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Eastman Theater ~ Rochester, NY ~ June 26, 2013



Roger Hodgson - Eastman Theater, Rochester, NY Roger Hodgson - Eastman Theater, Rochester, NY  

Just saw Roger tonight at the Eastman Theater in Rochester, NY. What an excellent show! One of the best concerts I have experienced with an audience that were absolutely enthralled!  ~ Kathie Bivona

Roger Hodgson - Eastman Theater, Rochester, NYJust return from Roger's show at the Eastman Theater in Rochester, N.Y. What can I say? We were blown away! such a wonderful performance of heartfelt, soulful songs. "Death or a Zoo" is a new favorite. So meaningful. I had always wanted to see Supertramp in my youth but never seemed to be anywhere near where they were playing. This concert certainly satisfied that long yearning to hear passionate music. Thank you Roger and your talented bandmates! You said you might like to play with the Rochester Philharmonic next year...you can bet we'll be there when you do! Best of luck to you all and God bless
~Mike & Jan Cunningham

Just returned from Rogers show at the Eastman Theater where he was a headliner at the Xerox Rochester international Jazz Festival. As a presenting sponsor I had the opportunity to meet Roger and can only say he is truly a lovely man and as personable off stage as he is onstage. The show was a nostalgic fun trip down memory lane. Roger still has the amazing voice range and the magic. ~Anne Bartolotta

Thank you Roger for another outstanding show tonight in Rochester,NY!!!!You and your band were spot on all night and enjoyed this show as much as when my family and I saw you and your band last year at Chautauqua,NY!! Got to hear you play"It's Raining Again" and "The Awakening".I especially enjoyed "Hide In Your Shell","Lady" and "Dreamer".My wife and son once again also were in awe of you and your band's performance.My wife really likes Aaron and all his talents too!! Hope to see you again Roger!! Take care. ~Tony Y.

I was so fortunate to see your amazing performance at the Eastman Theatre last night in Rochester. Your mates in the band were also superb and your marvelous vocals just wowed us (i.e. Delaine and myself). Your interactions with the crowd seemed so personal and genuine. You were just great!!! Thank you and yes, 'please, do return soon!' ~David Barnick

Just wanted to say thanks for the visit to the Rochester Jazz Festival and the gift of music last evening. I didn't get introduced to Supertramp until 1983....and that was the time of your departure....so I didn't think I'd ever get the experience of your musice live. Having gone through a divorce and the darkest time of my life in recent years, your music helped carry me and compel me on. You reference your faith and it's tastefully evident in your music. My own faith has been mission critical to redemption, restoration, renewal and aspiration...and good music and lyrics have a way of bypassing the troubled soul and speaking straight to the spirit of men and women. That starts with a musician who can use music to speak to his own spirit. Anyhow, this is a bit of a wordy and deep "thanks' but I felt compelled to pass it on. Blessings!  ~ Joel

Seeing you perform in Rochester last evening and then having the wonderful opportunity to meet you afterwards is a dream come true. The joy and happiness you musical talents provide are rare commodities and so very appreciated. Thank you for 40 years of music and memories and I so look forward to the next show. Please come back to Rochester! ~Jaime Ciaccia

Great show Roger. I traveled 2 hours to see the show, and it was every bit as good as I hoped. The ironcic thing was that I bought my tickets weeks in advance, because of the fact that I'd never seen you, only to see that you'll be playing the Turning Stone Casino in Verona in October.To make a long story short, I live 5 minutes from tsc so I'll be seeing you in again October. Thanks for all the great music and memories... ~Jerry

Such a fantastic performance last night in Rochester, NY. Roger you and the band were in top form. Close your eyes and its 1977 with your voice soaring. Special thanks for being so kind to us here. We aren't used to superstars talking so respectfully to their crowds. People starting out should take notes from you and your band on how to behave like professionals. You are right; it comes from love. Please come back soon. ~TERRY

