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Festival Castell de Peralada ~ Peralada, Spain ~ August 8, 2015




Roger Hodgson ~ Festival Castell de Peralada ~ Peralada, Spain

Roger Hodgson ~ Festival Castell de Peralada ~ Peralada, Spain


Roger Hodgson ~ Festival Castell de Peralada ~ Peralada, SpainFantastic concert yesterday night in the Festival de Perelada. A great set list which brought back great memories when listening your songs. It is gift to listen life a talented, sensible and gifted musician like you Roger. ~ Jep

Went to the perelada music festival concert you did last night. Absolutely fantastic show and performance. Some of the all time great records I have grown up with . Superb ~ Brian

Hi Roger! I´m one of the earliest fans for sure: the battles I always had with my big brother when he realized me picking up his vinyl records , specifically this one, to record on tape ... I was still small and HE was my appreciated big brother beloved including this sensational music he always heard. He was the one who made me understand not only the music and the sounds, but also the lyrics, he taught me to feel and to adore this kind of music. This night, at Pereladas Festival I was accompanied by my boy friend, a big Roger-Fan ... and I felt very close to my beloved brother in heaven cause I could touch heaven and feel him through Roger´s music. Things do not happen for no reason. I know that wherever my brother should be, on August, 8th 2015 he was so close to me, smiling, together with ROGER, who is a great artist. I love you infinity BROTHER, thank you for your music, ROGER <3 ~ Pepi Osorio Sánchez

Roger Hodgson ~ Festival Castell de Peralada ~ Peralada, SpainAdmirado Roger, me expreso en castellano que es más facil para mi. El sábado 8 de agosto en Perelada, conseguiste que fuera uno de los mejores dias de este año, disfrute como hacia años no lo hacia. Ytodo gracias a ti y tu música. Epero poder verte en otra actuación en Catalunya el próximo año. Una abrazo bien fuerte desde LLoret de Mar. Un fan incondicional.
~ Manel Plass

Hi Roger,

When, almost 30 years ago in Spain, I was listening for the first time to the song I had been seeking for the long years (In jeopardy), I didn't know it will bring me toward the long way home, maybe so close to home.

I didn't expect that almost 30 years after, I will listen to my song live, with my great lovely Spanish friend Ana, and her husband, surrounded by other friends, knowing also, there are my best french friend and my great belgian friend...somewhere in the audience..

It was the first time I came back to this beautiful country since. Despite the pourring rain and storm, the evening and the night were a mystical experience. Like by the magic, the rain stopped, the show was not canceled and we could really enjoy ..

Roger Hodgson ~ Festival Castell de Peralada ~ Peralada, SpainIt was like if your transcendental voice "had torn the clouds", calmed storm". This evening it was the voice which shakes the hearts, powerful and beautiful, pure. To me the most powerful voice of all shows. I'm sure there are still resonate echoes of this beauty...

I would never have believed how many memories we can relive only listening to one song. The whole life. In Jeopardy was this song (logically). But the magic of the evening was in all songs, especially in Even in the quietest moments, Don't leave me now …Two of us.

That mystical night, you showed me other way to approach your journey (s). I can't tell I haven't been shaked up by your incredibly beautiful gesture, coming directly from your golden heart. I still am. Ana also, i'm sure.

I suppose, this long way of almost 30 years toward home, is not an hasard.

Thank you Roger

Also thank you Linda, I’m extremely grateful, as well as to Ana. <3

And thank you Shakti, guys and the whole team.

Now again, there is the time to rest.

You all deserve it so much, bringing the hope, happiness, joy and values across the universe ~ Mila

Roger Hodgson ~ Festival Castell de Peralada ~ Peralada, SpainHello Roger, my name is Lluc.I don"t know if you remember me. I saw you in Peralada. Thank you for playing the song for my mother. It was so beautiful. I will remember this evening for the rest of my life. I will see you again on Friday in Siegen. This time I bought the Tickets and invited my dad. I am so happy to see the concert before you leave Europe. A big hug to you and best wishes to the bassist and Aaron. I hope you play very good on Friday. ~ Lluc Andreas Goldschmidt

Thank you very much for this amazing concert!!!! ~ Mercè Puig Agut

Thanks Roger for an unforgettable time in our lives! Your music is really magical!
~ Trini Rodríguez

a fantastic concert and a magical night, congratulations ~ Aureli Serrat

Please Roger, come to Perelada again next year ... this time my wife and I do not think missing... thanks for your music!!!! ~ Miguel Angel Vaquero Manrique

Fantastic show and great performance! Once again I was there with the family and we all of us enjoyed very much the concert. Wish my son Adria had been there too...Thanks Roger!!
~ Jordi Casas

Una vez más he disfrutado de Roger y su (nuestra) música. Gracias Roger!
(Once again I've enjoyed roger and his (our) music. Thank you, Roger!) ~ Julián López

Roger Hodgson ~ Festival Castell de Peralada ~ Peralada, SpainThousands of thanks for this awesome night. Great set list with several of most important songs in my life. Roger was lovely and in a fantàstic form and the group is absolutly incredible. You made me cry at least five times (school, hide in your shell, Child of vision, don't leave me now, fool's overture and Two of us.) thank you thank you thank you. I will never forget this night.
~ Josep Maria Corbalan Dilme

I was there!! Simply fantastic!! Thanks Roger for this special night. Thanks also to the great band!! ~ Carles Moreno

Gracias Roger,ha estado un concierto genial!,menos mal que la lluvia ha parado justo antes de empezar!
(Thank you, Roger, has been a great concert!, Good thing the rain has stopped right before you start!) ~ Marcel Sacasas Arissa

