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NYCB Theatre at Westbury ~ Westbury, NY ~ October 26, 2013



Roger Hodgson ~ NYCB Theatre at Westbury ~ Westbury, NY

Roger Hodgson ~ NYCB Theatre at Westbury ~ Westbury, NY

What a GREAT show tonight at Westbury. I took my 15 year old son, he loved you guys!! Thanks so much!!! ~ Carolyn Guise

Roger Hodgson ~ NYCB Theatre at Westbury ~ Westbury, NYI've been waiting to see you for about 38 years and was certainly not disappointed. Every note, every sound, every critical timing exactly in perfect synchronization. Your music has meant so much my friends and I through the years and still hold listening parties for COTC. We are sorry that we were late and missed 'Take the Long Way Home' (I'm the guy you 'embarrassed'!) but we traveled quite a ways and got stuck in NYC traffic. We will see you next time around and will make sure we leave in plenty of time. Please consider adding 'For Every Man' and "Crazy' to the set list. : ) ~ John Waite

Thank you Roger so much for a great show at Westbury tonight!! Thank you for the shout out for Hide In Your Shell, it made the night that much more special. Babaji was also great and I had requested that as well. I have been waiting since I was a kid (now 45) to see you!! You brought back so many memories and such good times. I tried to get backstage to thank you but to no avail unfortunately. Please come back to Westbury soon, we love you. It's such an intimate place to see a show and your band is absolutely fantastic. Thank you again for calling my name out, and please do not be a stranger at Westbury! I hope to see you next year and hear more great songs (love Open the Door so much!!) Thank you again for a surreal and magical night, I will not forget it. All the best. ~ Marty Carroll

Saw the show last night at the Westbury Music Fair and all I can say that this show was PURE enjoyment. I've been a big fan for decades now. When you toured with Ringo, I just remember how you just blew away the audience with your performances. Last night was just another example of how important your contributions to music really are. You're a true songwriter where you can perfectly match the music with your lyrics and it's a perfect match. ALL of your songs relay the same message I believe: Optimism. This lyric says it all: "See the man with the lonely eyes? Take his hand, you'll be surprised." You will always have a fan for life and truly look forward to your return! ~ Guy Turchiano

Roger Hodgson ~ NYCB Theatre at Westbury ~ Westbury, NYYou and you band were absolutely great last night at Westbury. I just was amazed at how your voice is as good today as it was 40 years ago. I had my 14 year old son with me last night. He like most kids his age listens to pop and rap. But he really enjoyed your show, especially seeing band members actually playing musical instruments I loved the set list last night, and could have listened for another 2 1/2 hours. Please make Westbury on your next trip back to New York. ~ Michael Hall

Thank you Roger for the AWESOME concert last night at Westbury. You brought back so many nice memories in each song. I represent the people from Brazil that loves you!!!! You sing with your heart and was incredible how I was able to feel your soul. Your band is great!!!! Please come back next year we love you!!!! ~ Marcia

Wonderful, fun, uplifting, energizing...if only we could hold on to these days forever. God bless those given the talent to bring a smile to our face and warmth to our hearts through music. ~ Bob G.

Wow! What an amazing show you and your terrific group put on last night at Westbury! Simply fantastic! You sounded absolutely wonderful! Breakfast in America was released when I was a sophomore in college and BOY what terrific memories I have of that album and time period. And yes, I said ALBUM because that's what it was back then. And I completely WORE IT OUT…I literally had to go out and buy a new copy after a couple of months! And because of that great album, I became a Supertramp fan and then discovered ALL of your great music. ANd what a THRILL it was to hear you sing those amazing songs live last night! You're a great singer/songwriter, a gentle soul, and your music will always occupy a very special place in my heart and mind. BRAVO Mr. Hodgson on a wonderful career and a smashing performance. Can't wait to see you again when you come back this way! Thank you!!!! ~ Guest

If I had to describe the 26 October Westbury, NY show in one word, it would be "transcendent." I see a lot of shows, and traveled up from DC with my partner in order to experience Roger and his music live for the first time. Now, I'm ready to quit my job and follow the band for the remainder of the tour - that's how good the evening was. When the artist himself tells the audience "You are in for a treat" - not once, but twice to kick off the show, you know the night will be special. When you leave feeling inspired and uplifted, the artist has more than delivered on his promise. If you have a chance to catch this performance, do. Truly authentic in a way that stirs mind, heart, and soul. ~ Brent Elrod

