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Royal Albert Hall ~ London, UK ~ May 25, 2013



Roger Hodgson - Royal Albert Hall, London, UK Roger Hodgson - Royal Albert Hall, London, UK

I have just nearly exploded with joy at the Royal Albert Hall tonight. Tickets were a 60th pressie from my beautiful daughter. I have always loved your music and to hear it for real....amazing, thank you ~Angela

Thanks Roger for a magnificent show at the Royal Albert Hall tonight. You have that magic skill to touch hearts and connect them. I hugged my seat neighbour whom I had never seen before because I was so full of happiness! ~Vera

Just got home from the Royal Albert Hall. quite local compared to a lot the audience! hadn't seen you live since 'Famous Last Words' Tour. Fantastic concert - great atmosphere. You've still got the magic! thank you ~Paul McCann

Thanks for a brilliant show tonight. Really enjoyed it. Could have listened to you all night! Looking forward to seeing you in 2 years time.(Please come back sooner) ~Caryn

Just got back home from attending your Breakfast in America Tour concert at the Albert Hall last night (25 May). It was a truly amazing and outstanding performance by you and the band. Thank you for cheering me up from a particularly difficult period I am going through at present. I can't wait until I get the opportunity to see you again. ~Len

Thank you Roger for wonderful evening of music in such an atmospheric setting.your music will last even longer than the building. So pleased you performed Death and the Zoo, my highlight. Play here again soon please. ~Dorian

Roger Hodgson - Royal Albert Hall, London, UKI loved your show at the Albert Hall tonight. What I wanted to say was how what you said before "Hide in Your Shell" connected with me. I first discovered the "Paris" album in 1985, 2 months after my Dad had died on my 16th birthday in May. Life being life, I was grieving but also fell in love with a girl for the first time that same summer, around July. So it was the best of times, worst of times. Paris was the soundtrack of that summer, almost wore my Dual turntable out! Hide in Your Shell was the song that connected with me more than all the others, because of the depth of the song, and how sadness and love, loss and hope, co-exist. I'm 44 now, and tonight was the first time I heard you sing live. Very very special, and that song in particular took me back 28 years, and had tears rolling down my face. Thank you, and bless you for your extraordinary songs, voice, keyboard skills and longevity! Long may you roll...... ~ Mr T

Wow! Incredible show! The set list was amazing. The venue and sound were perfection. And Roger and the band put on one hell of a show. I was in awe. I talked with several others there who were stunned at how good Roger really is. One gentleman was in shock when Roger dedicated "lord is it mine" to him. The tears of pure joy streamed down his face. ~Toni

A Just been to see your show at the Albert Hall and words cannot describe how great it was. Your music is so beautiful it moved me to tears. You are the most amazing songwriter thank you so much for such an awesome night. ~Annabel

Saw the RAH concert last night. We've seen you in Vienna and Montreux but this is the first time we have seen you in the UK. Absolutely brilliant. Many thanks and good luck with the rest of the tour. Come back soon! ~Julian

Thank you for another fantastic show at the R.A.H I couldn't stop singing from start to finish. Please come back again soon. ~Steve...

Thank you for an awesome night of musical delights to remember for many a year. Memories were; Your gentle castigation of the latecomers! Hide in Your Shell, Aaron playing that mouth organ keyboard thingy and saxophone at the same time! Kevin’s awesome solo on the piano - and the yellow duck on his keyboard Your drummer working overtime on percussion instruments I had never even seen before The frankly disturbing power and message in Death and a Zoo. That I have now actually heard Rosie had everything planned live! That you had my ten and thirteen year old boys jumping in the isle in the Arena much to the amusement of the fifty and sixty somethings all around us (that includes me by the way) Roger it was just great. If you do come back again we will be there. ~Andy

Thanks for a wonderful musical experience at the Royal Albert Hall last night! My girlfriend and I loved it. All the best ~Markus

And so after 2 fantastic shows at Stowe and The Royal Albert Hall we head north to Birmingham. The show last night was stunning, and we can't wait for the next show. I loved how you made some of the audience feel so special with your dedications to them. Birmingham...bring it on!!!! ~Marie Coyne

A truly remarkable concert at the R.H.A. last night, congratulations to you and your band. My wife cried three times, your songs were so moving. We've now bought tickets to see you in Manchester on the 29th. Please say hello to our 13- year- old daughter Becky,it will be her first experience of live music, others will have a tough act to follow . ~Peter

Yesterday's show at the RAH was amazing. Set list was literally packed with masterpieces of Roger´s music, and the air was packed with with love of fans which dancing and waving with red balloons in the shape of a heart with the words " I love you"... to give a little bit of their love to Roger. ~Ryan