Roger Hodgson ~ Festival Castell de Peralada ~ Peralada, SpainI was there, it was a fantastic evening!  ~ Andrea Angel

Thank you for an amazing night, rain did not dare to show up when you started playing. Nuria and David.
~ Nuria Arilla

A fantastic concert and a magical night, congratulations ~ Aureli Serrat

A great show indeed. All of us enjoyed a lot and have beautiful memories forever. Thanks for all the brilliant, sweet, warm and special moments you and all your crew give us/give me. I'm deeply touched for all I've lived in these Breakfast in Spain Tour. Take care and hope to see you next year again. I'm already missing you all... ~ Ana Lopez

As allways, thanks for giving us your music. It's a recipe for love and joy.
~ Jordi Sabater Domènech

Roger Hodgson ~ Festival Castell de Peralada ~ Peralada, SpainYesterday night we saw and listened the one, the talented, the sensible.Then we saw a really good man, with deep feelings. We'll never forget your words and your kisses. See you again. Sara & Joan.
~ Joan Magriñá Cañellas

Congratulations Roger! Great concert yesterday night in Perelada! We hope to see you soon! next time in Pedralbes garden's Barcelona We admire you!!!
~ Andres Alfonso Moreno Jurado & Anna Fernández Cirera (Barcelona)

Es el numero 1 grande roger (Is the number 1 Grande Roger) ~ Luis Soler Fernandez

Great show! I was there as usual with my family and we enjoyed very much the concert. Wish my son Adrià had been there too... Thanks Roger and hope to see you again next year in Barcelona. ~ Jordi Casas

Roger Hodgson ~ Festival Castell de Peralada ~ Peralada, SpainThank you so much deeply for your magical "Even in the Quitest moments", you always touch my hart :o) And "If everyone was listening" and "Hide in your shell", I feel good while listening your performance. THANK YOU. And so happy to see you and sharing some laughs after a good job :o) Take care dear friend, be happy !
~ Mac Miguel Angel Candela

Grandioso como siempre. Te quedas con ganas de dos horas más!!
(Great as always. You stay with like two more hours!!) ~ Rafael Jimenez

Thank you Roger Hodgson for this wonderful concert. I was translated back to the 70's when I saw you with the band in Barcelona, España on the original "Breakfast In America" tour when I was 18 years old! The best for you! ~ Fernando Martínez Trekminal

Great show!! As I expected!! Even the rain realized YOU had to be the star last night and sat down to listen to you and your great band. Thanks Roger!! ~ Carles Moreno

gran concierto (Great concert) ~ Javier Alcántara

10 hours riding car to come to see you in Perelada. Wonderful magical concert. You touch our hearts with your music. Thank you Stefano e Lorenza from Italy ~ Stefano Mercurio

Roger Hodgson ~ Festival Castell de Peralada ~ Peralada, SpainRoger, I was yesterday at Peralada and I was crying , I saw myself with 14 years when I listened to you .... Thank's !! ~ Angels León Coll

Roger, it was magical, intense, emotional, wonderful, touching deep feelings and teen memories... Thanks, thanks for making this dream real. Unforgettable!! ~ Trini Rodríguez

What a performance last night ! So many memories coming up threw my head Even the rain stopped a t the right moment! Like someone said in your beautifull audience,•"Roger, I love you!". Never stop!!! ~ Antoine Willard

Thank you very much for coming to Catalonia Roger, my wife and I enjoy a lot of your music again, awesome your song Even In The Quietest Moments, see you soon. ~ Antonio Chica Lopez

Thanks for such a magic show. Many emotions together. ~ Ana Lopez

Festival Peralada @FIMCPeralada: Esperadíssim i emocionant el moment en què ha començat el concert de @RogerHodgson Gràcies a tots x ser-hi!!!

NIL66 :D ‏@NIL66CAT: Thanks @RogerHodgson It was fantastic!

Andreu Voltes ‏@A_Voltes10: Amazing Roger Hodgson! #FestivalCastellPeralada

Carla ‏@Carla_noguera: Hay conciertazos y despues esta lo de Roger Hodgson de esta noche (There are concerts and then this thing of Roger Hodgson tonight )

Roger Hodgson ~ Festival Castell de Peralada ~ Peralada, SpainFestival Peralada ‏@FIMCPeralada: Ahir va quedar clar perquè @RogerHodgson és una llegenda de la música... #RogerHodgsonPeralada115

@RogerHodgsonEs http://ow.ly/QFG5o (Yesterday it became clear because @RogerHodgson it's a music legend ... #RogerHodgsonPeralada115 @RogerHodgsonEs http://ow.ly/QFG5o)

Kika ‼ ‏@KikaDR: Yesterday in Peralada we enjoyed a very great time with @RogerHodgson. Wishing see you soon in Catalunya. #veryfunofRoger #veryfunofAaron

Jesus Roca ‏@jesusrocaros: Peralada vibra amb Roger Hodgson i el seu repertori d’himnes generacionals http://www.festivalperalada.com/ca/dia-a-dia/215/peralada-vibra-amb-roger-hodgson-i-el-seu-repertori-d-himnes-generacionals/ … vía @FIMCPeralada #Espectacular

ARA Cultura ‏@ARAcultura: La crònica d'@olga_abalos des de @FIMCPeralada: Roger Hodgson i l’ombra allargada de Supertramp http://ara.cat/_5408bded?s=t

Maria Tortosa ‏@mariatortosaM: He publicado 4 fotos en Facebook en el álbum "Gran concierto el de Roger Hodgson en Peralada". http://fb.me/3MxCAUPxy

Photos by Mac Miguel Angel Candela


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