I have to echo what has already been written. Wonderful show at the Eastman in Rochester, NY. Thank you Roger and band for your performances. You are all so talented and seem to be enjoying your work. Places, people, jobs, things etc., have come and gone in my life. But enjoying Roger's music for the past 40 years has been consistent and comforting. Thank you. Thank you. I will always be a Supertramp fan. I will always be a Roger and Band fan as well. I would so love to hear your songs live with the Rochester Philharmonic. Hopefully that can happen. Stay well. ~John

Was able to see you on Wednesday the 26th in Rochester NY and I am amazed how accurate and detailed the music is. My wife is the reason we came to the show (she's a huge fan) but I found myself just as happy and excited to hear all of the supertramp classics and some of your solo efforts I never had heard before. I hope you make it back to Rochester or the surrounding area We will be there! ~John

I want to thank you for the music. My husband and I finally saw you the other night in Rochester and you were amazing. You and your band sound incredible and if I had closed my eyes it would have taken me back to my bedroom when I was a teenager. Your music has helped me through a lot of difficult times. I hope we can see you again when you come to Casino Rama in November. Take care. ~Christine Davies

The Eastman Theater walls, in Rochester, NY. were reflecting the talented sound of your band's incredible performance during the Jazz Fest 2013. Such a humble soul you are Roger! We were granted the honor to meet with you after the show! You are SO welcomed back for future performances! Hopefully you will oblige! I will try to upload a photo that was taken of our group with you. Your smile says it all! Thanks for a fun night! ~Meg

The show at the jazz fest was wonderful. This is not the first of your shows for me, just the first time in the book. One of the thoughts I have is, your most troubling times seem to have been in your youth. This being the basis of your amazing musical creativity. Now, your music seems to be soothing to me in my troubling moments now. In the 70's, I listened to your music without a care in the world. Now, I have an entirely different ear to it. Your previous pain, soothes my present pains. Thank you, from my soul. :)) ~Patricia A. Barbera


Fantastic show. Rochester was honored to have him perform, great band  ~ Christina Martina Bowe

This show was great! Can't wait to see him again in western new York!  ~ Kelly Reid

THANK YOU Roger for signing my lithograph! You are a wonderful person.  ~ Tom Drum

So excited to meet Roger, tonight. Linda was so kind to go out of her way for me. The show brought back memories of 1980's Breakfast in America tour at Madison Sq Garden and my childhood. Such a special night with crisp vocals and an amazing saxophone player who played with heart and passion.
 ~ Carmine Buquicchio

AMAZING SHOW TONIGHT!!!!!!!  ~ Matthew Rohrer

AWESOME SHOW!!!! Thank you Roger...you are the best!!  ~ Tony Yankowsky

when he went into the riff from "give a little bit" at a concert I was at......dust in the eyes...( it was dust, not tears ) ...same thing with dreamer..just,,,magical   ~ Mark Brandstetter

What a great night! I needed that!  ~ Laurie Stone Tinsley

Fantastic show. Rochester was honored to have him perform, great band  ~ Christina Martina Bowe

Wonderful show in Rochester last night! A treat was hearing "Along Came Mary" as we exited. Please come back to play with our RPO?  ~ Christine Plumeri

Thank you for coming to Rochester. I have looked at your schedule in the past and saw that you mostly toured in Europe. I loved your show. You were a big influence on the type of music enjoy listening to over the years.  ~ Laurie Smith

LOVED the show!!   ~ MaryEllen Coleman

Incredible show...and the cool thing for us Western N.Y.-ers is that he's coming back on 10/24 to Turning Stone in Verona, N.Y., just two hours down the road! Awesome!  ~ Michael Cunningham

It does not surprise me (and it is always makes me glad) to hear Roger Hodgson has had another spectacular show!! He deserves all the accolades he has been getting because he has always written, crafted, and performed songs that have touched listeners' hearts more so than most other artists!!
~ Sean Harrison

What a thrill to be there and even meet Roger last night. Everyone on stage had endless energy. They could've played another two hours. Thank you to my special friend ! She knows who she is !!! (LS). See you all in October at Westbury Music Hall NY !!    ~ Carmine Buquicchio

The Rochester concert was fantastic! Thank you!!  ~ MaryEllen Coleman

What a performance....definitely one of my top 5 concerts!  ~ Doug Squires


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