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Jardines de Viveros ~ Valencia, Spain ~ July 7, 2015




Roger Hodgson ~ Jardines de Viveros ~ Valencia, Spain

Roger Hodgson ~ Jardines de Viveros ~ Valencia, Spain

Roger Hodgson ~ Jardines de Viveros ~ Valencia, SpainWow! What a day in Valencia! This day is gonna live with me forever. Where do I start? In the afternoon, I had the wonderful and unforgettable experience of meeting Roger in person, as well as Linda (kind as ever). I also met other unconditional spanish fans. Among them, there's this amazing person, Ana Lopez. She's the best manager a fan club can have and she suits perfectly in (what I call) the "Hodgson's Philosophy": love, tenderness and humanity. I asked Roger if he could add for the night setlist one of Ana's and I favourite songs: Babaji. No sooner said than done! At night, Roger pleased the audience with many of his hits and other incredible gems, but the peak point for me was when he said he was going to play Babaji for the first time during this tour, with a special dedication to Ana and myself. OMG, I'm still thrilled! Many, many thanks Roger Hodgson! And what about "Had a dream"? It was awesome! From that song on, the audience was on fire! Everyone standing in front of the stage, jumping, singing, clapping...Concerts like this make my life much more happier! I wish Roger will be coming back to Valencia in the future! We need him back! ~ Marc Gonzalez

Un concierto estupendo, Roger es un maestro y un gran profesional !!!!
(A great concert, Roger is a teacher and a great professional!!!) ~ Bernardino Roca de Togores

Roger Hodgson ~ Jardines de Viveros ~ Valencia, SpainThanks for your kind words. They moved me a lot. It was an incredible and unforgettable evening full of emotion and good vibes. All my friends had the evening of their lives. All of us are very thankful for all your kindness. There were some people around me who were attending for the first time to see Roger, and all were mesmerized for such an astonishing show. It was a blast to be honoured with an unforgettable performance of Babaji for me and Marc, and others around me who specially loved this song. A wonderful setlist! Specialy moved Don't Leave Me Now which put tears in my eyes too. And the great Had a Dream I enjoyed live for the first time. And tonight Murcia. Another great evening is waiting for us. Thanks Linda & Roger for all you give to us. I'm so proud to be your fan. No one compares to you, my dear Minstrel. THANKS!! ~ Ana Lopez

Roger Hodgson ~ Jardines de Viveros ~ Valencia, SpainJUST AMAZING! ~ Marc González

It was a moving, memory-stirring show. Hope Valencia made you all happy too and you come back. Thanks! ~ Tomás Cdk

Grande entre los grandes (Great among the greats) ~ Teresa Montañes Pallares

Magistral. Great concert !!!! ~ Bernardino Roca de Togores

Roger Hodgson ~ Jardines de Viveros ~ Valencia, SpainAlways a pleasure to be with Roger Hodgson, a Great Musician and lovely man.
~ Roger Hodgson Fan Club Español

Thank you Roger... "Bloody Marvellous!" ~ Ashley Roberts

Thanks a lot for a superb concert last evening. It was very emotive. Hodgson was very talkative, communicative, humorous, close to the public. With a very compact band, which kept all the Hodgson / Supertramp´s characteristic sound. An amazing performance from the last troubadour.
~ Vincent Navarro

Maravilloso concierto ayer en Valencia. Gorgeous performance yesterday in Valencia. For me , one of the best musician of history. Thanks Roger!!! ~ Manuel Pérez Fernández

Roger Hodgson ~ Jardines de Viveros ~ Valencia, SpainYet I have in my head the songs played yesterday Roger in Valencia. It was amazing, wonderful. Besides the concert of which I thoroughly enjoyed, I had the great privilege to meet Roger in person, a dream come true, all thanks to the great hostess and now and forever friend, Ana. One Fine Day. Thank you for your music Roger and back soon to Valencia. (Incidentally, the intense heat we had yesterday, I promise it's not normal.)
~ Tono Mañes


Thank you Roger for sharing your art with us. We had wonderful. By the way, my 14 year old daughter passed it great. ~ Carlos Javier Baragaño Galindo

Roger Hodgson ~ Jardines de Viveros ~ Valencia, SpainHa sido una sorpresa y un placer compartir la magia y la musica de Mr Roger Hodgson. Una noche magica recordando temas de Supertramp. El final ha sido ESPECTACULAR.

( It has been a surprise and a pleasure to share the magic and the music of Mr Roger Hodgson. A Magic night remembering topics of supertramp. The end has been spectacular. )
~ Carlos Miralles-Bonopaul

Simplemente FANTASTIC!!! ~ Pere Ballester

Realmente fue mágico. Una sorpresa y un placer compartirlo con vosotros, chicos!!!! La música une, siempre lo ha hecho y siempre lo hará. Increíbles fotos, gracias por compartirlas.

( It was truly magical. A surprise and a pleasure to share with you guys !!!! Music unites, always has and always will. Amazing pictures, thanks for sharing. ) ~ Winter Song

Photo # 1 by Borja Judel
Photos # 2, 3, 4 & 6  by Rogely Wa
Photo # 5 by Pau Navarro
Photos # 7 & 8 by Carlos Miralles-Bonopaul

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