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Royal Liverpool Philharmonic ~ Liverpool, UK ~ May 28, 2013



Roger Hodgson - Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool, UK Roger Hodgson - Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool, UK

Just been to see Roger in Liverpool. Another fabulous concert. Such a pleasure to see them all clearly enjoying playing with smiles all evening and a contrast to many other bands we've seen lately. Highlights of the evening included Roger playing John Lennon's Across the Universe, Kevin playing Jazz piano in Child of Vision and The multi talented Aaron on the sax, keyboard and many other instruments playing with passion. Here's hoping they'll be back soon... ~Nigel and Frances H

Just returned from seeing Roger and band at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall with my wife, Ali. It's the third time we've seen Roger live and once again he was brilliant. The Liverpool crowd were on form, although maybe not quite as great as two years ago. Fabulous to hear more songs live for the first time, especially Lady and Rosie as well as Death & The Zoo. Keep coming to Liverpool Roger. Like for so many other people, your music was the soundtrack to my life and my family's from the 70's on. You are very loved and I feel so lucky to be able to see you live and share music that was so important to me with my wife, Ali. You are very loved Roger and have a great band - thank you again! ~Nick Hughes

Roger you were fantastic tonight in Liverpool, memories of my youth came flooding back, I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Thanks so much. ~Lisa

Just got home from your Liverpool show all I can say is it was such a privilege to see such a great songwriter and musician thanks ~Tony

Many thanks for such a wonderful night. Made me weep tears again during Give a little Bit. Cheers Roger, one of the finest men in the world. Sincerely ~Ian D. Hall

I just came across your show half an hour before it started. I closed my Restaurant after my last guest had left (they also went to see you) and managed to get a couple of tickets. Sorry I haven't heard about you in recent years due to your name that appears instead of Supertramp. You cannot imagine how much your music is part of my childhood and adulthood too. Tomorrow you will be in Manchester but if you have time for a nice coffee in |Rodney street, come to Cafe Porto before you leave? Many thanks for the lovely evening ~CARLOS ALMEIDA

Thank You for an excellent end to a grey day Roger. Scousers will always welcome you back anytime. Cheers mate. ~Darren

Thank you for a wonderful evening at The Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. I had so many emotional moments listening to some of your songs. They are beautifully written and composed. Also thank you for you words of comfort, they really touched me. Yes, I do now believe we will meet again. I hope you like Michael's song, he would be very proud to know you have a copy of his CD ~Frances Molloy

Tonight at the phil it was the third time i have seen you and the band in the north west and what a night. You seem to surpass yourself every time where does it end. You said to the crowd to forget your problems and enjoy. After this my only problem is worrying about when you’re coming back to the UK. Please always keep Liverpool in your schedule, we love you ~Pete

Roger thanks for coming back to Liverpool. A great concert again at the Philharmonic Hall. Thank you also for taking the time to sign an autograph and the photograph after the show. ~Terry Waller

Wow, the people of Liverpool loved Roger from beginning to end. He honored them with a beautiful rendition of John Lennon's 'Across the Universe' and they loved it, yelling out, and chanting over and over, "Roger's a Scouser!" - a high honor from the citizens of Liverpool. The audience sang and cheered all night. When Roger played 'Dreamer' the crowd sang at the top of their lungs. And, when 'Give A Little Bit' and 'It's Raining Again' were sung no-one sat, everyone sang their hearts out! Another amazing show by an amazing man. Thank you Roger. You've done so much to help me make it through life at the toughest times. You do that for so many of us. ~Jim Amey

What a great night. Roger and band simply brilliant. I have waited over 30 years to see Child of Vision live. Obvious that Roger was moved by warmth of the Liverpool crowd. Already looking for tickets for next time Roger comes "home" ~ Dave Willis

For a fantastic and memorable evening in Liverpool last night. My mother, my 8 year old daughter, Saba and myself truly enjoyed a wonderful evening. The evening brought back many good memories and introduced your timeless music to a new generation! Thanks also for taking time out of your very busy schedule to meet us after the show. ~Johnny Wallis

Fantastic show last night in Liverpool Roger. even better than last year I have been listening to your music for over 35 years and I am glad to say my two children love your music to looking forward to seeing you back soon in Liverpool soon. ~Peter Creed

Thank you for another great show in Liverpool Roger. You have the audience in the palm of your hand. I love watching the emotive looks on faces when people in the audience suddenly recognise the opening bars to their favourite songs and their faces light up with pure joy...fabulous. ~Marie Coyne

