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Festival Archéo Jazz ~ Blainville Crevon, France ~ June 25, 2014



Roger Hodgson ~ Archeo Jazz Festival ~ Blainville Crevon, France

Roger Hodgson ~ Archeo Jazz Festival ~ Blainville Crevon, France

Hi, Roger. The first time I met you, I had been a fan for many years... It was in 1981, at Parc de Sceaux, in the city os Sceaux, southwards from Paris.

We discovered, prior to the Supertramp show, someone by the name of Chris de Burgh... I was here, yesterday evening, in Blainville Crevon, Normandy, France. I only wanted to thank for this magnificent, awesome concert you offered to us.

I also wanted to thank you as you did, several time, a very well appreciated effort ; you mainly tried - and absolutely well succeeded in - to interact and communicate with us in our mother's language, which is far from being easy to manage. I wanted to to apologize, Roger. I did it so fine. For so many many years, I've never let Supertramp songs in silence and often listened them, several times a month...

It was so amazing to see and listen to you again, here, signing so brightly, always smiling, like these people who knows where happy exactly is. It looks as if time had no influence upon you, and upon your songs... which lyrics have, according to me, the same value and accuracy they had the first time I heard them, all along the existence of Supertramp.

As a musician - guitarist, saxophonist, mainly from classical and Jazz culture - I did appreciate all these awesome young people around you. The rhythm section was so right in place, the keyboard player so good and touchy, the amazing multiple instrument player - having a so surprising voice - they all supported you so fine that I met the greatest emotions of these last months. Wave them a great hello for me.

Your last albums are so welcome, too.

Roger Hodgson ~ Archeo Jazz Festival ~ Blainville Crevon, FranceRoger ; I do think your walk on the right way. It's absolutely clear to me you've been soon awakened to one of the clearest and simplest principle to adore life as it seems to me you do ; happiness is not the aim of the road. Happiness is the road you're walking on, and the best moment takes place each time your foots leads you forward, and fingers run on a keyboard or guitar... It clearly - brightly - suits you.

Nothing is at random on this Earth. You know this.

Thank you Roger to be who you actually are, instead of being so many others certainly wished you to be... so far from yourself.

This concert was a great moment.

If it happens you come back in Normandie, don't hesitate to contact. I'll be happy to share some good things and topics with you.

Take care. Cheers. Olivier.


Roger Hodgson ~ Archeo Jazz Festival ~ Blainville Crevon, FranceBeautiful night ! thanks a lot !  ~ Christine Cressent

What a great concert and what a great moment! Many thanks for all the fun you gave us! ~ Xavier Anne

Un concert magique, empli de la générosité et de la simplicité de M. Hodgson ! Merci! (A magical concert, full of generosity and simplicity of Mr. Hodgson! Thank you!) ~ Anne Chougrani

J'ai adoré ! artiste très sympathique,musiciens excellents, un super concert ! (I loved it! very friendly artists, great musicians, great concert!) ~ Fadila Nos

Spectacle fantastique et musiciens excellents un vrai régal super concert  (Fantastic show and excellent musicians a real treat super concert) ~ Fabienne Letheule


Un véritable régal et beaucoup , beaucoup de générosité.... MERCI ! <3  (A real treat and much, much generosity .... THANK YOU!) ~ Virginie Menzildjian Huré

Roger Hodgson ~ Archeo Jazz Festival ~ Blainville Crevon, FranceUn magnifique backstage pour Blainville-Crevon, les ruines du château, propices à la réflexion ont donner le ton de la rencontre avec Roger et c'est jeunes artistes en herbe. Une expérience inouï, je souhaite que cette rencontre face naître des vocations dans le cœur de c'est enfants. J'imagine sans mal la joie de Roger à partager son amour de la musique avec ses jeunes prodiges de partager avec eux quelques accords de guitare, ce qui à du lui rappeler son professeur de musique lorsque lui même était à l'école. Pour ensuite en dédicacé quelques une, avent d'offrir aux fans un concert comme seul Roger sait en donner. Merci pour tant de bonheur partager. ♥