Roger Hodgson - Royal Albert Hall, London, UKThe audience necessitated encore with shouting, singing and stomping. Roger seems to be getting younger, his voice is still wonderfully pure as his heart. Into the songs are being added still new elements it sounds steadily more perfect. It was an evening full of emotion, love and new friendships. We all agreed that anyone whom somehow touches down Roger's music, must be a good man. Or becomes such . What a brilliant evening again! Thank you Roger and band! Thank you Linda and S ~Maria

What a fantastic show last night at the R.A.H; congratulations to you and all your gifted band members. My wife was in tears several times ,your songs were truly moving. We've just bought tickets to see you in Manchester on the 29th.Please say hello to Becky our 13 year old daughter. It will be her first live gig and one which she'll remember for ever. Thank you for a memorable evening. ~Peter

Had a fantastic evening last night at the Albert Hall. I was in row 3. I was the one who you told to stop ruining it for everyone when I started whistling Easy Does It. Roger, please don't leave it another two years before you come back to London. You saw for yourself that you filled the Albert Hall. You could so that for sure every year! I did exactly what you......forgot all my worries for a couple of hours. You have a great gift. Don't deprive us of it. ~Andy Gilmore

The Royal Albert Hall show was magical last night. It was my 3rd time seeing you from the front row in this venue. Well done & thanks to you and the band. Wonderful job. I'm going to download 'Classics Live' and 'Classics Live II' when that comes out. ~Jim

My wife and I were at the Albert Hall last night, and experienced a beautiful and amazing couple of hours of wonderful music. Thank you so much, it was truly wonderful. ~ Dave Scudder

Thanks for the best night ever at the Royal Albert Hall last night . Roger , and management . Thanks so much for the mention for my Kay just before " Lord is it mine ". She had no idea, tears of gratitude and thanks all round. Have a good one tonight. ~Peter Sweet

Thank you all for an absolutely AMAZING evening at the RAH. I took my sister Ali and her friend SJ to see your show and all 3 of us LOVED IT!! Not a case of 'Give a Little Bit'-you gave us everything you had and more... There were SO many highlights-'Take the Long Way Home' is my favourite song, 'Hide in Your Shell' was great. I've wanted to hear 'Even in the Quietest Moments' and you played so beautifully I was in tears!! Brilliant show all round, but to finish it with 'It's raining again', singing with your willing ensemble of 5,000 fans was just AWESOME!! Thank you so, so much all of you and COME BACK SOON!! ~Andrew Peterson

Fabulous show last night Roger at RAH, so many memories came flooding back listening to all those great songs. I took my 15 year old daughter, she is now a fan. It was brilliant. Still singing the songs this morning. Thank you very much ~Paul O'Pray

Wow what a night at the albert,still can not believe i heard rosie live it don't get better than that, and your story of how Even in the Quietest Moments came to you is how i have always imagined it. simply magical come back soon and what a great band ~Andy S

I had just had to write to say that just when I thought Roger could not get any better after his concerts I went to in Australia and NZ 2010, he bowled me over last night at the RAH concert. Words cannot describe how Fantastic he was with his band last night. What a fantastic set, the best one ever . I took another friend with me who has never seen Roger except with Supertramp and he was raving about it and said it was 1000 times better than he ever expected and the best he has ever heard his voice, and will go and see him again next time he visits. I of course am going to see him again in Manchester on Wednesday with my niece and sister in law and cannot wait :) ~Clare

Roger Hodgson - Royal Albert Hall, London, UKThank you for a wonderful and fantastic night at RAH yesterday. We enjoyed the entire show and your small stories between your songs. It made it all more personal to us. We felt like you were singing the songs to us alone. The Zoo song really took us through the jungle. We closed our eyes and we got the feeling that we were the animals playing and enjoying life, but we also got the feeling of fear and so on. Thank you for that story it was amazing.You are one of the worlds best songwriters and performers. Your performance showed us your loving and caring nature and personality - some people say soul. But again - THANKS for a wonderful show !! Your band was amazing too - all of them !! ~ Jan & Janne Brink

I'm usually not given to writing after gigs. However! Last night's gig at the RAH was truly exceptional. It is up there in my all time top 3 concerts. And at the ripe young age of 56, I've seen a few. Thank you for an unforgettable evening, 5 star performance! ~Paul