Loved it! Loved it! Loved it! Roger and the band - Thank you sooooooo much for coming to Liverpool again and giving us a night to remember. Please come back soon! ~Pam

Saw you again last night on 'The Phil' in Liverpool Roger, what a night, I didn't think last year could be beaten but I was wrong, fabulous atmosphere, I don't know if you get receptions like that wherever you go, but you certainly have a special relationship with your Scouse fans, thanks again. ~Eric Mannion

What a brilliant moment yesterday at Liverpool Roger, especially listening to the moving Death and A Zoo and the Meaning. It's our 6th show this year and we are always enjoying it as it was our first show ever! You are absolutely fabulous artist with the strong english humor, and your voice and band sound better than ever. As we have just lost a very special friend, we'd loved so much to hear Puppet Dance or Say Goodbye. Our thanks are as strong as the moving moments you have offered us. ~Mila and Flo

Great show last night in Liverpool. Can't believe it's been 35 years since the last time I saw you play. You've still got 'the voice' - brilliant!!! Come back soon. ~SIMSY

Hey Roger… Fantastic show last night in Liverpool's Philharmonic Hall. Pumping out timeless CLASSICS. Last night showed the people of Liverpool adopted Roger as scouser. Roger honoured us with a GREAT rendition of John Lennon's 'Across the Universe' QUALITY! When you played 'Dreamer' the crowd sang at the top of their lungs. And, when 'Give A Little Bit' and 'It's Raining Again' everyone was on their feet, everyone sang their hearts out along with raising some umbrella's! SHOW WAS PURE QUALITY! CHEERS TO YOU ROGER. Please come back next year. ~Lenny Davies

Seen your show in Liverpool last night, it was fantastic, the best show I have seen in years, what a incredible performance, thank you Rodger. Your a legend ~Neil Redmond

Thanks Roger for the fantastic show you and your band put on in Liverpool last night, it was truly superb, what a legend you are.Wonderful to meet you after the show as well even though you have such a busy schedule,thank you Linda for making it happen, such a kind person you are. Best wishes ~Carl

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed your performance in Liverpool last night. We were lucky enough to see you perform at the Philharmonic Hall 2 years ago, and we can't wait for you to return in the future. Hearing you play 'Across The Universe' again was truly special. Thank you, Roger, for a wonderful evening. ~Mark Patterson

Not seen you in concert since the band split. Saw your concert last night at the "Phil" in Liverpool. Joy and me had a great time. Really enjoyed it. Thank you! What a finale. I've had a smile on my face all day whistling "It's rainin again". Brought back some great memories. Great tunes.Great concert. Thanks again. Come back soon ~Jonathan Swift

Me and my 10 yr old son Richie were at Liverpool last night (28yh May). We had a wonderful time. Richie is now a fully fledged fan! Thanks for good times. God bless you Roger and here's to many more gigs in the UK. ~Jason w Parry

What an amazing gig by Roger and band in Liverpool last night, his singing, playing and the band were truly incredible, first time i'd seen Roger live he seemed genuinely warm hearted and his in between songs banter with the audience was totally sincere loved Dreamer, School, Fools Overture, Give a Little Bit in particular and the finale of It's Raining Again was superb especially when the brollies went up in the crowd. It was a breathtaking performance and met the drummer in the phil pub afterwards fab night Thank you Roger and band. ~Aly

Thanks for a fantastic night in Liverpool last night - every song was a memory. Al saw you at the Liverpool Empire in the early 70s when he says Joan Armatrading was the support act as an unknown artist! We have loved your music ever since that time - its timeless. Loved it all last night & hope you'll be back here soon.x ~Al & Sue

Thanks Roger for another great show last night at Liverpool, your music is as special as you are xx ~Karen

Great show again last night in Liverpool Roger. Dare I say it,it was even better than last time 2 years ago. Such a spiritual experience and the smaller venue really adds to the occasion. Please come back soon and of course bring that brilliant band with you. ~Chris Maguire

Thank you Roger and the band for the fantastic performance at the Liverpool Philharmonic on 28th. I was at the gig 2 years ago almost to the day. I love Easy Does It Please come back to Liverpool and when you do please play 'Crazy' for all us 'crazy about you' Scousers!!! ~Mark

What a week first went to see you as a family at Royal Albert Hall then went to see you in Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. Then waited outside to get our cds and vinyl signed which you did, it meant so much to meet you and shake your hand and get a photo!! Our family story is about your music and are family is on your uk site. Just wanted to say Roger brings families together... Thank you for your time and your music you did say you will be back to the philharmonic so am counting down the days, thanks. ~ Ian Roger is a SCOUSER

