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Sauerlandpark ~ Hemer, Germany ~ August 30, 2015




Roger Hodgson ~ Sauerlandpark ~ Hemer, Germany

Roger Hodgson ~ Sauerlandpark ~ Hemer, Germany

Roger Hodgson ~ Sauerlandpark ~ Hemer, Germany
Dear Roger, thank You for the great concert in Hemer. It was my 59 birthday . You , the place, the weather, everthing was perfect. I won't forget this day. Greetings
~ Dietrich

Yes, it was another great show with Roger in Hemer, Germany. The venue is very nice, it is a smooth ride from the area where I live, parking is free, the weather on Sunday was very nice, perhaps too hot for us Germans!

Attending one of Roger's shows to me is always something very special and this time it was even more special to me due to private reasons I do not want to write about here. Seeing him to me is like meeting an old friend, his songs are more than a listening experience, his concerts more than entertainment - these songs touch me deep in my heart and soul - perhaps these days more than ever before. Lord Is It Mine is the best example.

Although one of my favourites - Hide In You Shell - was missing, there were still nice surprises for me: I think I had never heard Had A Dream live before, Only Because Of You was another addition from the great In The Eye Of The Storm album. As most concerts before were without a full band, the show was also different from others I had attended, some songs really coming very close to the recorded versions.

If you have never been to one of Roger´s concerts, I can only tell you: go and enjoy one of his shows! ~ Dirk

Roger Hodgson ~ Sauerlandpark ~ Hemer, GermanyBye bye Roger,  Soon you're leaving Germany...  It was great to have here. I hope, you all enjoyed your time here! My brother and me were very happy to see you, your band and Linda in Hemer, it was a wonderful evening we will never forget! We wish you all the best for your further tour and hope you will come back next year! It would be great if we were able to meet you once again somewhere in Germany next year to say hello! We won't stop thinking of you! Again thank you very much for everything! Much love! Best wishes to you all! Take care! ~ Merle & Holger

Thank you . It was an evening staying in mind. We enjoyed it very much. ~ Monika Schlößer

A very nice concert today in "Sauerland", Hemer. Hope, you're well & enjoyed the evening as much as we did!! ~ Hans-Jürgen Köhler

Very very good! Thanks to...... Everyone who likes Roger's music and performances ~ Stephan Groothuis It was great!! Thank you very much! ~ Matthes Kersting

Just came back home from Hemer. It was a great evening. Thank you Roger~ Hj Schlueter

Roger Hodgson ~ Sauerlandpark ~ Hemer, GermanyThank you so much for an unforgetable evening! It was amazing!
~ Christoph Müller

Danke Roger und der großartigen Band für dieses Erlebnis
(Thank you Roger and the great band for this experience) ~ Georg Nieß

It was amazing! We enjoyed every minute! Thank you! ~ Kirsten Schaffeld

War ein geiles Konzert , Roger Hodgson war echt fantastisch, vielen dank :)
(Was a great concert, Roger Hodgson was really fantastic, thank you) ~ Florian Kaufmann

Great Gig!! ~ Ursula Schwiebert

A beautiful evening with a charismatic singer / instrumentalists. ~ Hans-Jürgen Köhler

Thank you for this amazing evening. ~ Bettina Haase-Stüting

Fantastic show tonight in Hemer. ~ Gerhard Lau

Hemer,sauerlandpark - so great and wonderful :) ~ Minie Maus

Dear Roger as you know, I surprised my brother with this concert. He had no idea, until we arrived at the venue. When we got out of the car, I gave him a letter, and while he was reading it, we could hear the soundcheck, you played: Only because of you....and this is, what I wrote:

"My dear brother, I 'HAD A DREAM', and it's 'CRAZY'.....it came true.

'THE TWO OF US' are going to make a little journey, but don't be a 'DREAMER', we won't have 'BREAKFAST IN AMERICA', that only happens in 'A SOAPBOX OPERA'.