When you played in London last night, two turned up late after you finished the first song, you told them they missed the best song. You were so right there as "Take The Long Way Home" is not only my favourite song of yours and Supertramp, it is also my favourite song of all-time. In fact, when I had my 50th birthday party last December, I put it on my playlist of songs and told the DJ it was my favourite song and sure enough he played it. Thanks a Trillion for it Roger. Best wishes: ~Graham

Roger you're still amazing! My wife treated me to tickets last night (Albert Hall), what a great night . Thanks. ~Bev Dix

What a wonderful concert, waited 30 years to see you and you and the band did not disappoint. Next time I will bring my son to see how real music is played!! ~Stephan

I went to see you at the Royal Albert Hall last night with my family- nine of us including two of my brothers and one of my sisters- my other brother was Inrwanda so I am travelling to Manchester to see you on Wednesday- our mum suffered a devastating stroke on 8 th February - we listened to Lord is it Mine and it became our grieving song- our mum died on 23rd March -exactly a week later our dad died unexpectedly - your music and particularly Lord is it Mine were played a lot during those weeks- it would be so special if you could dedicate lord is it mine to our mum and dad - Leo and Sheila when you sing it on Wednesday in manchester- thank you ~margaret and Robert

you were amazing last night- an absolutely amazing performance- thank you It's 36 years since I last saw you perform and your concert on Saturday at the RAH took me right back! It was wonderful, moving and unforgettable with Even in the Quietest Moments being my absolute favourite. I've dusted off my LP and have been playing it non-stop since. My sister is coming to see you in Manchester on Wednesday and she's in for a treat! Thank you for making such magical music. xx ~Jennifer Hull

Thank you for an unforgettable night at the Albert Hall tonight. missed you last year so had waited for tonight and it was worth every minute. very best wishes to you all for the rest of your tour and hope to see you again. ~glenda and nicky

we were to your right tonight 3 rows back lol :) What a fantastic concert at the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday. The music was brilliant and brought back so many memories for both myself and my friend Adam. Please come back again with your wonderful music. ~Christina Selmes

There is not one week of our lives that goes by without us listening to Crisis What Crisis or Even in the Quietest Moments and to hear them played live has now fulfilled a lifetime's ambition. Many years ago, back in the late 70's early 80's when I (Doug) lived in Perth Australia, I booked tickets for a Supertramp concert which was cancelled ... your concert has more than made up for this huge disappointment !! We hope to see you again one day Love and peace to you and yours ..... you beautiful gentle genius. ~Linda & Doug Hughes

Wow..... I have waited years to see RH live and went to the Royal Albert Hall on 25/05/13. Now I have seen many bands, but RH is absolutely amazing live, what a 1st class performer. I have to rate his concert and performance in my top 3 of any group ever. Thank you RH for being you, and giving us a lifetime memory. ~Martin D

OMG wow factor, truly amazing had the best seats in the house at the Royal Albert Hall on Sat 25th May and watched the most amazing concert ever, thank you so much and you took time out to shake my hand , was blown away thank you, can’t wait to see you again , you should be so proud of your band. You are simply brilliant. It was like a concert in my own lounge wish all bands were like you and they should watch a true professional at work and take a leaf out of your book. A perfect evening had by myself and partner who hasn’t stopped talking about you ~Tracy Shackelton

We made the trip to London for you Roger... It was worth a hundred times. What a wonderful concert at the RAH with your wonderful band! I will try to get to Barcelona in July and to see your concert there... We love you and your music! ~evassf

Thank you so much Roger Saturday night at the Royal Albert Hall was fantastic we have been so lucky to have seen you three times now these tickets were a present from our daughter the songs you chose and played were so good especially enjoyed Lord is it Mine which means so much to me and Fools Overture which was BRILLIANT!! Also thanks to the band who are excellent really hope we get to see you again thank you again we are still buzzing!! ~Jane & Richard

What a great evening last Saturday night you gave us at the RAH! We made the trip to London and it was totally worth it! Fantastic sound, super band, the sax player was awesome, you're voice have never changed since 1979. And the good news are: you come to Holland! See you there! ~Agnes and Vyy

I've just got back from your show in London and felt moved to write to you. I've been a huge fan of Supertramp since I was 15. I'm now 24 and yours and Rick's music has shaped some of the most significant times in my life. I'm still a huge fan of everything you and Rick have done, and am really happy that both of you continue to create music that moves and touches people. I was specifically moved to write to you thanks to your inclusion of "Death and a Zoo." In 2009 the mother of my dearest and best friend sadly took her own life. I have always remembered that that song was what I was listening to when I last saw her, but tonight I finally realised how closely the lyrics mirrored the situation she was in and the decision she made. I was terribly moved to hear the song afresh after making this connection and wanted to write to you to thank you for a wonderful concert. All my thanks to you and, despite the history, to Rick, for being such significant figures in my life ~Joz