(God bless you Roger A magnificent backstage for Blainville-Crevon, the ruins of the Castle, conducive to reflection have set the tone for the meeting with Roger's budding young artists. An incredible experience, I wish that this meeting face born of vocations in the heart of it is children. I imagine without difficulty the joy of Roger to share his love of music with its young prodigies to share with them a few guitar chords, what to of remind him of his music teacher when he was in school. For then autographed a few one, advent to offer fans a concert such as only Roger knows give. Thanks for so many happiness to share. God bless you Roger ♥)


Fantastic concert! Normandy loves you;-) ~ Barbara Heyberger

Beautiful afternoon and evening in Blainville, with a great audience, and a magical show :)
~ Florence Canon

Roger Hodgson ~ Archeo Jazz Festival ~ Blainville Crevon, FranceLoved country ambiance of the show even if a hint of sadness has crept into the concert..how imaginate, one second, that it would have been maybe the last show spent with some great friends in the country I love so much, sharing the incredible soundtrack of several years. Anyway. Thank you Roger, for your wonderful music and for everything, you know. As well as Linda and Shakti. Yes every show has a different ambiance, always Great of the Great. ~ Mila Musiclover

SUPER CONCERT... Quelle sincérité, quel enthousiasme il nous a donné! !! J'avais déjà vu SUPERTRAMP en concert y'a plus de 25ans...Et ce spectacle à Blainville-Crevon a été bien plus Chaleureux! !! Quelle Gentillesse. .Quelle Humilité. ...
(SUPER CONCERT... What sincerity, what enthusiasm he gave us! I'd already seen SUPERTRAMP in concert y' has more than 25 years..And this show in Blainville-Crevon was much warmer! What kindness..What humility.)  ~ Cyrille Demarest

Super concert ! a archeo jazz ! super talent des musiciens complet merci de se beau concert en France ! (Great show! archeo jazz! thank you super talented musicians to complete beautiful concert in France!) ~ Loup Mer Loup

I was at the concert in Blainville Crevon yesterday night and it was GIANT ! i had been at a concert of SUPERTRAMP in the 80's in Paris PARC DE SCEAUX and i found your voice still the same - c'était tout simplement EXTRAORDINAIRE et je ne souhaite qu'une chose : avoir l'occasion de vous voir encore prochainement ! Vos musiciens sont excellents - Bravo et merci pour ce moment magique de 2heures (it was simply AMAZING and I want one thing: to have the opportunity to see you again soon! Your musicians are excellent - Congratulations and thank you for this magical time of 2 hours)
- Love from Joce

Roger Hodgson ~ Archeo Jazz Festival ~ Blainville Crevon, FranceThank you so much for your flawless performance yesterday evening at the Archeo Jazz festival in Blainville-Crevon, and for all these songs of legend that accompany our lives. I was already fan since the 80s, my daughter has found you simply magical and we have tasted the good waves of your musical universe. A special bravo to Aaron who has been amazing during the whole show jumping between the instruments and singing vocals at the same time. Thank you all "Messieurs" for this great "Super-Show" ! See you back in Normandie with great pleasure ! ~ Christophe


Pour commencer je vous rassure je vous adore désormais et encore ++++ depuis hier soir après ce merveilleux concert de BLAINVILLE CREVON 76 !!! je suis allé par curiosité vous découvrir à votre concert à l'ARCHEO/JAZZ de BLAINVILLE CREVON-76 et là j'ai ressenti quelque chose je ne sais pas un truc avec vous et votre public que je n'ai jamais connu auparavant même avec d'autres grandes stars de la chanson françaises ou internationales que j'ai écouté ou vu en concert.... avec vous il y a une communion avec vos chansons, on ressent votre amour pour le public, votre regard pétille, votre passion vous nous la transmettez c'est incroyable on « capte » des ondes positives mais quel bonheur de vivre cela. Hier je ne voulait pas que cela s'arrête !!! J'ai presque vécu un rêve hier sauf que c'était vrai j'étais heureux, très heureux même de partager ce moment avec vous mais aussi avec vos autres fans ! Et pour la première fois de ma vie je me suis mis debout sous un chapiteau et j'ai chanté j'ai claqué des mains pendant ces presque deux heures, j'ai ressenti une vraie émotion presque à en pleurer de bonheur !!! Alors Mr HODGSON : 1000 fois merci Roger ! Merci de tout coeur de donner tant pour nous les fans !!Oui on ressent votre amour pour votre public votre musique j'en suis désormais convaincu ! Je suis fan de vous et vos chansons désormais !!!! Amitié Bruno ROUEN 76 FRANCE

