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Kursaal ~ San Sebastian, Spain ~ June 6, 2014



Roger Hodgson ~ Kursaal ~ San Sebastian, Spain

Roger Hodgson ~ Kursaal ~ San Sebastian, Spain


Roger Hodgson ~ Kursaal ~ San Sebastian, SpainGreat concert!!! It has been like go back to my early years, each song has bring me different memories of my old friends. ~ Iñigo Eguren Valera

Un gran y maravilloso concierto. Gracias Roger !!!! (A great and wonderful concert. Thanks Roger !!!! )
~ Bernardino Roca de Togores

Anoche en el Auditorio Kursall de Donostia ¡Una maravilla! Gracias Sr. Roger Hodgson tanto para ti como tu estupenda banda. (Last night in the Audience Kursaal of Donostia a marvel! Thank you Mr Roger Hodgson so much for you as your marvellous band.) ~ Sebastián González Carrasco

Another Brilliant night by Roger & his band. Roll on Andorra tomorrow!!!!  ~ Dave Robinson

Roger Hodgson ~ Kursaal ~ San Sebastian, SpainBabaji !!! Yes. I can imagine the joy of Ana and my Spanish friends. Thank you Roger for them, from the bottom of my heart. and Lord is it mine one of my favourite, the song which gave me the strength when everything's dark and nothing seems right, when You don't have to win and there's no need to fight ....". Simply wow. What an awesome evening it certainly was with all other jewels like Hide. Yes Linda, each concert is unique and special in its own way. I would add : Unforgettable! Tonight I'm happy. ~ Mila

Ole ole y ole..de lo mejor del mundo (Ole ole ole and... the world's best) ~ Amparo Lopez Romero

Roger Hodgson ~ Kursaal ~ San Sebastian, SpainGreat show in Donostia-San Sebastian, We could have spent all the night listening to all your fantastic songs !! Thank you.  ~ Joseba Manterola

Anoche. Roger. Hodgson. Y. Su. Banda. Fantásticos. sin. Palabras!!!!! (Last night. Roger. Hodgson. And. His. Band. Fantastic. run out. Words !!!!!) 
~ Charo Directiva Zubillaga

An unforgettable show. Have no words to express all my feelings. Was great to share this amazing show with my closest friends and with other friends I met there. My heart explotes of love. Thanks for all. Thanks for my special moment. No days in my life to express all my love and appreciation ~ Ana Lopez

Roger Hodgson ~ Kursaal ~ San Sebastian, SpainMaravilloso nos dio 2 horas de sus canciones magistrales..... (Wonderful gave us 2 hours of his masterful songs.....)  ~ Esteban Liendo Suarez

Even better than in 2008! Great concert, 2 unforgettable hours!  ~ Patricia Posadas



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