Even better than the amazing concert at Stowe last night! Roger was incredible and the band played everything beautifully. What a wonderful concert. People were on their feet singing, dancing, laughing, yelling for more. I love to hear the comments afterwards as people walk by. It's always, "I had no idea... He sounds better than ever... Best concert I've ever been to..." I just have to smile and think, "yes, you'll be back." ~Jim Amey

I saw the Albert Hall gig and enjoyed it very much. I don't have anything to say that others haven't said more eloquently except Thank You for the music. Best wishes, Jon. P.S. as a piano tuner, I can state that you intonation is excellent! ~Jon Evans

My wife and me celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary at your concert in London....!!!! From the first song onwards - we had tears in our eyes - remembering our youth....exactly as you mentioned...!! Unforgetable memories.Cheers ~Michael & Uli from Switzerland

Roger Hodgson - Royal Albert Hall, London, UKI just wanted to thank Roger and all the team that made Saturday at the Albert Hall so special After a hard week of life's stresses, not to mention the tough images on that weeks news, I felt like I had a weight on my shoulders. After spending the evening listening to Rogers music, and making the evening so special by connecting with us all, I left the Albert Hall feeling that all was good with the world. The opening percussion of the track 'Death and the Zoo', which I had not heard before, left me in tears - so poignant and atmospheric - left a lasting impression indeed. I found Roger's music inspiring, moving, and uplifting - everything music should be. Having left the Journey/Whitesnake/Gig last night in London feeling like not one track had left any lasting impression, I realised how amazing a songwriter and performer Roger is. Thank you also for all the kindness we were shown afterwards when we got to meet Roger for chat and an autograph. "Roger Hodgson -- Good for the Soul! ~tracey gwynn

Great concert at the Royal Albert Hall London 25 May 2013. A nice choice of tracks from several albums ! Fantastic. PLEASE, where can your fans get some of your SHEET MUSIC to your songs, particularly DEATH AND A ZOO. Thank you for some great music. Take care. And come back to London. ~dave and sue smith

Saw Roger at Royal Albert Hall in May. What a fantastic evening. Maestro - in case anyone forgets to call you this please remember that you are. What a fantastic experience. He has such talent, skill and musical presence. What a fantastic band too. One of the few times I’ve been lifted by a performance since I’ve become older and more cynical. The guy from Brazil in the row behind me certainly took up Roger’s invitation to sing along, but it has to be said in a key and range that belonged to another universe, however I enjoyed it all the more knowing that someone who had come from so far was enjoying it so much that it added to my enjoyment. I will be looking out for your return to home shores. Thanks ~ Hugh Donohoe

Thanks Roger for your beautiful concert in London Royal Albert Hall. I felt like new! full of beautiful memories...and in that peace I always dreamed to be... We love you ~Louis and Fanny

From the get-go we knew the normally very posh and reserved Royal Albert Hall was going to see a show and an audience unlike any others. Roger walked out on stage and immediately gave everyone permission to laugh, cry, sing, and hug our neighbors if we so desired (even if we didn't know them). And that's exactly what happened. 'Keep Calm & Carry On' was not the English way last night. Roger shared his stories with us, telling us how music would just flow from his heart, and he had no idea that the feelings within him could form songs that would go out and touch the lives of so many people. The audience hangs on every word. He is a joy to listen to whether he's singing or talking to us. He shares what is in his heart and soul. Roger and the band were spot on perfection with their performance, and the acoustics in the Hall were amazing. The pure emotions running through the building were electric. People were on the edge of their seats for every song. The die-hard fans from all over the world showed their love for Roger by waving large red heart-shaped balloons with the words "I Love You" on them. Roger reached out to take one, held it to his chest, then placed it on his piano. At the end of the show he held the balloon up to the audience to show us those words - "I Love You" was his message back to us. ~ Toni, Jim, Tony & Marie

The concert at the Albert Hall last night (25 May) was amazing and outstanding. ~ Len Rowland

We had a wonderful evening - fantastic atmosphere!! ~ Cathy Wilcox

Thanks Roger for a magnificent concert tonight. I was so full of joy and happiness that I hugged my seat neighbour whom I had never seen before! You are touching hearts with your music!  ~ Vera Mes

Loved every minute tonight. And you did Death and the Zoo for me live as well. Brilliant. Don't leave it too long before allowing us to join you again in musical pleasure live in London. Thank you.  ~ Dorian Mead

I watched Roger from the front row at the Royal Albert Hall 3 times & each time he gave us a magical time. Thanks a million Roger <3<3<3