(For starters I can assure you I love you now and again ++++ last night after a wonderful concert BLAINVILLE CREVON 76 !!! I went out of curiosity to see your concert in ARCHEO / JAZZ BLAINVILLE CREVON-76 and then I felt something I do not know a thing about you and your audience that I never experienced before with the same other great stars of French or international song I heard or saw him in concert with you .... there is a communion with your songs, you can feel your love for the public, your eyes sparkle, your passion you send it to us it's amazing it "captures" positive vibes but what a joy to go through this. Yesterday I did not want it to stop !!! I almost lived a dream yesterday except it was true I was happy, very happy to share this moment with you but also with other fans! And for the first time in my life I found myself standing in a tent and I sang I slammed the hands during the almost two hours, I felt a real emotion almost to tears of happiness !!! So Mr HODGSON: 1000 times thank you Roger! Thank you with all my heart to give so much to us fans !!!! Yes we feel your love for your audience to your music I am now convinced! I'm a fan of you and your songs now !!!! Friendship Bruno ROUEN FRANCE 76)


Hello Roger, Thank you for the wonderful concert you gave at Blainville Crevon on Wednesday. It was incredible : I cried, laughed, danced and loved every single moment of it. You were so nice to us members of the French Fan club, I felt like that big tent in the middle of the country was my new home for a moment.

Sadly, I learnt while on my way back from Normandy today that one of my teachers, who was an incredible woman and just like a friend to me, had passed away in the morning. The pain is unlike anything I've experienced before. It's heartbreaking, overwhelming, unexpected and I still can't believe someone I felt so close to is now gone.

A lot of the strength I'm trying to get in order to cope comes from the memories of the night I spent at the festival on Wednesday. I listen to Lord is it Mine or Death and a Zoo and try to let the lyrics carry the pain away. I don't know what I could hold on to if I didn't have your songs. Thank you so much. Thank you to the whole band for the wonderful atmosphere they bring to these concerts. You are great. ~ Lucie


Roger Hodgson ~ Archeo Jazz Festival ~ Blainville Crevon, FranceThank you Roger for three wonderful shows ( in Paris Olympia hall, In Liège, and Blainville Crevon ) each show was different and all of them were more than great.

Brilliant performance, incredible ambiance, dream set lists, dynamic and excellent band which plays with joy, it was again like if the family was reunited for the unforgettable moments which stay engraved in every heart.

I understood those days, what really makes your "exception" among all legends on stage and I feel very blessed to have received so much of happiness and inner peace. Yes Roger, this is the way I want to follow definitely ....:)

Thank you especially for Rudy and Patricia. To be right, I didn't expect you would read this demand at time and was as touched you did it and chose Babaji, as my friends were touched. I didn't know, it was their favorite song. Incredible. I was speechless when they told me it, with their happy face.

Wish you Roger to share still so much of happiness and to spread love everywhere where you will perform and and can't wait to see you again, singing and smiling.. even though abroad...... Sending you warm greetings filled by recognition, love and hapiness as well as to Linda and Shakti. Thank you for everything ~ Mila 


Roger Hodgson ~ Archeo Jazz Festival ~ Blainville Crevon, FranceBonjour Roger, J'ai passé une magnifique journée le mercredi 25 juin à Blainville Creuvon.J'étais présent de bonne heure en début d'après midi. Tout le monde a appécié ta disponibilité avec les enfants de l'école de musique, ton entretien avec la radio France Bleu et tes signatures d'autographes. Un grand merci pour ta signature sur mon billet d'octobre dernier à Montréal. Le père Noël était déja passé avant ton concert. Un concert magnifique, encore mieux que celui de Montréal du17 octobre dernier . Les concerts suivants seront certainement de mieux en mieux. Bonne route et à bientot. ~ Fred

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