old son we LOVED every minute and will cherish the memory of this concert together!! ~ Gaynor Whitlock

I was there. Great show. ~ Kim Nielsen

I was there too. It was a GREAT concert and I really enjoyed meeting Roger and his talented band once again....the music just gets better all the time. It was heartwarming to see Aaron's daughter on stage....she stole the hearts of all.....and also for me to see my son perform a couple of keyboard solos.
~ Janet Adamson

My husband and I were there! Such a wonderful night! ~ Kat Mortensen

Roger Hodgson - Centre in the Square - Kitchener, ON, CanadaWe were there last night, what an amazing talent. Can't wait to see them again. ~ Sherry Gallant

Really enjoyed seeing Roger again! This time, with my 80 year old Mom, and my sister 60 (who saw Roger in Toronto @ 33 years ago!) ~ Lisa Watt Desroches

Fabulous as always! ~ Carla Paradisi



Fantastic show in Kitchener. Loved every minute of it. Aaron has to be one of the best Sax players in the world. The showmanship of the group is something for everyone to see. ~ Joe Chechalk

It was an amazing show !! His voice is still perfect, and the harmonies were perfect ! Thanks so much to Linda !! You are the best ! If you have a chance to see Roger in concert, DO NOT MISS IT !!
~ Kelly James Jewell


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