Fantastic show last night. Excellent voice. Perfect song selection. And what a band! Amazing venue. Amazing crowd. And then to leave and see the hall and monument lit up at night. It was all almost too much for this couple straight off a plane from the states. A half hour later, we were still hearing random people on the streets whistling and humming "It's Raining Again".  ~ Thomas Bailey

Growing up with the music of Supertramp I never thought I would have the pleasure of hearing the songs live, it took me a long while to see Roger and am I glad I waited, what a fantastic show, your band were superb, hats off to them all, often forgotten by the fans. A wonderful evenings entertainment from a guy who genuinely seems to care about his fans, a rarity these days, good luck with the rest of the tour, Birmingham you are in for a treat tonight (I am at the NEC watching Rush or I would have come along again!). Thank you thank you thank you.  ~ Ian Richardson

It was just unbelievable. A dream come true to finally see this legend live. Thank you Mr Hodgson for being you.  ~ Sophie Zie-Carreras

thats me in row 9!!!!! Karl Knight

Fantastic concert at the Albert Hall last night Roger, we enjoyed every second! The way in which you breathe love and light into your music is inspirational. Thank you. X  ~ Helen Adair

Roger Hodgson - Royal Albert Hall, London, UKWhat a fantastic concert. Pease don't make us a wait another two years before you return to London. You have a great gift. Please don't deprive us of you. I guarantee that each and every time you come to London, that you will fill the Albert Hall. Your music is timeless. I did exactly what you asked and forgot all my worries for a couple of hours.  ~ Andy Gilmore

An amazing concert ! Thanks for the music ! ~ Leo Clausse

Congratulations on the sellout in such a legendary venue. Well deserved. ~ John Waters

FANTASTIC!! Thank you Roger and band for a brilliant show. Thanks to my sister Ali and SJ for sharing the experience with me-we'll be back!! ~ Andrew Peterson

We had the most wonderful evening. We love you Roger!! I loved every minute. Thank you for the most wonderful music xxxx  ~ Karen Pamela Smith

Had a fantastic evening fantastic music xxx ~ Elaine Barnes

Great to see you weren't playing by the numbers. Every song clearly means a great deal to you and as such, it meant a great deal to everyone there. Loved the show, especially Child of Vision;) ~ Ray McLarnon

Really brilliant show, we thoroughly enjoyed it, thanks. All you guys were really good. ~ Anne Williams

To me, Death and a Zoo, was the highlight of a great show. Spellbinding stuff.  ~ Ohan Bergquist

Listened for 30 odd years,moved to tears,Sister Moonshine will never be the same.Truly wonderful .Thank you Roger.  ~ Ian Fleming

Thank you for a wonderful evening ; especially "Even in the Quietest Moments" alone with the your guitar  ~ Jürgen Gellert

Absolutely loved the Albert Hall show last night. A truly magical evening.  ~ Paul John Willmott

I was at the Royal Albert Hall for Saturday's concert there-if you haven't seen Roger yet on this tour, you're in for a real treat!!   ~ Andrew Peterson

We had a fantastic time at London, Royal Albert Hall. We are looking forward to seeing you again soon Ladyfantasy Tina~

Goes to show the UK needs YOU Rog ! Superb gig at the RAH Sat aswell as 2 years ago ! RULES !  ~Emma LeCheminant-Nicolle

Thank you Roger and Band ! Simply fantastic performance, sound and light ! What a show. Thank you - you gave us so much   ~ Jan Brink

Attended the Albert Hall concert on Saturday 25 May - what a fantastic performance  ~ Len Rowland

I was there - it was fantastic! Even in the Quietest Moments was the absolute highlight for me - totally magical!

I was there...thank you Roger you absolute legend!

Enjoy the Liverpool Show everyone. London was absolutely brilliant!!!  ~  Peter French

Yes a real trip down memory lane. My personal favourites were Hide in Your Shell and Fools Overture. And what a lovely surprise Rosie had everything planned was. Will definitely go next time he's in London.

Wonderful live in London. ...last saturday! You're always the number 1! Great!  ~ Caterina Buluggiu Katebul

I still have the vue of the hall + fantastic show running in my mind: Pure ecstasy! ~ Racha Khalil

And I'm proud to say " I was there right at the very front, a truly memorable evening a musical masterclass"  ~ Phillip Hewitt

Wow! Fantastic photo, was an honor and a pleasure to be there at the time, and enjoy a show "perfect" in the broadest sense of the word.   ~ Cándido Pérez Márquez

Last photo by Volker Warncke

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