We're going to meet an old friend, who will 'GIVE A LITTLE BIT' of his love to us.

I hope 'IT'S (not) RAINING AGAIN'.......no, we're not going to 'LONDON'. ;)

So, don't 'HIDE IN YOUR SHELL' and come with me.....trust me, I'm a 'LADY' !

And after this little journey we will 'TAKE THE LONG WAY HOME'!


Roger Hodgson ~ Sauerlandpark ~ Hemer, GermanyI'm not sure, but I thought, I saw some tears of happiness in my brother's eyes ;)
And when you began to play, my brother (and me too) was overcome with joy.
Everytime I looked at him, I saw his eyes shining, and I knew, I've done everything right and I had a big smile on my face during the whole show! :)  He wants to let you know, that he has seen you 1978 in Cologne with Supertramp, and today seeing you again after 37 years was a dream that came true, and he said, it was an amazing show....yes! It was! A big thank you to you and your great band. And a big thank you for spending a little bit of your time with us after the show. It was so great to meet you! You can be sure that we will come to see you again someday! Thanks to all, who helped me making this surprise possible! <3 Much love <3 ~ Merle Kosch

Thank you verry much for this evening it was great :) ... das erste mal, das ich auf Englisch geschrieben habe ... Ich hoffe es ist Richtig ... Ich danke Roger und allen anderen, die ihm geholfen haben, das wir alle, so einen schönen Abend erleben konnten :) Danke auch das Roger und alle um ihn rum, seid Jahren uns seine Musik und Liebe Live erleben lassen :)

(Thank you great much for this evening it was great :)... The first time I have written in English... I hope it is right... I would like to thank roger and all the others who have helped him, that all of us, so a nice evening could experience :) Would also like to thank the Roger and all around him, are years us his music and love live can be :)) ~ SUSI

Many thanks from your little supporting act "Hensen & Blanke" in Hemer. It was a pleasure listening to many of our all time favorite songs. Great Songs, great show and nice and very friendly musicians... Take care and go on for many years please... ~ Detlef Blanke

It was great! Let's do that again on Wednesday in Theater Carré, Amsterdam
; ) ~ Arjen Hermanns

Perfektes Konzert ,,, (Perfect concert,,,) ~ Frank Hiller

Great Show yesterday, Thank you Roger ~ Bernd Erdmann

..... it was an fantastic concert :) .... please, give a little bit ... more !! :D ~ Stefan Lück

Vielen Danke Roger <3. It was very spiritual show (with the "dramatical stage"), probably the most spiritual of all I have attended to. With the highlight Only because of you...
~ Mila

Great...!!! Many Thanks!!! ~ Jochen Arnim Schaminet-Scheunert

Super geil! Hab es vom Balkon aus genießen dürfen :)
(Super cool! Got it from the balcony may enjoy :)) ~ Julia Kraushaar

Super Abend. Er darf gerne nochmals kommen.
(Super evening. He may like to come again.) ~ Joachim Neumann

Und der Roger ist 65 Jahre alt und noch so ne tolle Stimmer!!!!
(And Roger is 65 years old and still so a great tuner!!!!) ~ Elke Trelenberg

Es war toll hoffentlich bald wieder (It was great hopefully soon again) ~ Ulrike Fleer

Das war ein super Abend. Tolles Konzert.
(It was a super evening. Great concert.) ~ Carolin Döring

Das war ein absolutes Highlight...bitte nochmal!! :)
(That was an absolute highlight... Please again!! :) ~ Claudia Karst

Roger Hodgson ~ Sauerlandpark ~ Hemer, GermanyI was there!!!! :) :) :) ~ Elena Luig

We are still thrilled by the Hemer show, and we definitely come to see Roger again next year, no matter, how far we have to go for it! ;) Thank you so much for this great experience, we love you! <3
Take care! ~ Merle Kosch

Photos # 1, 3 & 8 by Ulrich Töpel
Photo # 2, 4, 5 & 7 by Radio Runde Hamm

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