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Siegerlandhalle ~ Siegen, Germany ~ September 4, 2015




Roger Hodgson ~ Siegerlandhalle ~ Siegen, GermanyHey Roger, thank you! ~ your Simon

Siegener viel Spaß (Siegen a lot of fun)
~ Lutz Schmidt

Fools Overture was great
~ Michael Klug

The concert in Siegen was soooo great! :D Thank you so much! ~ Franzi Bandrt

It was great Thank you, for an unforgettable Evening. And, come back! ~ Stephan Dilba

Dear Roger.. I was yesterday in his show in Siegen...I' m that little crazy, that was taking pictures their.. loved the show... pity that there took a selfie together...I'm Brazilian and would like it was soon to Brazil. Kisses ~ Angelica Rezende

Roger Hodgson ~ Siegerlandhalle ~ Siegen, GermanyRoger, thank you for taking us on your trip of your dreams ~ Su Sy

A Good Breakfast in Siegen.
~ Stö Armin

The concert was bloody well right. The ambience towards the end was excellent. So, the "extraklasse" hits quite the point. ~ Andre Golds

Hi, the show in Siegen was great ! Rarely to see: Roger with E-Guitar (would like to post some pictures - but how ?) ~ Henning Braun

Very true words. Good observed and analized. Roger, you and your band made it. My son still dreaming of the event, he has converted definitively in a Roger fan. ~ Andre Golds

Photo # 1 by WirSiegen - Kay-Helge Hercher

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