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Kurpark Classix ~ Aachen, Germany ~ September 1, 2014



Roger Hodgson ~ Kurpark Classix ~ Aachen, Germany

Roger Hodgson ~ Kurpark Classix ~ Aachen, Germany

I had the pleasure to experience Roger, his fantastic band and the incredible orchestra in Aachen tonight! These hours were the best of this year and I'm deeply touched by the music of this man. His songs come from his heart and they touch my barest soul. Thank God for this man  ~ Luise Zwilling

Back home (in Holland) after a wonderful evening in Aachen Germany. The concert was fabulous, astonishing, breathtaking, goosebumps all over..... ~ Stephan Groothuis

Wonderful show tonight, was a great pleasure meeting you all. We´ll meet again on the avenue, take care and keep on keepin' on :)  ~ Joachim Stewart Neumann

Magical moments and "Gänsehaut" (goosebumps) feeling tonight, thank you very much! ~ Svenja Walter

Es war wieder ein tolles Konzert. Ob Aachen, Heinsberg oder Montreal und wieder Aachen, auch dieses Konzert war ein grandioses Ereignis. Schön es mit vielen Freunden gemeinsam zu erleben. (It was a great concert. Whether Aachen, Heinsberg or Montreal and Aachen again, also this concert was a terrific event. Nice with many friends together to experience.)  ~ Margret Noppen

Fantastic show tonight. Amazing performance  ~ Bernd Kaltenborn

Roger Hodgson ~ Kurpark Classix ~ Aachen, GermanyIt was a beautiful evening in Aachen. It was my first time I saw Roger Live. Mine experience is that i saw a musician who not play for the money, but play because he is in love with music. This and his message for love in times of conflicts gave me hope for better times. Thank you Roger, band and Symphonic Orchestra Aachen for this unforgetable evening. (and two times breakfast in America)
~ Erik Moonen




Dear Roger, After a 'lifetime' of enjoying your music, your concert in Aachen was a totally new experience for us. We could really FEEL the warmth of your performance and personality and the lyrics became more clear then ever. Like Take the long way home, which always sounded more like the way to your house, but now, maybe because of age ripening ;) , sounds more like finding the way to my heart and my purpose in life. What a fantastic night, with a fantastic band and orchestra. Thanks!
~ Jos & Denise, Frank & Manuela

Fools ouverture was de moment of " Gänsehaut" (goosebumps)  ~ Yvonne Disselhoff

Dear Roger, Your music is just wonderful and it touches me deeply every time I listen to it. Your voice is a gift and your lyrics are poetry. I was at your concerts in Alzey and Aachen and I would like to congratulate and thank you for these fantastic shows. There was nothing left to wish for - except maybe for one little thing. One of my favourite songs is "Rosie had everything planned. " It would be great if you could perform this song again, maybe in Hanau on Wednesday. Thank you very much and best wishes from  ~ Astrid

It was soooooooooo wonderful Hope, you come back some day???  ~ Gisela Remmele

Dear Roger, Yesterday was my 6th attempt to see you live in concert and after being ill 5 times before I was the lucky one yesterday in Aachen. To listen to your music made this evening the best of the year! You and your band and the fantastic orchestra touched my heart and soul. You are a gift to all of us, I'm really thankful for what you give the world.  ~ Irene

Große Party das war. (It was great party.)  ~ Christoph Kurt Ohrem

It was a wunderful Gig. I love the music so many yeahrs... And Aaron is so a great saxophonist... And he looks very good... ;)  ~ Corinna Faßbender

Great, still "Gänsehaut" (goosebumps).....  ~ Thomas Cyliax

It was fantastic thank you all  ~ Miriam Bastiaens

Thank you Roger for the wonderful evening.We love you so much. ~ Markus Gross

Fantastische avond, we hebben genoten:-) (Fantastic night, we enjoyed:-)~ Monique Opbroek-Ramaakers

