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St. Peter at Sunset Festival ~ Kestenholz, Switzerland ~ July 5, 2013



Roger Hodgson - St Peter at Sunset Festival, Kestenholz, Switzerland

Roger Hodgson - St Peter at Sunset Festival, Kestenholz, Switzerland  

Roger Hodgson - St Peter at Sunset Festival, Kestenholz, SwitzerlandTHANK YOU soooooo much!!! "The Meaning" had all the meaning and all the answers ever needed for me in Kestenholz! It was so beautiful and I was so happy and so extremely touched. The whole concert was magically special in so many ways. I wasn't sure if it was real or if I was dreaming since I have wonderful dreams that are very similar. When you announced "The Meaning" it took me a moment to get back in reality. My sister said "Jaqui, that's your name!" and then you started to play, otherwise I would have stood up. I did at the end... you didn't see… but I WAS there! We complimented your fantastic Sound Technician after the show and I asked him to thank you. He told me to find you and thank you personally. We didn't find anyone, but I sense that someday I will meet you and thank you in person. For now the guestbook with it's limited letters will have to do. Sending all the rest of my appreciation & thanks & love to you in the wind, p.s. Oh I hope you enjoy Stuttgart! That will be an amazing concert! The Stuttgart Philharmonic is excellent and the Schlossplatz is a great space. I worked in Stuttgart for many years with the Stuttgart Ballet, so I know. I would have loved to be there! ~Jaqui

Roger Hodgson - St Peter at Sunset Festival, Kestenholz, SwitzerlandSuper Konzert mit deiner Band :-) Dir und deiner Familie und deinem Team nur das Beste für die Zukunft Thanks ~Beat und Simone (Super concert with your band :-) You and your family and your team all the best for the future)

Es war schon lange mein Wunsch, ein Konzert von Ihnen zu besuchen. Gestern ging dieser Wunsch in Kestenholz in Erfüllung. Es war wirklich Super, das beste Konzert dass ich je besucht habe. (It's long been my desire to attend a concert of you. Yesterday, this wish came true Kestenholz. It was really super, the best concert I've ever attended.) ~ lichen Dank.

Roger Hodgson - St Peter at Sunset Festival, Kestenholz, SwitzerlandI had the great honor and pleasure to attend one of the most touching and thrilling concerts in the past years in Kestenholz. For many years I follow your music and I am a profond fan of you, since you performed in Basel in the early 80'ies. Your yesterday's concert in Kestenholz was so special to me, because I met many of my schoolmates. You took us back into memories 40 years ago when we started listening to your music and growing up with. Next year we will turn 55 and we will gather and celebrate our anniversary of 55 which is held every 5 years. Do you remember the castle nearby from Kestenholz in Oensingen. We kindly invite you to come to Oensingen and admire the wonderful and gorgeous view to the Swiss Alps and to KESTENHOLZ and of course to have with us a great time. Once again thank you for giving me your music. ~Esther

Roger Hodgson - St Peter at Sunset Festival, Kestenholz, SwitzerlandSaw and heard you recently in Kestenholz. Do you remember: Paris, Barcelona, Kestenholz? A wonderful show with wonderful songs and a miracle atmosphere. Your songs are accompanying me since my teenager times. I find them great, still now. Breakfast in America was my first LP at all. I played it on and on. My favourite song is Child of vision. All the best for you and come back soon. ~ Felix Borer

Thank you so much, we had such a great time tonight!
~ Tanja Hartmann-Mathys

it was wonderfull, i have been there with my Kids.. thanks Roger for a great evening  ~ Beat Frick

Roger Hodgson - St Peter at Sunset Festival, Kestenholz, SwitzerlandIt was amazing and touch my heart! thank you Roger&Band
~ Grolimund Beatrice

Thanks for a very great evening  ~ Tatjana Sommer

just stunning, thank you Roger & your famous band!
~ Anna Brändli

Dear Roger .. it was an amazing and awesome concert night in Kestenholz yesterday ... thank you very much to give us two wonderful hours of your great Music ... and also a big "cheers" to your band !! ... it was a night (or a concert) to remember and maybe you rename one of our excellent songs to "Breakfast in Kestenholz" ... somewhen ...  ~ Ivan Patrik Wolfisberg

Danke Roger Hodgson und Band. Das war ein tolles Konzert. (Thank you Roger Hodgson and band. That was a great concert.)  ~  Claudia Kilcher

Roger Hodgson - St Peter at Sunset Festival, Kestenholz, Switzerlandwhat an amazing night! thank you so much for coming! namaste  ~ Regula Zurbuchen-Bieri

Super Konzert! THX for a great evening!
~ Monique Leber-Petitmermet

Thanks roger... kestenholz was just great great great!!!!
~ Heidi Rätz

It was an absolute amazing and stunning show!!! Thank you so much Roger to bring back all the good memories from my youthtime..., priceless!!!   ~ Daniel Köbeli

It was absolutely great! Thank you so much for giving us your music! I hope you are touring on snd on for the next 20 years around the world and give the people so much pleasure.  ~ Renato Leuenberger

Roger Hodgson - St Peter at Sunset Festival, Kestenholz, Switzerlandthanks a lot, i had a great evening with my family and with all the fan's & of course with you! Your music was amazing like your band!!  ~  Kéren Martin

Was great! thanks!  ~ Christian Leippert

You are still great Roger with your band - we saw you at Sunset Kestenholz yesterday and we enjoyed it very much  ~ Verena Müller

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