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Stowe School ~ Buckingham, UK ~ May 24, 2013



Roger Hodgson - Stowe, Buckingham, UK Roger Hodgson - Olympia, Paris, France

Roger Hodgson - Stowe, Buckingham, UKWhat an experience tonight's concert at Stowe School in Buckingham was! I've been to a lot of Roger's concerts and have experienced some amazing shows, but tonight takes the cake! Security couldn't hold the fans back! Everyone was on their feet and dancing in the aisles and in front of the stage! Bit just for the traditional last song or two but from the very first note. Or many of the songs the crowd was so loud they drown Roger out. As an Uber Groupie fan, it warmed my heart to see so many people aging he time of their lives and appreciating every second of Rogers music. It was an amazing night! Can't wait for Royal Albert Hall tomorrow!  ~Toni Amey

Every concert is a masterpiece and the next concert is even better than the one before. How does he do that? I thought Paris really loved him, Stowe is obsessed with Roger. He's referred to there, as a legend. A title he deserves. We're heading to London to see him at Royal Albert Hall. I can't get enough.
~ Jim Amey

This concert was in a marquee on the lawns of Stowe School. Best atmosphere of any concert I've been to. Brilliant performance

Thank - you for your emotional return to Stowe school and an unforgettable night. Speech day will never be the same. ~ Rosemary GM

Roger Hodgson - Stowe, Buckingham, UKSo many thanks for you and your friends' spectacular gig at Stowe! What a celebration and what a night to have been there! And your gift in song and spirituality, on the night itself and the next morning, at the Speeches. Words of the soul. Yes! Did you catch the end of the opening prayer... "We humbly ask (God!) Your continued blessing on all our broadest endeavours, and even in the quietest moments. Amen." Thought you might like to know, in case you missed it. Thank you, for many years, and for coming to Stowe. ~ Chris Huxtable - Stowe Chaplain

I took my children aged 22 down to 10 to see you Stowe on Friday.What an absolute belter of an evening . They have grown up listening to your classics.I also went to see you on the Saturday night at the Albert Hall and I have to say I thought the Friday night was more special and intimate,right up there with the brilliant evening at Stowe 4 years ago. You seriously have to keep on coming back to the U.K. ,your music is passing down through the generations. ~ charlie clarke

A week when so many strands of my life seem to have come together...! I remember 1980 stopping in my tracks overhearing the chorus of Child of Vision and having to find out who made that music! Hide in Your Shell on the Paris album became my favourite, and I realise now I was a similar age and in similar circumstances to you when you wrote the song. Since then: learnt to play every Supertramp song on the piano first saw the band in 1983 saw your return gig in the UK in Shepherds Bush, and follow up at the Albert Hall on next tour saw your return to Stowe in 2008 just before my elder son started there saw you at Stowe last Friday, and was moved to tears by your inspiring speech to the kids the following day heard my 15 year old son, also at Stowe, rave about Friday night so took him to Manchester on Wednesday night – an amazing father-son experience with Death and the Zoo and Hide in Your Shell the highlights… Can’t thank you enough for so many happy memories ~Guest

thank you, you were sensational and gave great advice, I salute you. Chandos Matron, Stowe
~Clare Hill-Hall

Roger Hodgson - Stowe, Buckingham, UKThank you Roger for an emotional return to Stowe last night (and thank you to the rest of your band & Andrew Chance !) 1974 at Stowe was greatly enhanced by your musical influence... And by the way your smile speaks volumes: kindness, generosity of spirit, passion for music. ~ James Hollond

Thank you so much for coming to Stowe and sharing your pearls of wisdom with us. "Keep life simple" - yes I like that idea. ... and well done on your Old Stoic Achievement award. ~ Sheilagh Mayne Rawlins

Brilliant concert ! love your new song death and the zoo ! good words and music of course ! we had a very enjoyable evening thanks ! must come to Bristol colston hall ? ~ Helen Rucz Mould

I had the best time last night! Thank you for an awesome show ~ Candace At Greenwich

Thank-you Roger, such an exciting concert. Awesome. ~ Fernando Fernandez-Victorio Blanco

Roger is a gentle genius! thank you for a fabulous concert ~ Linda Hughes

Fantastic show. I was sat just below this picture! Great atmosphere, great selection of songs and as magical as ever. Best wishes for your time back home and the rest of the tour! ~ Philip John Wickwar

Roger Hodgson - Stowe, Buckingham, UKI was there also, was enchanted ~ Wendy Bateman

Fantastic show, thank you. ~ Julian Dellar

Amazing thank roger! ~ Marco Anania

So wonderful! A fabulous concert !We loved every moment! Thank you x ~ Peta Bough

Great show from Roger and the guys really enjoyed it and it brought back some special memories!
~ Russell Dawson

Wonderful night, no-one left sitting by the end of the show. Keep coming back to UK Roger, how do you fancy doing Eurovision Song Contest for us next year? ~ Richard French

We loved it! Thanks! ~ Ulrich Stöcker

Great show lads we loved it,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ Kevin Russell

It was an amazing night. Thanks to my brother Pat Sadler and his daughter Steph for the tickets. My brother and Roger go back years together. ~ Rhonda Sadler

Fab show Rog - Aaron was as awesome as ever! Was great to see everyone on their feet! Love whistling with you ~ Rebekah Daniel

Brilliant performance at Stowe on Friday. It's not surprising that everyone is raving about the concert. It was a magical evening at Stowe on Friday pm. Thanks ~ Sam Brise

What a great night can't wait til you come back please make of soon x ~ Jayne Parkin

Came all the way from China to see him and the show was fantastic!!! ~ Jeff Sheppard

It was a great night. Very meaningful. I never knew that Roger was House Captain!!
~ Ramzi Y. Musallam

Even in the quietest moments!!!! ahi escuché por primera vez en mi vida "A Give a Little Bit"....inolvidable!! ~ Julio C. Ferro

Roger Hodgson - Stowe, Buckingham, UKThe young people at Stowe School got to experience "real” music tonight and loved every minute of it! From the first moment Roger walked on stage they were on their feet and screaming for more. Much to the surprise of their parents! It was a fantastic multi-generational adventure! Almost everyone in the house was on their feet cheering, dancing and singing the words to every song and then screaming for more. The place was rocking!

The hit of the night was Breakfast in America. That song connected so much with the crowd, Roger sang it twice!!!! The audience at Stowe were in fine voice. You couldn’t hear Roger sing on some of his songs; he was drowned out by the crowd. People of all generations rushed the stage…they were chanting Roger, Roger, Roger…

One young girl was up on the shoulders of a friend, so into the music. Then, all of a sudden, she was up on stage, giving Roger a hug…for all of us!

I don’t think there has been a concert like it. Roger explained how he had his old school to thank for so much inspiration for his songs…he then urged the current students to be dreamers…. ~ Tony Coyne

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