Roger Hodgson ~ NYCB Theatre at Westbury ~ Westbury, NYI am inspired daily by your music. I've seen you in concert five times in the past two years. Your music feeds my soul, comforts me when I am lonely, strengthens my quest to know God, humbles my heart, and inspires me to spread the love in my heart with people around the world. Music is the language of my soul but unlike you, I did not know it was my purpose at a younger age. I am still inspired and determined to write songs (mostly on keyboard) and learn guitar. Especially now more than ever, as the world becomes more troubled, we need to continue to hear your music and you messages. Do you have plans to tour in 2014 and/or beyond? Will you be recording and releasing any more music in the future? You are an important part of my daily life and have a significant impact on more people around the world than you know. I loved Supertramp but you are the Legendary Voice of Roger Hodgson. People who know your music support you. New generations are learning the importance of your music. I was surprised and delighted to see teenagers at your concerts who know your music and are shaping their lives by your messages of love, hope, and spirituality. I hope you continue to share your gift and messages for many years to come. As your 2013 tour ends, I wish you well deserved time off filled with peace and love. Thank you for the peace and love you share with all of us. You are truly a role model and inspiration to help the world become a better place. God Bless You, the band, Linda and staff. ~ Patrick

It was a great pleasure meeting you after the show at Westbury last night. I've always been touched by your music but seeing you perform them live was a whole new experience. I wish we could have chatted a bit longer but hopefully we'll see each other again sometime. Love, ~ Graham

Thanks for the incredible show in New York October 26, 2013. I waited a long time to see you and it was well worth the wait. I took my girlfriend, my 11 year old son and my 8 year old daughter and we all thoroughly enjoyed the show. I love your music and couldn't wait to see and hear it performed live and share it with my loved ones. Keep putting that positive energy out into the world! ~ Joe

Roger Hodgson ~ NYCB Theatre at Westbury ~ Westbury, NYI have been to many of Roger’s concerts in the past and I consider Friday’s night show in Westbury, NY to be one of the best. From the moment Roger and the band stepped on stage he had the entire audience in the palm of his hand. Starting, of course, with “Take the Long Way Home” and then playfully scolding a couple who arrived late all of the audience was engaged. Roger told this couple that they missed the best song but that wasn’t entirely true. Every one of the songs played during the two hour concert could easily be considered the best. The music was great and the band played flawlessly, which was accented by the fine acoustics of this “theater in the round”. We heard the interesting story that inspired “Lady” and were treated with a rare performance of “Babaji”. I can’t wait for the show tomorrow evening in Collingswood, NJ. This week marks the one year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy which devastated those of us who live in its’ path and the concert is the perfect way to leave all of the bad memories at the front door and forget them for at least two hours. Thank you Roger for the inspiration and comfort you provide through your spirit and music. ~ Mike Morton

What a great show at Westbury , NY last Sunday. One of the few concerts that I didn't want it to end. Great band with you also.... favorite Fools overture. Brought my three kids 16 and up , loved it also. Hope to see you again , soon. Last time I saw you was many years ago at Madison Square Garden. Thanks for your great songs. Took the long way home after the concert...... ~ Kenneth Alger

Roger’s world of music is a spinning tribute to meaning and love and the deepest parts of our psyche. Its place in history is well set and will live on forever. Seeing him perform in Westbury, NY this past weekend was an awesome experience. It brought tears, lots of them, to my eyes and warmth in my heart. He told some great stories. I especially liked hearing about his composition process with “Fools Overture”, one of my all-time favorites. Loving the classics as I do, I recognized the quote from Gustav Holst’s The Planets years ago and how he weaves it in and out as one of the several brilliant melodies of this piece. Pure genius. Thank you, Roger, for writing and singing so soulfully, joyfully, playfully, blessing me. ~ J.T. Martin

Roger Hodgson ~ NYCB Theatre at Westbury ~ Westbury, NYWhat an absolute pleasure to be at your show in Westbury on Saturday 10/26. Your voice remains superb after all these years. Live sounded as good as studio! We did not want the concert to end - you played so many of our favorite songs thank you. Your warm smile and persona are so evident in your live performance. You sure put your heart into your music. We especially enjoyed the background stories you provided for many of the songs - that made it extra special. My husband Pete and I were on cloud 9 as we left. But then it got even better when I had a surprise photo opp. with you outside. You made our year! Thank you for saying hello to some loyal late stayer fans :) Hope to see you back at Westbury next year! Your return can't come soon enough! We're forever grateful for all of your songwriting and stellar performance, Best to you, ~ Joanne & Pete

I flew up from North Carolina to take my daughter to see you in Westbury NY for her 22nd birthday on Oct 26. When she was little I used to play Supertramp in the car and she would sing along to every song including Dreamer. So when you played that she turned to me smiled and said "ok I'm happy". We both loved the show. You and the band were fantastic. Thank you for keeping your music alive! Please come to Raleigh NC so I don't have to travel so far the next time. And it gives me an excuse to get my daughter down to NC too ! ~ Bruce & Samantha