I saw you and the band at lpl phil. This Week and 2 yrs ago. Your music is a blessing to all who hear it. It touches the very depth of our hearts n Souls like the moody blues also for me. You make us cry and smile at the same Time for the pure joy you give to all. May GOD Continue to bless you with Long health to give your LOVE Through Your music for many more years to come. A fan since I first hear dreamer... Which Is me in this life I live. Thank you!!! ~Ron

Attended your show at the Liverpool Phil for the 2nd time a few nights ago.I have to say on a personal note, that for the second time, and this time moreso, I did not think that the sound did you, or the band justice. The speakers just did not seem to give any fullness of sound, and the bass just seemed to overide everything else. On some songs, especially the zoo one, it was awful. Could you let me know if I am just an isolated case. Best of luck for the future. I still love your music. ~Barry Forbes.

I was just a young woman when I first heard The Logical Song when someone I worked with said that they always thought of me when they heard it - I wondered if she thought I had a 'simple mind' I was indeed very troubled. However.......I then heard Crime of the Century and have been 'hooked' on the music of the then Supertramp and hauntingly beautiful voice of Roger Hodgson ever since. A lot of 'bitter-sweet' memories from those good old days. That was 35 years ago! I have never known of any songwriter/singer that has been able to 'relate' to so many people through his music like Roger Hodgson and I finally managed to see the very man 'live' which for me was a dream come true! Thank you for the most wonderful night! The band were absolutely superb and fantastic musicians............I salute you! ~Toni

Fantastic Evening - Thank You  ~ Glenys Taylor

Great show again in Liverpool. Thanks Roger for coming to our city and putting on such a great show and doing Rosie had everything planned and Hide in your shell  ~ Paul Webster

Roger was fantastic in lpl tonite. Come back again soon but get. Into that studios ASAP and produce some more great music.  ~ Ronald Hancock

This was an amazing concert and what a lovely man he is too xx   ~ Frances Molloy

Good seeing you again Roger great night thank you \o/  ~  Richie Robinson

Last night in Liverpool - Brilliant!  ~ Ken Brophy

It was an amazing night!!!! Thank you x  ~ Diane Bullock

A fantastic evening Roger - loved every minute of it. Come back soon! ~ Martin Lee

Fantastic really enjoyed the night, hope to see you back soon Roger Liverpool loves you !!!!!! 
~ Peter John Creed

I took my son Richie to his first concert at Liverpool last night and am proud to say he is a Roger Hodgson fan now at 10 yrs old! Wonderful night.  ~ Jason Wayne Parry

Was there last night, what a night, he was brilliant and what a cover version of a Beatles classic that was! Come back to Liverpool soon!   ~ Paul Ellis

Another brilliant night at the Phil Liverpool. Roger, we love you!  ~ George Johnson

Great tribute to John Lennon and to my beautiful City,,,, Liverpool loves you Roger,, Had a fantastic night, Thank you so much   ~ Jan Lowthian

Had a fantastic night watching Roger last night especially when he sang Its raining again when all the brolly's came out! Great night hope you come back soon xxx   ~ Vickki Robinson

It was great moment the Liverpool show, the lights, the sound, the voice, the band, the ambiance, the performance... and friends from several countries ...  ~ Mila Musiclover

What a show last night, one of the best concerts I have been to, what a voice   ~ Darren Stockton

Another great show Roger, great musician and lovely man, fab xx   ~ Karen Clifton

Great show Roger and band; if it's possible it was better than last time ;^)  ~ David Frost

I was there last night, it was beautiful and the crowd was great!!  ~  Annette Davenport

Roger Hudgson did a excelent performance, played exquisitely beautiful  ~ Wiebe van der Wal

Fantastic concert last night. We bought our 13 year old son who is also a big fan, and he was so made up when you played Dreamer!!! Can't wait to see you again!   ~ Vincent Brady

Fabulous gig in Liverpool again - please come back soon! (And remember - as the audience sang "Roger is a scouser!")   ~ Nick Hughes

Absolutely brilliant concert Tues eve...3rd time I've seen him play since the Supertramp days.....Nov 2005 (London...a certain John Halliwell was in the circle a few seats away from me !), Oct 2007 (Manchester) and now Liverpool. Delighted that he played Child of Vision, the 1st time I've seen / heard that played in concert. Will be pre-ordering his Classic Tracks 2 CD...   ~ Philip Senior


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