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Ludmillenhof  ~  Sögel, Germany  ~  August 30, 2013



Roger Hodgson ~ Ludmillenhof ~ Sögel, Germany

Roger Hodgson ~ Ludmillenhof ~ Sögel, Germany

It was a fantastic show tonight at Soegel. As always, you have celebrated your songs to us. Your show is perfect as your songs. But anyway, everything is still human. That makes you and your songs so appealing. For me as a singer songwriter, it was a pleasurable evening. At the same time it was a late mini-honeymoon (11 km ...). My wife and I have been married for 14 years. However, we have been able to pay no honeymoon. We hope to see you soon again in Soegel! . Please excuse my weak english. ~ Sigi & Heinz Plaggenborg, Börger, Germany

Roger Hodgson ~ Ludmillenhof ~ Sögel, GermanyMany thanks for the fantastic show in my small hometown Sögel. You were fantastic!!! and for sure the whole Band. We enjoyed the evening very much and thank you for coming. We wish you all the best for the rest of your tour and hope you also enjoyed the evening although the music "crashed" God bless you and all the best for you all!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!Rgds  ~ Marion

Yesterday me and my wife Brigitte had fascinating moments in Sögel. Thank you so much for staying backstage after the perfect show --- it was a big present to our 20th anniversary. It was our first concert with you but we swear it was not the last one. Hope you'll be back in Germany soon. Greeting to all Roger fans all over the world -- especially Ana Lopez from Santander  ~ Wilfried Mönster

Yesterdays evening in Sögel was amazing! We came to see you for the 3rd time and have no regrets! Thank you for your music and come back soon! Stay as you are and may God bless you.
~ Birgit & Bernd

Fantastic Show last night in Sögel!! Great Band, great Songs and I hope to see you and your Band in Norddeutschland really soon. ~ Uwe Lindhorst

Thank you, gentlemen, for your gorgeous performance yesterday night in Sögel! I especially loved London! Your German is gorgeous! Hope to see you again soon back in this area! You are awesome :)
~  Pipesoffreakingpeace

Roger Hodgson ~ Ludmillenhof ~ Sögel, GermanyThank you for the great shows and the beautiful and special moments with you! You are a special person and musician who has reached our hearts! Take good care of yourself! P.S.: Many especially warm greetings to the whole team!  ~ Andrea & Peter

Thank you for the wonderful show last night in Sögel ~ wilfried.moenster

Thank you so much for the show in Sögel. You and your Band are the greatest. ~ Franz

We had a wonderful night at your concert...it was amazing to see such a band in Sögel (where is that?) while I have seen quite some of the greatest in earlier days in Amsterdam and other big cities. Now we have just moved to this area 2 years ago, so this was a must to go and listen and see memories of ´Supertramp´. The breakdown of electricity was a surprise (thought it was on purpose), but I have never seen a better open air concert ever! Thanks! Buying a T-shirt with Sögel on it was a must
~ Neel en Gerard

It was such an amazing evening in Sögel.We enjoyed your music, the musicians and the atmosphere. Great songs-overwhelming moments. We love to hear your music since our own band time in 1994; while having friends for a sit-in, at partiess or just for some relaxing moments alone. And also our children(5+8 y.) are fans! They often listen to your songs while falling asleep… Thank you for your music!  ~ Henning und Dagmar

Thank you for an amazing concert in Sögel/Germany in Love. ~ Claudia

Roger Hodgson ~ Ludmillenhof ~ Sögel, GermanyThank you so much for your great concert in Sögel/Germany! It was very touchable to hear and see the "voice and mind" of one of the biggest Bands ever. It sounds like a trip into the past with so many good memories. Your songs give me power and make me happy every time. A big thank you to your great musicians too! I hope you'll come back to Germany once again. Roger, all the best for you and your family!  ~ Rainer

Wonderful, this voice.... Come back to Sögel I will be part of it again... ~Thomas

You are a legend! I'm proud, to be a part of your legendary songs in the little village Sögel! Many thanks also to your wonderful band! Many greetings from the north of Germany  ~ Uwe S.

It's been a Great Show tonight in Sögel. Wonderful Music and Great musicians. Hope you'll be back in a while. Thank you so much. ~ Uli

Thank you for the beautiful night in Sögel! Thank you for wonderful music! Thank you for the photo with you! Only in Sögel“ We hope we see you the next year!! ~ Peter und Esther

Thanks for the wonderful concert in Sogel/Emsland on Friday, 30.08.2013! Thanks for the remember!
~ Joerg

Last night was absolutely great, hope to see you again in Germany, please come to Dusseldorf the beautiful city on the River Rhine!  ~ Frank Mohrs

Roger's brilliance is addictive!  ~  Marshall Adams

I agree, seeing Roger once is not enough!!! I was lucky to see him twice this year Still, once is better than none, we are very lucky here!!!  ~ Christelle Menard

Hi Linda thanks for this day. It was great. We'be enjoyed every minute.  ~ Kees de Waard

Thank you so very much Roger & Band for this phantastic Concert! Really amazing!!  ~ Theo Kröger

Absolutely great Show!!!! All the best!  ~ Christoph Assies

Thanks Roger and band for a wonderful evening! SU SI~ Dear Linda, Dear Roger, Susi and her "little" are back home and say many, many thanks for this great evening. Until next year, hopefully in Minden or Luebbecke. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ... Jet lag? Roger and his band had no signs of jet lag - the concert was magnificent. Jetlag? Roger und seine Band hatten keine Symptome von Jetlag - das Konzert war grandios.  ~  Gerry Wolthof

THANK you to Roger, Aaron, the band and Sôgel to make our Roger-concert no. 10 the most memorable! ~  Dirk Seidlitz

Thank you Roger for the great Show.  ~  Benny Hochegger

Roger Hodgson ~ Ludmillenhof ~ Sögel, GermanyThank you Roger for this wonderful concert in the middle of nowhere, in Sögel, a great place to chill out with you. Thanks for the worm German words. You are so authentic and "tiefenentspannt". Your music took me back in my thoughts to my first Open Air Festival, where I discovered your great songs. In Sögel the time stand still for 3 hours. You and your whole team gave us many "Streicheleinheiten für unsere Seele". Hope to see you again!
~  Ralf Heitmann

Thank you for a great show in Sögel. Hope to see you again, maybe next year.  ~ Gregor Meier

Yeah.... was a great show, a beautiful location, Roger while joking with his band at his best. Very cool.
~ Alfred Schröder

Het was een onvergetelijke avond .thank you Roger. (It was a memorable evening, thank you Roger)
~ Geert Demey

many thanks Roger and your music family - it was beautiful  ~ Bianka Barcz

It was a fascinating show in the heart of the emsland.  ~ Wilfried Mönster


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