Had the Honor to be in your Westbury, NY concert last Saturday. I have recently lost five of my relatives, including my mother whom was a piano teacher and your music and voice have brought me comfort. Please accept my gratitude, i will forever remember asking and seeing you play Lord is It Mine. May God keep on blessing you. With all my heart. Thank you very. very much. ~ Rowilson

What a great night! I've never been let down by Supertramp or Roger, always was uplifted especially with Rogers songs. You are in my top 10 favorite music of all time. Thank you  ~ Raymond Pensivy

Roger Hodgson ~ NYCB Theatre at Westbury ~ Westbury, NYWhat a fantastic show by Roger and his very talented band! We had a fantastic time! Roger sounded amazing and we cannot wait for the next time he comes to town to see him again. I highly recommend catching his show!  ~ Susan Toste

Omg relived my teenage years all over again last night thanks to the greatness of this amazing Entertainer unlike others not just musically talented but great personal interaction with the audience especially telling the people who came in late they missed the best song! I was hysterical! I will go to see him again next time around for sure.  ~ Billy Muntner

What a great event. My wife and I flew in from Dallas just for this concert and brought two of our closest friends. I have always wanted to see Supertramp in concert and think that Roger Hodgson is one of our worlds greatest composers and vocal masters. The show was PERFECT. If I died tomorrow my life would have been fulfilled because of this evening. The members of the ensemble were absolutely spectacular. If you ever get the chance to see one of these shows the memories will be forever positively embedded deep into your soul. We were so fortunate to have won the Facebook contest for sharing and posting like wild. Being able to actually meet Roger Hodgson and spend a few moments with him confirmed what we had expected all along. He is a gift that is generously waiting for everyone to enjoy. We are already planing where and when the next epic evening with this group will be. The staff that accompanies Mr. Hodgson is the epitome of class. It's not often that you can say that "this was one of the best days of my life", but we have done just that. Thanks a million. ~ Scott Strotz

Great show!! Loved Even In The Quietest Moments  ~ Ricky Roche

Left a message in the guest book!! Thank you for the shout out Roger before hide in your shell, and Babaji, what can I say awesome! i tried to get back stage to thank you but it was not in the stars, so please thank him for me. And if there is any video to hide in your shell and the intro please let me know, it made my night!! Thank you again and get back here in 2014, we love you!!  ~ Marty Carroll

There's my favorite guys : ). Amazing...talented and fun....wink   ~  Joanne Schmalenberger

I waited 5 years to connect with Supertramps original grand maestro trying to match my schedule with his and it finally happened last night. Well worth the wait! Roger, his Sax player Aaron (exceptional talent) and the other band members brought me back my teen years driving in my customized dodge van and my eight speaker sound system that cranked their incredible vocals, thoughtful lyrics and soaring melodies. Thank you!!  ~ Scott Neglia

Roger rocked the house in Westbury. Great show. My third this year!!!!!  ~ Christian Byrnes

Great show, my wife and I enjoyed it immensely...the band was tight and the music and Roger's singular voice just shined through...Roger's music has been part of our lives growing up...brought up so many memories and it was just fantastic to be able to enjoy this music live!!!!  ~ Carlos Jose Valdivia Alcalde

Terrific show and great meeting Roger and the whole band...  ~ Carla Fodera

One of the best shows.  ~ Steve Miskey

What a great night of music and memories. We waited a year for Roger to return. And it was well worth the wait. Their endless energy shined thru even thought they perform night after night. If it's exhausting they never show it. Just unbelievable how they do it !! I 'd love to travel with you all  ~ Carmine Buquicchio

Great show....Roger Hodgson is a truly gifted singer-songwriter!!!!  ~ Larry Sadofsky

This was a great show! Roger looked and sounded wonderful! The band was awesome!  ~ Jim Amey

Such an Awesome show !  ~ T.j. O'Neill

Such a special delight to absorb the sounds and spirituality Roger Hodgson  ~ Ira Costell

I last saw Supertramp at the Music Hall in Houston Texas in 1977. Attending the Westbury NYCB show last Saturday night was like a dream come true. Hearing Dreamer & Hide in Your Shell live, well it just doesn't get much better than that ! Thank you Roger.  ~ Stacy G London

Roger Hodgson ~ NYCB Theatre at Westbury ~ Westbury, NYAfter experiencing the show at the Westbury theater last, all I can say is GO if you can. There is no way to have a better evening. Love will be in the air. ~ Scott Strotz


You don't need luck...you are absolutely awesome! Saw you in Westbury! Be safe and have a healthy year..see you next year!  ~ Nadine Cain-Laznovsky


Hi roger from long island ny...I spent last Saturday night with you at westbury and was so thrilled to meet you and the band. and to give you a little bit of love! safe travels to mexico.xo  ~ Carla Fodera

Roger still had great vocals the band was tight a lot of memories kind of a storyteller feel to the concert we had a great night band was awesome  ~ hagster

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