Een prachtige avond gehad. (Had a wonderful evening.) ~ Kees Hoogmoed

Ein fantastischer Abend, ein Augen- und Ohrenschmaus !!! (Thank you A fantastic evening, eyes - and ears! Thank you) ~ Rosa Rashnu

Thank you for this wonderful Concert with "Gänsehaut" (goosebumps)  ~ Marion Dederichs

Roger is outstanding. he performs with heart and soul...  ~ Stefan Dahmen

Thank you Roger for this great evening!!! ~ Thea Boogaard-Stam

It was awesome ..again! Thanks Roger!!  ~ Marcel Franssen

I have seen many concerts from many artists but this one yesterday in aachen was far the best one i have ever seen in my whole life.....thank you sooooo much for two and half hours of "gänsehaut"
~ Klaus Stitz

Thank you for the fantastic evening. We all hope you're coming back to Aachen and are looking forward to the next performance  ~ Monik Aachen

Thank you Roger!! Thank you for 3 hours wonderful music!  ~ Gisela Remmele

It was amazing! Totally agree on Klaus, by far the best I've ever seen (and I' ve seen a whole lot ). This one will never be topped  ~ Martin Mulder

Excellent evening, great atmosphere.  ~ Julian Dellar

Roger Hodgson ~ Kurpark Classix ~ Aachen, GermanyMy first concert with Roger and I still have " Gänsehaut" (goosebumps). This man is a gift for all of us, I don't know any other musician who can put such a spell on people. It was breathtaking, wonderful and I hope to see him soon again.  ~ Luise Zwilling

Thank you for a wonderful evening in m hometown of Aachen yesterday!   ~ Norbert Esser

Ein super Abend mit Gänsehaut (A super evening with goosebumps :-) ~ Inge Schepers

Ja- magisch! <3 (Yes magical!) ~ Veetnisha Jutta Neukamp

Thank you for warming my heart <3  ~ Klaus Stitz

I'm still enjoying it. Woke up with Only Because of You in my head. Absolutely fabulous.
~ Martin Mulder

It was beautiful !!!! I love it   ~ Sofia Baars

War Super !!   ~ Kerstin Krause

Thank you so much for the fantastic concert in Aachen. 'Gänsehaut' Sound and Atmosphäre. Big compliment!! I'm Happy to see you all in Hanau   ~ Heike Zi

Ein fantastischer Abend, ein Augen- und Ohrenschmaus !!! (Thank you A fantastic evening, eyes - and ears! Thank you)  ~ Rosa Rashnu

What a magical evening! Thanks!  ~ Basti Berlinbär

Very good sound! ~ Tom Boerema

Sitze hier auf der Wiese und es ist einfach nur Unbeschreiblich. Top (Here sitting on the lawn and it is just indescribable. Top)  ~ Conny Förster

The concert in Aachen was great, Roger Hodgson is Supertramp - Thank you!  ~ Andreas Ryll

It was marvellous ! Thanks . .   ~ Detlef Justen

Dear Rodger, thank you for that wonderfull night in Aachen. Just at the entrance we had to face, that we forgot some tickets, so we went home to get them. But we didnot find them afterall.. Back at Aachen Concert we bought new tickets and we missed your first song. Enjoying your concert we forgot our trouble. Great Music, so relaxed performance of your band, a wonderful Orchestra made your concert unforgetable!!!! Lots of love from Holland, ~ your Gerardine & Marcel

It was a fantastic night Roger Hodgson, thank you so much, my sister and I loved it.......And meeting you after rehearsals was a wonderful bonus, thanks for taking the time to talk to us, and for the photo! See you back in the UK soon xx...ps. Choux fleur, for sure!  ~ Peter Aldridge

He ist great, one of the BEST - "Supertramp" ohne ROGER ist nicht "Supertramp". Eine der großen Gruppen der Popmusik. (He is great, one of the BEST - "Supertramp" without ROGER is not "Supertramp". One of the major groups of pop music.)   ~ Chri Bö

Photo # 1 by Arndt Fleischer, # 2, 3 & 4 by Howard Heckers

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